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NFL Ticketing Network FAQs

When are tickets available to manage online and post for resale through Account Manager?

Each year, Season Ticket Members whose accounts are paid in full are able to manage their tickets online through their Account Manager when the NFL schedule is released in the spring.

Season Ticket Members who have completed the Seat Relocation Questionnaire are prohibited from managing their tickets until the conclusion of the Seat Relocation Period.

Tickets can now be purchased and posted for resale through the NFL Ticket Exchange, StubHub, and SeatGeek, as all three partners are included as part of the NFL Ticketing Network.

Can ticket holders post preseason tickets for sale through their account?

Yes. The NFL Ticketing Network allows ticket holders the ability to resell their ticket(s) for all ten (10) games in their ticket package in addition to any potential Playoff game(s).

Can we now post our tickets for resale on StubHub and SeatGeek?

Yes. As League-licensed, authorized platforms, all NFL tickets listed on the NFL Ticket Exchange, StubHub, and SeatGeek are authenticated by Ticketmaster. Ticket holders may post their tickets for resale on any or all of these platforms simultaneously. Should any ticket(s) be purchased on one of these platforms, any other ticket posting(s) will automatically be removed.

What about Massachusetts State Law?

Ticket holders who choose to resell your Patriots tickets on the secondary market outside of the NFL Ticketing Network must comply with Massachusetts State Law.

What happened to the Patriots Ticket Exchange?

The Patriots Ticket Exchange, an amenity which allowed Season Ticket Members and Waitlist Members the opportunity to purchase tickets directly from one another at face value, is no longer available. Now, everyone will use the NFL Ticketing Network.

How do I access and manage my game tickets for 2021 season?

A mobile ticket is the safest, most convenient and flexible way to receive and manage tickets while increasing protection against fraud.

Tickets are accessible via the Gillette Stadium App, which is available for download on the App Store (for iPhone) and Google Play (for Android).

Mobile tickets provide:

  • Quick and easy entry to Gillette Stadium using your mobile phone
  • Instant access to all your season tickets through the Gillette Stadium App or
  • The ability to manage, transfer, and sell your tickets at any time
  • Reduced risk of lost, stolen, counterfeit or forgotten tickets

Can I manage my tickets on my computer instead of my mobile device?

You can manage your tickets from your computer by accessing your Patriots Account Manager. Note that tickets cannot be printed and that all tickets will need to be scanned on your mobile device. When accessing your Patriots Account Manager, you will have the ability to transfer tickets to friends, family, or clients and post tickets for resale which you can also do from the Gillette Stadium App.

Why has the "Print-at-Home" PDF ticket option gone away?

Since 2018, printing tickets from home has not been an available option for any Patriots ticket holders. This decision was made by the National Football League to protect the integrity of all NFL tickets and prevent the fraud and counterfeit problems which had steadily increased in recent years. Moving forward, all ticket holders will be required to access their digital tickets via their mobile device; the easiest way to access Patriots tickets is through the Gillette Stadium App. As the season nears, mobile ticketing tutorials and step-by-step guides will be posted on the Patriots website for all to reference and use.

What does the NFL Ticketing Network mean for Premium Seating Members?

Putnam Club tickets are just one element of a premium membership. Therefore, they are not eligible for individual resale on the NFL Ticketing Network. All policies detailed in the member agreement remain in effect for Putnam Club Members who do not also hold bowl seats.

Can we post our Optum Field Lounge passes on the NFL Ticketing Network?

Optum Field Lounge passes are a component of a contractual membership and, as such, are not authorized for individual resale on the NFL Ticketing Network. While Optum Field Lounge Members are welcome to utilize the NFL Ticketing Network for their bowl seats, Optum Field Lounge passes are not eligible for resale at this time.

Can we post parking on the NFL Ticketing Network?

No, Gillette Stadium parking passes cannot be posted for resale.

Am I responsible for the actions of the buyers of my tickets on the NFL Ticketing Network?

You will not be held responsible for the actions of the individual(s) who purchase your ticket(s), provided you use the NFL Ticketing Network (NFL Ticket Exchange, StubHub, SeatGeek) to sell your tickets.

What if I have additional questions regarding the NFL Ticketing Network and mobile ticketing?

Please contact Patriots Member Services at or (508) 384-4288 for assistance.

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