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Videos - October 2022

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2022-10-01 All Access: Packers Preview, Wilfork inducted into Patriots Hall of Fame
2022-10-02 Hoyer's play-action throw finds wide-open Agholor for 27 yards
2022-10-02 Jack Jones forces and recovers fumble after timely Peanut Punch on Doubs
2022-10-02 Matthew Judon wins around edge for third-down sack on Rodgers
2022-10-02 Bailey Zappe with a 25-yard touchdown pass to DeVante Parker
2022-10-02 Zappe zips 16-yard sideline completion to Bourne
2022-10-03 Patriots at Packers Highlights | NFL Week 4
2022-10-03 David Andrews 10/2: "Proud of the way we competed"
2022-10-03 Bailey Zappe 10/2: "I feel like we played well as a team"
2022-10-03 Devin McCourty 10/2: "We made them fight for every yard"
2022-10-03 Matthew Judon 10/2: "The only good comes with a W"
2022-10-03 Bill Belichick 10/2: "In the end, Rodgers was just too good"
2022-10-03 Press Pass: Players react to overtime loss at Lambeau
2022-10-03 Bill Belichick 10/3: "It's always good to see everybody go out and compete hard"
2022-10-03 Marcus Jones 10/3: "That's the main thing, trusting in my teammates"
2022-10-03 Adrian Phillips on facing Detroit 10/3: "We have to be at our best"
2022-10-04 Ross Douglas 10/4: "We have a great group of men on our offense"
2022-10-04 Cameron Achord 10/4: "The most important thing we are doing is practicing"
2022-10-04 DeMarcus Covington on players dealing with injuries 10/4: "Its an opportunity for other guys to step up"
2022-10-04 Stadion-Vlog aus Green Bay
2022-10-04 Sights and Sounds: Week 4 vs. Green Bay Packers
2022-10-05 Patriots Celebrate 16 Cancer Survivors at Annual Day of Pampering
2022-10-05 Patriots Throwback Red Jersey to Make 2022 Debut During Week 5 vs. Lions
2022-10-05 Bill Belichick 10/5: Lions are "a very aggressive football team"
2022-10-05 David Andrews on Detroit 10/5: "They are a team that likes to blitz a lot" 
2022-10-05 Bailey Zappe 10/5: "I am taking every rep like a game rep"
2022-10-05 Devin McCourty 10/5: "I want that winning feeling on Sunday" 
2022-10-05 Deatrich Wise on Detroit offensive line 10/5: "There is a lot of size and strength"
2022-10-06 Patriots Unfiltered: One on One With Adrian Phillips 
2022-10-06 Hockenson Post Wheel TD
2022-10-06 Patriots Deutschland - Die Woche! Vor Detroit
2022-10-06 Rhamondre Stevenson 10/6: "The o-line is working super hard”
2022-10-06 Matthew Judon 10/6: “I understand what I need to do”
2022-10-06 Belestrator: Previewing the Detroit Lions offense
2022-10-06 Press Pass: Players React to Throwback Jerseys and Logo
2022-10-07 Patriots Unfiltered on TV: Patriots Preparing for the Lions
2022-10-07 Patriots This Week: Detroit Lions Preview
2022-10-07 Bill Belichick 10/7: Lions "have a good complementary game"
2022-10-07 Tales From the Tailgate: Maine Lobsterman Allan Stone
2022-10-07 Ja'Whaun Bentley 10/7: "I'm excited about the opportunity"
2022-10-07 Trent Brown 10/7: "Trusting in my ability to make it happen for the team"
2022-10-07 Hunter Henry 10/7: "We are really going to have to play with our eyes up"
2022-10-07 Kyle Dugger 10/7: "We know what we have to clean up"
2022-10-07 One-On-One with David Andrews
2022-10-07 Gillette Stadium’s throwback gameday design voted on by fans powered by
2022-10-08 Patriots All Access: Lions Preview 
2022-10-08 Patriots Red Jersey Throwback Hype Video Narrated by Andre Tippett
2022-10-09 Making the throwback Patriots helmet
2022-10-09 Jack Jones intercepts the Jared Goff pass
2022-10-09 Rhamondre Stevenson stumbles his way into clear for 49-yard gallop
2022-10-09 Can't-Miss Play: Dugger DIVES to glory for 59-yard TD via fumble recovery
2022-10-09 Zappe hits Hunter Henry in stride on 17-yard pickup
2022-10-09 Jonathan Jones' hit stick is too much for St. Brown on fourth down
2022-10-09 Rhamondre Stevenson breaks into clear again for 28-yard gain
2022-10-09 Jakobi Meyers 10/9: "It was a group effort"
2022-10-09 David Andrews 10/9: "Mondre played his tail off, so did Zappe"
2022-10-09 Bailey Zappe 10/9: "The offensive line was the MVP today" 
2022-10-09 Rhamondre Stevenson's best plays in 175-yard game Week 5
2022-10-09 Bill Belichick 10/9: "Really good team win for us"
2022-10-09 Hunter Henry 10/9: "We were able to be really balanced"
2022-10-09 Rhamondre Stevenson 10/9: "The guys up front led the way"
2022-10-09 Devin McCourty 10/9: "We were locked in"
2022-10-09 Matthew Judon 10/9: "I play full speed, full tilt"
2022-10-09 Press Pass: Patriots shutout Detroit
2022-10-10 Bill Belichick 10/10: "Hopefully we can continue to improve and keep it going"
2022-10-10 Mike Onwenu 10/10: "We still have more to work on"
2022-10-10 Kyle Dugger 10/10: "It was good to get into the endzone"
2022-10-10 Matthew Slater 10/10: "Always encouraging when you get to reap the benefits of your hard work"
2022-10-10 Zo Cam: Kyle Dugger's Touchdown
2022-10-10 Locker Room Celebration after Shutout Win over Detroit Lions
2022-10-11 Press Pass: Coaching For Success
2022-10-11 Vinnie Sunseri on Rhamondre Stevenson 10/11: "He does everything the right way"
2022-10-11 Brian Belichick on Jabrill Peppers 10/11: "He brings great competitive energy to everything he does"
2022-10-11 Troy Brown on Jakobi Meyers improvement 10/11: "His mentality allows him to get better"
2022-10-11 Steve Belichick on preparing for the Browns run game 10/11: "We really got to do a good job"
2022-10-11 DeMarcus Covington 10/11: "I try to get better and seek knowledge every year"
2022-10-11 Matt Patricia 10/11: "I'm doing everything I can to help those guys prepare"
2022-10-11 Joe Judge on preparing the offense 10/11: "There's a lot of serious work that goes into it"
2022-10-11 Cameron Achord on changing seasonal weather 10/11: "It's only going to get more difficult to catch the ball here in New England"
2022-10-11 Belichick Breakdown: Fourth down stops vs. Lions
2022-10-12 Bill Belichick on the Cleveland Browns 10/12: "This is a good, very talented group, and very well coached"
2022-10-12 Devin McCourty 10/12: "It's hard to win in this league"
2022-10-12 Deatrich Wise 10/12: "There's always something that we can learn from"
2022-10-12 David Andrews on winning Sunday's game 10/12: "Just got to keep building"
2022-10-12 Press Pass: Game Planning for Cleveland
2022-10-12 Bailey Zappe 10/12: "Every day I am getting more comfortable"
2022-10-13 LAC Trap Play
2022-10-13 Pats Outside Zone Defense
2022-10-13 Rhamondre Stevenson 10/13: "Running the ball is going to be important from here on out"
2022-10-13 Hunter Henry 10/13: "Each level of the [Browns] defense is really fast"
2022-10-13 Matthew Judon 10/13: "We just got to go and ignore the noise"
2022-10-13 Belestrator: Previewing the Cleveland Browns Playmakers on Offense
2022-10-14 Patriots Unfiltered on TV: Patriots Headed to Cleveland
2022-10-14 Patriots Deutschland - Die Woche! Vor Cleveland
2022-10-14 Juicy Takes with Matthew Judon
2022-10-14 Patriots This Week: Cleveland Browns Preview
2022-10-14 Bill Belichick on Jakobi Meyers 10/14: "It's been a great time of growth for him"
2022-10-14 Ja'Whaun Bentley 10/14: "A whole new week, a whole new opportunity"
2022-10-14 Trent Brown 10/14: "We've got to come out there ready to play"
2022-10-14 Jakobi Meyers 10/14: "I'm excited for the journey"
2022-10-14 One-On-One with Matthew Judon
2022-10-14 Mic'd Up: Jonathan Jones
2022-10-14 The Journey: Deatrich Wise
2022-10-15 Patriots All Access: Browns Preview 
2022-10-15 Mic'd Up At Practice: Patriots Cornerback Coach Mike Pellegrino
2022-10-16 Kyle Dugger's INT marks his second straight game with a takeaway
2022-10-16 Bailey Zappe dials up 29-yard deep ball to leaping Parker
2022-10-16 Rhamondre Stevenson makes 31-yard TD run look easy
2022-10-16 Bailey Zappe high-points Meyers for 20-yard top-shelf catch
2022-10-16 Jonnu Smith breaks two tackles on a 53-yard catch-and-run
2022-10-16 Rookie TD connection! Zappe zips scoring toss to Tyquan Thornton
2022-10-16 Hunter Henry couldn't possibly be more open on 31-yard TD
2022-10-16 Tyquan Thornton rushes for a 19-yard touchdown vs. Cleveland Browns
2022-10-16 Chester Rogers muffs punt late in fourth quarter for Pats recovery
2022-10-16 Stevenson's second TD caps a dominant Pats performance over the Browns
2022-10-16 Carl Davis recovers and rumbles on a fumble return against his former team
2022-10-16 Deatrich Wise Jr. 10/16: "Everything is clicking together"
2022-10-16 David Andrews 10/16: "Always good to get a win on the road"
2022-10-16 Bailey Zappe's Best Plays | NFL Week 6
2022-10-16 Patriots vs. Browns Highlights | NFL Week 6
2022-10-16 Bailey Zappe 10/16: "We've definitely made some strides"
2022-10-16 Jalen Mills 10/16: "It's always a battle"
2022-10-16 Rhamondre Stevenson 10/16: "It's great to always get six points on the board"
2022-10-16 Matthew Judon 10/16: "We tried to make them play left-handed"
2022-10-16 Bill Belichick 10/16: "Winning games in this league is about having good players"
2022-10-16 Jonnu Smith 10/16: "We take advantage of what's there"
2022-10-16 Press Pass: Patriots Win On the Road in Cleveland
2022-10-16 Deatrich Wise Jr. on Patriots Postgame Show 10/16
2022-10-17 Bill Belichick 10/17: "It's a marathon and we're in the first mile"
2022-10-17 Bill Belichick on WEEI 10/17: "It was a good team win”
2022-10-17 Kyle Dugger 10/17: "We always pride ourselves of being versatile"
2022-10-17 Hunter Henry 10/17: "Its a fine line between a completion and not a completion"
2022-10-17 Matthew Slater 10/17: "We are starting to see the results we are hoping for"
2022-10-17 Bailey Zappe on WEEI 10/17: "It was a really great day for us as an offense"
2022-10-17 Locker Room Celebration After Win Over The Browns
2022-10-18 Jerod Mayo 10/18: "Development continues to go on and on"
2022-10-18 Joe Judge 10/18: "I'm very pleased with all of our quarterbacks"
2022-10-18 Cameron Achord on Special Teams' performance against Cleveland 10/18: "We want to continue that going forward"
2022-10-18 Sights and Sounds: Week 6 at Cleveland Browns
2022-10-18 Belichick Breakdown: Top Plays from Win over Browns
2022-10-19 Bill Belichick 10/19: Justin Fields "is a major threat every time he touches the ball"
2022-10-19 Devin McCourty on the Monday night game 10/19: "Playing prime time is always fun"
2022-10-19 Bailey Zappe 10/19: "Always had confidence to make it to the NFL, but still a surreal experience"
2022-10-19 David Andrews on playing the Bears 10/19: "They can do a lot of things"
2022-10-19 Deatrich Wise 10/19: "It's just awesome playing Monday night, so I'm looking forward to it"
2022-10-19 Harry Deep Shot 
2022-10-19 Press Pass: Monday Night Primetime
2022-10-20 Patriots Unfiltered: One on One With Jalen Mills
2022-10-20 Joe Cardona, Cole Strange and Brenden Schooler visit the USS Constitution to celebrate the 225th anniversary of the Navy ship
2022-10-20 Hunter Henry shares his favorite TEs to watch 'NFL Slimetime'
2022-10-20 Patriots Deutschland - Die Woche! Vor Chicago
2022-10-20 Belestrator: Chicago Bears Offense 
2022-10-20 One-On-One with Hunter Henry
2022-10-20 Rhamondre Stevenson 10/20: "My O-line had my back...the whole offense had my back"
2022-10-20 Matthew Judon 10/20: "You gotta go out there and put your best foot forward"
2022-10-20 Jakobi Meyers 10/20: "I really enjoy watching the guys go out there and make great plays"
2022-10-21 Patriots This Week: Chicago Bears Preview
2022-10-21 Patriots Unfiltered on TV: Browns Recap, Bears Preview, Jalen Mills 1-on-1
2022-10-21 Start, Bench or Cut with Hunter Henry
2022-10-21 Bill Belichick 10/21: Monday Night Football "was a great part in the development of the National Football League and football"
2022-10-21 Mike Onwenu 10/21: "We try to do our best out there every day"
2022-10-21 Davon Godchaux 10/21: "We look at all of our guys as starters"
2022-10-21 Mac Jones 10/21: "I've done a good job trying to help the team as best I can"
2022-10-21 Do Your Life: Kendrick Bourne
2022-10-22 Hype Video: Get Ready for Patriots - Bears on Monday Night
2022-10-22 Patriots All Access: Bears Preview 
2022-10-23 Mic’d Up at Practice: Patriots Defensive Line Coach DeMarcus Covington
2022-10-24 Robert Kraft Surprises Fans at Launch of Nike Patriots Air Force 1 Sneakers
2022-10-25 Jack Jones diagnoses Bears' toss call perfectly for TFL
2022-10-25 Mac Jones easily pinpoints Hunter Henry for 12-yard gain to close first quarter
2022-10-25 Justin Fields has nowhere to throw, run or hide as Judon closes in for Pats sack
2022-10-25 Can't-Miss Play: Bailey Zappe, Jakobi Meyers electrify Pats' faithful with 30-yard TD connection
2022-10-25 Justin Fields' tipped pass ends up in Myles Bryant's clutches for Patriots INT
2022-10-25 Rhamondre Stevenson wins the race to the edge for a Pats' TD
2022-10-25 Can't-Miss Play: Parker Mosses Bears DB to catch Zappe's 43-yard bomb
2022-10-25 Richard Seymour Halftime Ceremony 
2022-10-25 Matt Judon ravages Bears' pass protection en route to second sack of Fields
2022-10-25 Bears vs. Patriots Highlights | NFL Week 7
2022-10-25 Bailey Zappe 10/24: "This game did not go our way"
2022-10-25 Devin McCourty 10/24: "It was a poor showing across the board"
2022-10-25 Bill Belichick 10/24: "We were outcoached and outplayed"
2022-10-25 Matthew Judon 10/24: "We had no answers for him [Justin Fields]"
2022-10-25 Mac Jones 10/24: "I need to be able to play better"
2022-10-25 Press Pass: Pats struggle against Chicago
2022-10-26 Bill Belichick 10/26: "Should be a lot of energy and juice in the stadium on Sunday"
2022-10-26 Sights and Sounds: Week 7 vs. Chicago Bears
2022-10-26 Patriots players wear costumes and bring Halloween spirit at Patriots Foundation's annual Halloween party
2022-10-26 Deatrich Wise 10/26: "When you can win in an opponent's stadium, that is a great feeling"
2022-10-26 Devin McCourty 10/26: "We've got to be able to turn the page and go out and play"
2022-10-26 Matthew Slater on Mac Jones 10/26: "I think he's done a tremendous job in terms of being a leader for this team"
2022-10-26 Mac Jones 10/26: "Big week for the entire team"
2022-10-26 Press Pass: Turning the Page to the Jets
2022-10-27 Bill Belichick 10/27: "Mac will be our quarterback"
2022-10-27 Patriots Unfiltered: One on One With Devin McCourty
2022-10-27 Patriots Deutschland - Die Woche! Vor den Jets
2022-10-27 Belestrator: Previewing the Jets Pass Rush
2022-10-27 Davon Godchaux 10/27: "It's going to be very important for us to start fast"
2022-10-27 Matthew Judon on facing the Jets 10/27: "We just have to go out there, and just play sound defense"
2022-10-27 Hunter Henry 10/27: "I think we are always anxious to get back out there"
2022-10-28 Patriots Unfiltered on TV: Bears Takeaways, Jets Preview, 1-on-1 with Devin McCourty
2022-10-28 One-On-One with Matthew Slater 
2022-10-28 Jonathan Jones 10/28: "We got a hunger to get back out there"
2022-10-28 Rhamondre Stevenson 10/28: "I look at every game as an opportunity"
2022-10-28 Patriots All Access: Jets Preview 
2022-10-29 Patriots This Week: New York Jets Preview
2022-10-30 Stevenson's block upfield provides Jakobi Meyers with first down catch and run
2022-10-30 Stevenson outruns defender for 22-yard catch over the middle
2022-10-30 Ja'Whaun Bentley eyes down Wilson's pass for INT late in first half
2022-10-30 Mac Jones with a 5-yard touchdown pass to Jakobi Meyers
2022-10-30 Zach Wilson's reckless sideline pass ends with INT by McCourty
2022-10-30 Devin McCourty reads the eyes of Zach Wilson for second INT of the quarter
2022-10-30 Nick Folk's 52-yard FG extends Pats' lead to 12 in fourth quarter
2022-10-30 Josh Uche obliterates Wilson from QB's blind side for sack
2022-10-30 Nick Folk 10/30: "Just trying to do my part"
2022-10-30 Jakobi Meyers 10/30: "We fought hard"
2022-10-30 Patriots vs. Jets Highlights | NFL Week 8
2022-10-30 Matthew Judon 10/30: "Any win is pretty"
2022-10-30 Devin McCourty 10/30: "I think the guys did a good job of showing up"
2022-10-30 Bill Belichick 10/30: "I'm proud of how the team stepped up on a short week here to get the win"
2022-10-30 Mac Jones 10/30: "We want to continue to grow together"
2022-10-30 Rhamondre Stevenson 10/30: "The whole team came together"
2022-10-30 Press Pass: Patriots win division battle
2022-10-31 Devin McCourty reacts to Patriots Week 8 win vs. Jets
2022-10-31 Bill Belichick 10/31: "We knew this was going to be a physical game"
2022-10-31 Matthew Slater 10/31: "I hope we all appreciate what we have in Coach Belichick"
2022-10-31 James Ferentz 10/31: "At the end of the day it comes down to fundamental play"
2022-10-31 Jabrill Peppers 10/31: "I just try to make the plays that came to me"
2022-10-31 Locker Room Celebration and Game Ball Presentation Following Win Over Jets