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Ask PFW: Flowers, Brown and more FA news

The Patriots will have some decisions to make in free agency, most notably with Trey Flowers and Trent Brown. Those decisions highlight this week's mailbag.


If we cannot hold onto Trey Flowers do you think we could take a chance on Shane Ray? We could possibly revive his career and utilize him.
Ron Swansom

I like Shane Ray and I believe he has some ability. But he hasn't been able to stay healthy, and if the broncos let him walk my guess is that will be the reason. Down the stretch last year he was a healthy scratch, which tells me the Broncos had grown frustrated with his health issues. But he has shown the ability, when healthy, to get after the quarterback. He had eight sacks in his second year but appeared in just 19 games over the following two seasons and his production fell off. I wouldn't mind taking a chance on Ray for short money, banking on the fact that he could be productive if he can avoid injuries. He has had multiple wrist surgeries over the years. But he is not the all-around player that Flowers is and wouldn't necessarily be a replacement. Flowers' ability to set the edge and play against the run separates him. But I understand what you see in Ray. He definitely has some ability if he can stay on the field.
Paul Perillo

I have been hearing that the Patriots are thinking about signing Colin Kaepernick to the team. If this would happen it would be a very big disappointment to this fan. I have been a Patriots fan for over 20 years, and if he is going to become a part of the Patriots I no longer will watch or root for them. My family has a lot of military veterans and I will not embarrass them.
Herman Williams

I doubt very much there is any validity to the Kaepernick to New England rumors, but if it were to happen I believe some fans would be upset about it. It's my belief that Kaepernick doesn't really even want to play but rather would like to continue using his current situation to his advantage in highlighting the social problems he's fighting for. Agree with him or not, his stance has created conversation about these issues. I personally don't agree with everything he has said and done, but I also respect his right to do it. I also would never stop rooting for my favorite team because a player has views that are different from mine. There is room for a variety of viewpoints on all kinds of subjects and this is no different.
Paul Perillo

Do you think Ty Law will have his number retired?
Gregorio Ladeira

Obviously Law I deserving of having his number retired but I'm not sure that it will happen, even with him heading into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Patriots retired some numbers over the years that probably didn't need to be and now there is a bit of a shortage of available numbers. For that reason, at some point I feel they will stop retiring numbers (obviously there will an exception made for Tom Brady).
Paul Perillo

What are the chances Patriots trade for Odell Beckham Jr. and if so what do they give up in terms of draft capital?
Jess Ku

Anytime you're dealing with a potential trade involving such a high-profile player the chances of it happening are probably pretty remote. Beckham would certainly fall into that category, and the rumors over the weekend that indicated the Patriots expressed interest last season made that even more of a possibility at this time. The Patriots have plenty of draft picks to deal, but Beckham has been a bit of a headache for the Giants so it's possible that the asking price wouldn't be as high as you might think. Strictly in terms of talent Beckham is worth a first-round pick but he might not garner that if the Giants indeed are intent on trading him. My guess is if the Patriots made a move, Bill Belichick would continue his recent practice of getting a lower pick back in return along with Beckham, but I'd have to say a deal is unlikely.
Paul Perillo

I was listening to y'all talk last week about the possibility of the Pats trying to trade for OBJ or AB. While I personally don't think either of those scenarios will become a reality, it is readily apparent that the Pats need to address the WR position. With that said, what do you think about Golden Tate or Adam Humphries? Both have experience in the slot, are mature WRs that would probably fit into any locker room, and Tate has expressed his desire to win over make money. I think signing one of those guys, especially Tate to a two-year deal would be better than trying to break the bank for divas like OBJ or AB.
Marcus Griffin

I like both Tate and Humphries as potential help in the slot, but neither is anywhere near the impact that the two big guns would have. Humphries is young at 25 and my guess is he will attract some attention on the market, so it might not be the bargain that you're thinking to acquire him. Tate is 30 so he would probably be pretty reasonable, but for that reason I'm not all that excited about getting him. Brown and Beckham have their warts and we all know what they are but both are very talented players who would provide something the offense lacks in terms of an outside threat. Humphries and Tate would be behind Julian Edelman in the slot, so I'm not sure they would be worth big bucks to acquire. Again, I like both players and would certainly take them, but not if it meant losing out on a chance at Brown or Beckham.
Paul Perillo

I thought I read in the Herald that the Patriots have a member of the staff that is like a human resources person helping with inner personal issues, etc. They supposedly were involved with helping Josh Gordon. Is there someone like that?
Alexander Matulewicz

My guess is the person you are referencing is Jack Easterby. He is listed as the Patriots character coach/team development. He's been with New England for the last six seasons and has been instrumental behind the scenes in terms of helping and guiding players – including Gordon – off the field. He is a highly respected member of the team's staff.
Paul Perillo

Which way do you think the Pats will go, let Trent Brown walk and replace him with Isaiah Wynn, franchise him at $15 million or sign him long term, letting Marcus Cannon go with a $2.8 cap hit and Wynn goes to RT?
Dave Brown

I could definitely make a case for all three of your scenarios but my feeling is the Patriots will opt for what's behind door No. 1. They drafted Wynn with the intention of him being a tackle and based on listening to Dante Scarnecchia during the course of the season they believe that will be the case. So slide Wynn in at left tackle, keep Cannon on the right side and probably have LaAdrian Waddle back to serve as the backup swing tackle. Brown is looking to cash in during free agency and I don't love the idea of using the franchise tag on him, although I wouldn't rule it out as insurance. Cannon might be asked to restructure his contract but I feel he'll be back, and Wynn will get a chance to prove he was worth a first-round pick.
Paul Perillo

I would like to know what you guys think of making all holding/OPI/DPI calls (and non-calls) challengeable? Head coaches should have 2-3 opportunities to throw the red flag and ask for a review to confirm the call or the non-call. Say the HC should throw the flag and announce he suspects a holding against player number # or a DPI committed by player number # during the previous play. Then the judges review the play. The normal rules of challenges could apply (in absence of unquestionable evidence the call stands as called). I believe this would not slow down the game-flow significantly but could reduce seriously the number of false calls and fans' uproar after a questionable (potentially game-changing) judgement call.
Richard Farkas

Honestly I hate this idea. I don't believe penalties should be subject to review and I certainly don't need to add any challenges to the process. Maybe you could convince me that each team could get one challenge per game to be used on a pass interference call, but that's it. That way situations like the Saints-Rams blown call would have a chance to be rectified. But I don't want every penalty to be subject to review and potentially extending games. Replay has already intruded on the games too much as it is. Imagine a team makes a long run and the coach challenges for a possible holding call on the other side of the field, and now we waste five minutes trying to determine a judgment call instead of celebrating. No thanks.
Paul Perillo

I was just wondering, with all the talk of Kyler Murray going to Arizona, do you think the Pats should trade for Josh Rosen as the possible QB to succeed TB12?Amanda Banfield
Sydney, Australia

This is an idea that has been gaining popularity ever since Kliff Kingsbury got the Cardinals head coaching job. The idea is Kingsbury loves Murray and has said in the past that he should be the No. 1 pick in the draft. Therefore, that means the Cardinals will now trade Rosen and take Murray. But I doubt things will work out that way. First, Kingsbury said he felt Murray should be the first overall pick, meaning he felt he was the best player in the draft. That doesn't mean he will now deal a quarterback his team just took in the top 10 last year in order to take him. But let's say that is what happens. Would you be comfortable with making Rosen the quarterback of the future? I'd say yes, but not to the extent that I'd be willing to give up too much to get him. If Arizona wants to deal him, that puts the team in a tough spot in terms of maximizing his value. If the Patriots could get him for a reasonable price (maybe a second-round pick) I'd say Rosen would be worth working with as a potential replacement down the road for Brady. Again, an unlikely scenario in my view.
Paul Perillo

The Patriots are going to be speculated about for the entire free agency/draft period of the offseason about getting a receiver who can stretch the defense, and just overall improving the receiving corps. Would a player like DeSean Jackson, Marquise Goodwin, Golden Tate be someone they try to acquire one way or another? Or do they draft or re-sign the current corps? What do you see happening to the Brady pass catchers?
Jason Bickel

I've always loved Jackson and believe he would be a great fit in the Patriots offense. His ability to make big plays on short throws makes him dangerous, and with Brady throwing him the ball I could envision a lot of yards after the catch on shallow crosses and slants. His downfield speed commands respects from the secondary, which would further open up space for him underneath. Goodwin is more of a pure burner so I'm not sure Brady would be the best fit there. Tate, as we've mentioned, appears to be suited to playing in the Patriots offense. New England has had interest in both Tate and Jackson in the past, so it wouldn't be surprising to see either of them come on board.
Paul Perillo

I scour mock drafts and they all have the Patriots having one No. 1, one No. 2, one No. 3, one No. 4, no fifth or sixth rounds picks and one No. 7. I'm hearing the team has 12 draft picks this year. Please scoop the world by listing a correct placement for all the picks our team has.
Paul Bibaud

I'm not sure which sites or mock drafts you're getting your information from but currently the Patriots have eight picks – one in the first (32 overall), two in the second (56 from Chicago and 64), one in the third (73 from Detroit), one in the fourth and three in the seventh. They are also projected to receive four compensatory picks, with those expected to be two in the third round, one in the fifth and one in the seventh. The comp picks are likely to be officially awarded at some point this week. That makes 12 picks all together.
Paul Perillo

There are several free agent WRs that could be a fit in NE. Justin Hardy, Jamison Crowder, Adam Humphries and Tyrell Williams. As far as the tight ends, it seems too costly to keep Dwayne Allen, and with Gronk either retiring or injuries that are now slowing him down, what about Jared Cook? I would like to know what you think?
John LaFond

A lot of people have tied Humphries to New England but I think there will be other teams looking at him as well given his age (25) and production. Same is true with Crowder, who is 26. Both look like nice fits in the slot in the Patriots system. Williams is a bigger guy suited to play on the outside. His production has been modest, but again, his age might make him a pretty hot commodity on the open market. Hardy might make some sense as a guy who was somewhat lost in the shuffle in Atlanta and therefore his production was lot. He could have some potential with a change of scenery and maybe the Patriots will show some interest. Cook has been the ultimate tease during his career with periods where he looks like a dominant pass catcher coupled with bouts on inconsistency. He's almost 32 so he's a little long in the tooth but he's been a pretty decent option in the passing game but will never be confused with Gronk as a blocker. Clearly the Patriots are going to be in the market at both positions both in free agency and the draft.
Paul Perillo

A couple of weeks back, there was a rumor that Greg Schiano might be joining the Patriots as DC. Since then, we have heard squat. No more rumors, no news from the Patriots. Is he coming or not? Has he arrived or not? I hear that the Patriots don't like to comment much on their coaching staff but, I don't think it should be that difficult to know if Greg is really with the team or not. If he is, he must be walking around the complex fairly regularly and I would think that someone would have seen him or heard about him somehow.

The Patriots don't always make these announcements when the moves happen and to this point we haven't heard anything. However, since the initial reports came out the team hasn't denied any of the news and my guess is there would be someone claiming this wasn't true if Schiano had not been added to the staff. We'll probably have an official announcement at some point but I wouldn't worry about it if the Patriots don't have much to say.
Paul Perillo

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