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Alex Smith Conference Call Transcript 9/25: 'It'll be a big challenge for us this week'

Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Alex Smith addresses the New England media during his conference call on Thursday, September 25, 2014.

Q:What are you seeing on film scheme-wise from the Patriots defense?

AS:I think one, scheme-wise, they throw a lot at you just as far as fronts and coverages and looks, and they certainly make you defend a lot of different things. There are rotating personnel. That front seven is made up of a bunch of different guys that come in and out. I think the one thing is they all play fast and they're all pretty physical guys. I think on the back end, [it's] a group that for the most part has been together. [Darrelle] Revis is new, but certainly has played a lot of football, so I think those guys are pretty cohesive back there. You don't know what they're doing, and it matches up with the front, so they seem to be getting pressure, and guys are forcing balls, and they're getting turnovers, getting teams in third downs and then getting off the field. So, it'll be a big challenge for us this week.


Q: **What kind of a challenge does Chandler Jones present with his length and wingspan?

AS:Certainly his length definitely stands out on film, especially [when] you see him moving around. He plays inside against guards, he bounces outside, he's getting on tight ends and disrupting. He is very disruptive I think because of his length at whatever he's doing, whether he's rushing the passer or on a tight end or inside. His length is such a great advantage, so he can definitely be disruptive with it. How to combat that, for me, I'm trying not to focus on that – I'm looking downfield. But for the team, he's certainly somebody that kind of commands some attention, that's for sure.

Q:How much of a component is it to leave the pocket and create plays on your own?

AS:It's something I still take a lot of pride in. I think as you get older you get better at not forcing it. I think in my younger years, sometimes you rely on it too much. As you get older, there are games when it comes to you and you find yourself having a lot more rushing attempts than other games. It's one of those things that is dependent on how they're playing you, but certainly when those opportunities present themselves, that is something that is kind of hidden yardage. A lot of times, it sneaks up on the stat sheet, and if you can run for some first downs and make up some ground, it can really help you. And that's just a matter of being smart with it when you're a quarterback and you get out of the pocket because certainly this is a physical group and a lot of defenses are, so when you do get out, it's about being smart and protecting yourself.


Q: **What kind of awareness do you need to have with Darrelle Revis in the secondary?

AS:Certainly he is a tremendous player. Certainly when he's manned up, a very, very good player. You've seen the last couple weeks [he's] matched the opposing team's best receiver and for the most part has had a lot of success. He's good, he's physical, he's fast, he's smart, and you can see all those on film, so it's a pretty dangerous combination when you have all that.

Q:Where is your confidence level? Do you feel a little bit like a survivor even though you were obviously a very high draft pick?

AS:Yeah, a little bit of it is an endurance thing. It's just one of those things. For a lot of different reasons, it doesn't hit right away, and everybody's story is different. But yeah, it was tough for me for a lot of those years, and you just try to find a way to keep getting through it and keep focusing on what you can control and getting better and improving and get through it. I think, don't let it get you down, and certainly I've seen a lot of guys before me and tried to learn from it. For me, it was that. There is a little bit of that in there – just keep pushing on, keep trying to push through it and know things you keep working and know things can get better and they will.


Q: **What do you feel like Anthony Sherman brings to the table?

AS:I think that you could ask anybody on the team, and he's a guy that everybody loves in the locker room and on the team. He's just that kind of personality, that kind of teammate. Everybody knows he'd die for you, he'd do anything for you, give you his shirt off his back. He's just that kind of teammate. And you know on Sundays, or Monday this week, that come game time he's going to be ready to go. So, you never have to worry about Sherm; it's just the way he is. I think everybody appreciates how he goes about his business, how he prepares, and then the energy he brings. He is a contagious guy, contagious personality in the energy he brings and how much he likes playing football and loves playing football and guys feed off that.

Q:How big of a home field advantage is a primetime game in Arrowhead Stadium?

AS:I tell you what, when Arrowhead is going, for me last year it was … I played here before as an opposing guy and knew how it tough it was, but last year seeing all those home games and seeing the fans and how they approached it, it's a special place. And certainly bringing a Monday Night Football game back here, I'm excited for it. I know everybody is kind of floored in the community, so I'm excited to see what it'll be like.

Q:Can you get anything done when you're on the sidelines trying to talk to your offensive coordinator?

AS:Yeah, we try to get stuff done. Sometimes it's kind of fun to look out there and see the opposing quarterback deal with the noise, but certainly we've got our hands full usually looking at the pictures.

Q:How tough is it facing a defense with a linebacker like Jerod Mayo in there?

AS:There are not many weaknesses in his game. A guy that big and physical but can run the way he can, you just see it on film and the physicality that he has that kind of sets the tone up there for that linebacking crew. He never comes off the field. They match him up in man coverage a lot of times and you can see the speed for how big he is. I think it kind of speaks for itself. Not many weaknesses in his game.

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