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Baltimore Ravens Postgame Quotes 11/3

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, quarterback Lamar Jackson and select players comment on their 37-20 win over the New England Patriots on Sunday, November 3, 2019.

Head Coach John Harbaugh

(Opening Statement) "Thanks for being here. Thanks for staying up late. It was a great win. I'm very proud and excited for our players. That's a players' win. I thought our players went out there and did what they had to do to win the game against a very, very good opponent. The Patriots are a great football team. They're a very, very well-coached football team. [They] always are, and they are again this year. I thought they played really well. They had a great plan, and it's just a really good accomplishment to beat a team of that caliber. We're proud to do it. We know it's just one game. Just half the season is over. That's it. We have half the season still to go. So, there are a lot of stories still to be written, and we're moving on to the next game."

(The decision on fourth-and-4 to go for it; what was your thinking there? Out of K Justin Tucker's range?) "It was a tough field goal at that point. We could have … 'Tuck' [Justin Tucker] could have got it there, but it was beyond our number. Our number was pretty well short of that, and we felt like, just to give ourselves the best chance, we'd try to go ahead and get the fourth down. I give our players all the credit in the world for making it. Lamar [Jackson], Willie [Snead IV], the protection, to make that play was probably the play that turned the game. As a matter of fact, Willie Snead [IV] got a game ball for that."

(You talk about plays that turned the game. How important was the TE Mark Andrews' completion on third down? Your defense had been on the field so many straight plays, and that looked to be, if he didn't get that, three and out.) "It's a big one. He should have gotten the game ball for that. I forgot about it in the team meeting. I would have given him one. That was a great throw by Lamar [Jackson]. Again, the protection was there. And for Mark to make that play in tight coverage, he's covered like a glove, and he goes up and makes that play. That was big, too. Marlon [Humphrey's] play, to pick up the ball and score was a huge play. Earl [Thomas'] play, the turnover, the long interception, was big. And the pressure on that was big because it forced Tom [Brady] to … He couldn't step into the throw, really, to make the kind of throw he wanted to throw there because of the pressure."

(Can you talk about what you saw from the Patriots' defense and how they chose to defend QB Lamar Jackson, and how Lamar adjusted to that?) "We'll look at all that when we see the tape. They did a good job. They were mixing it up pretty good there. They were mixing coverages. They were mixing fronts. They were stemming fronts. They brought some pressure, not as much as they normally do, but they did bring pressure. We were fortunate enough to hit one of them with a big run early in the game. That really helped us. It slowed the pressure down just a little bit. That was a break for us there. They were mixing it up pretty good. Nobody does it better than they do. They did a great job with all that, and our guys handled it really well starting with the quarterback. The quarterback is the one that has to deal with all of that, and he did just a tremendous job of making the changes at the line that he needed to make and then making the plays he needed to make once the ball was snapped."

(Was there sort of a particular joy in seeing TE Nick Boyle finally get to score, given all the unsung stuff he does for you guys week after week, to see him kind of in the spotlight like that?) "There was, there was. There were a lot of guys grabbing the game ball to make sure he got the game ball, the touchdown ball, so he could have it as a souvenir. Nick [Boyle] is one of our very best players. He does a lot of everything really well, and he deserves it."

(You had lamented earlier in the week that you hadn't had a primetime game, yet. What did you think of the atmosphere out there tonight?) "It was awesome. It was wonderful. I love the lights. How cool are the lights? What [owner] Steve Bisciotti, and [president] Dick Cass is the guy that drives all of that, what they've done with this stadium is unbelievable. It's just an awesome, awesome place to watch a game, especially at night. It's loud, the corners, all the stuff, all the electronics, it was pretty incredible out there. It really helped us. Our crowd was great. We're really always proud of our crowd and our fans, so it was a great night."

(A lot of the guys haven't been in a game against the Patriots. The comeback that they had in the second quarter, to sustain that and then come back out and play the way you did in the second half … ) "I tell you what, that's a great observation right there. Here they come roaring back, and we make a couple mistakes. We put the ball on the ground a couple of times, and it happens sometimes. They made some mistakes, too. It was that kind of a football game. It was a hard-fought game back and forth, and our guys never lost their composure, even with the no-huddle stuff. They did a really good job with the no-huddle stuff. It's tough. Nobody operates that better than Tom Brady. They're a force and get you tired a little bit and all of that sort of stuff. I just felt like our guys kept their composure. We got a couple stops, forced a couple field goals through all of that, was big, too. So, the composure of a young football team in this setting in that situation against that team was pretty impressive."

(You mentioned a couple of the pressure situations, and for QB Lamar Jackson to be on national television, [against] an unbeaten, defending Super Bowl champion team, why is it that you feel Lamar kind of defies that "young quarterback" label?) "Well, I don't see him as young. I've told you guys. He's wise beyond his years in a lot of ways. He's sitting right here. I don't want to blow him up too much, make him too happy here.(laughter) But you can because he gets it. Here's a guy that, I've said it many times, he has a very high football IQ. He also understands the moment. He has poise. He just has an amazing ability to … It just goes to the way he thinks and the way his mind works. He has an amazing ability to take a lot of factors, a lot of things – play clock, play call, personnel, formation, defense that presents, whatever changes that have to made – and just process all of that in that kind of a moment, which is what makes the position at quarterback so difficult. That's why Tom Brady is so good at it, too. Lamar [Jackson] does it his way, but Lamar does it as well as anybody. He did a great job tonight, and the whole world saw it."

('Peanut' [LB Patrick Onwuasor] had the punch out before CB Marlon Humphrey's fumble return. How have you seen him handle – he was at MIKE and then at WILL and then he got hurt – how has he handled this season, and what was it like to see him make that play?) "He handled it great. He was stalking around looking at me, and he was proud of the way he played. He's been hurt. The MIKE-WILL thing is no big deal. [Those are] two inside backer spots. We move guys around. But he played quite a bit tonight, and it was the first time he's been healthy enough to play since he hurt the ankle. He played just like you'd expect him to play. He played at a very high level, and personally, I'm really proud of the way he played."

(When you rebuilt this offense and had an idea in mind about what you wanted your offense to be, how much have the late drives kind of put games away? Where did that factor in in your team's ability to do that? How important has that been, particularly in the last two games?) "It's been huge. It's a testament to the offensive line. They got the other game ball after the game. The offensive line has just been tremendous. The running backs, all of them – the wide receivers have to block. Lamar [Jackson] makes plays in that situation as well. To me, that's what winning football does. We've done that before. We looked like that in '08, '09, '10, '11, a number of times, too, but it's a different offense now. So, we're doing it at an even higher level than we did then. So, that's a big part of our formula, and the guys have done a great job with it." 

*S Earl Thomas III *

(on the atmosphere inside M&T Bank Stadium tonight) "The atmosphere tonight was great. Coming down the tunnel, you saw Ed Reed. They honored Ed Reed tonight. You saw Ray [Lewis] out there in his gold jacket. You saw Ozzie [Newsome] out there in his gold jacket. Tonight was a special night. We played really well in all phases. The O-line played great; they gave a lot of time for Lamar [Jackson]. Lamar played MVP-type football. He's separating himself. Us on defense, we had some timely plays. We gave up some stuff, but we didn't flinch. We made some turnovers in crucial situations, and it just felt good to be a part of a win like this."  

(on his interception) "Oh, the interception – that was just me being where I was supposed to be. My corners trusted me, and I had a willing quarterback that was willing to test me. It's not like that all the time, and Tom [Brady] gave me a chance, and I made a play."  

(on intercepting QB Tom Brady) "Well, it's not my first time (laughter).It's not my first time. It just feels good to get my hands on the ball. I haven't got my hands on the ball since Week 1, so it felt good."  

(on hitting QB Tom Brady early in the game and then getting a high-five from him) "Oh, the sack? That was just in the flow of the game. It's Tom Brady, so I took my opportunity."  

(on this team's big-picture potential after this win) "Big picture, we're getting better every week. It starts with Lamar [Jackson] and that offense and the running game. And us on defense, we just try to give the ball back to them and create more stops and let the MVP do his thing."  

(on his pass breakup near the goal line and getting more comfortable every week in this defense) "Yes, I'm getting more comfortable in this scheme. I needed one more step. Maybe I could have had a pick-six right there, but it just feels good just to be in the right position and even close [to the right position]. We're getting better. Our communication skills are getting better, and that's going to make us hard to beat."  

(on how important the third-down conversion from QB Lamar Jackson to TE Mark Andrews was) "It was very important, when you make a big completion like that and keep the clock rolling. I'm on the sideline – we're on the sideline – putting our helmets on getting ready to go out, and it's like a sigh of relief. We get more rest, and the clock keeps ticking. And once you get that first, first down out of the way, it seems like we're good."  

(on the mood of the players when the Patriots started coming back in the second quarter) "We just handled the current events. We didn't flinch. Obviously, we don't want to just give them turnovers, fumbles. I got [Randy] 'Mossed' after somebody muffed a punt. We just have to take that out of our game, because if we take that out of the game, it's not even close. But, you just have to handle sudden-change moments. We always talk about sudden-change moments, and we've been handling it all year so far."  

(on CB Marlon Humphrey being in the right spot and making huge plays the last few weeks) "Marlon's [Humphrey] just living right. He's just living right (laughter). The ball's just finding him, and he's getting comfortable with picking up the ball. And the game's slowing down, and he's scoring touchdowns. He's having an All-Pro year."  

(on the crowd when they were doing the MVP chants for QB Lamar Jackson) "Yes, I'm right with the crowd. I mean that. This man [Lamar Jackson] is the MVP. I'm right behind him. I'm backing him. He makes my job easier, and when you finish the game like that, it's just a sigh of relief again for us on defense. If we don't have to have the pressure on us, we don't want the pressure on us. But if it comes to it, we'll deal with it. But, it's good when those guys capitalize for us."  

(on if the last few wins against Seattle and New England mean more) "We're just taking it one game at a time. We had two back-to-back games against two Hall of Fame quarterbacks, and we had a great outing. We just want to keep building on that."  

*QB Lamar Jackson *

(on what it's like to hear S Earl Thomas III call you 'MVP' several times) "It's pretty cool, but like I said before, I'm focused on winning. We got it done today. We just have to build, get ready for [Cincinnati] next week."  

(on what he saw from the defense on the third-down conversion to TE Mark Andrews) "They went 'Cover Zero.' We've been studying it all week, throughout the bye week. Coach has been drilling it in my head. We get it from our 'Look Team.' Those guys do a great job of showing us great defensive looks, and I knew where I was going all the way. I just had to buy a little time, because there was one guy free off the edge, and we made it happen. The offensive line did a great job, and so did Mark [Andrews]."  

(on being proud of what the offense did late in the game, bouncing back after some challenging moments) "Yes, but you know, that's part of football. We can't dwell on one drive or one play. We just have to keep building, because that's what those guys were doing. They make a mistake, and they go back out there and execute. So, that's what we need to do. It's part of the game."  

(on if he saw what he expected from the New England defense or if there were any surprises) "I prepared for it. The coaches did a great job giving me great looks. Like I said before, the 'Look Team' did a great job. And like I said before, I'm just going to play my game. I'm not really worried about what they do on the opposite side of the ball."  

(on if that was the most different number of defensive looks he's seen in a game so far this season) "Yes, probably. I'd say yes."  

(on if he felt like the Patriots were keying in on him as a runner to a greater degree than other teams) "Yes, they had an alert guy every time I dropped back, so I had to get the ball out of my hands, find the open target. I missed one. I'm ticked off about that one to Mark [Ingram]. Next question." _(laughter) _

(on if the spy defender was usually DB Jonathan Jones) "Or 54 [LB Dont'a Hightower]."  

(on the significance of beating QB Tom Brady and his team) "I'm trying to win versus anybody I play. I don't really dwell on one player, or it's just this guy I want to beat. Like I said before, that's still the 'G.O.A.T.' Nothing changes that. I'm happy to get the win, of course, and especially at M&T Bank Stadium. It's pretty cool, but I don't really care because it's against Tom Brady. I just want to win."  

(on what's going through his head when he hears the 'MVP' chants break out in the crowd) "We've got a lot of season left to play. We're worried about the next game. I don't really care about that. I appreciate it, but like I said before, I want something better than that."  

(on how big of a step this win is for the team beating the defending champions) "I feel like our team already knew what we were capable of. We just had to show it, and we did that tonight. We just have to build off that. We just can't get on our high horse and feel like we just won the Super Bowl, because we didn't. That's just one regular season game. We have to continue to build."  

(on what went through his head on his second touchdown run) "Which one? The one when I got pulled?" (Reporter: "Yes") "'Am I in?' I was hoping I was in. Orlando [Brown] pulled me. I didn't know it was him until I got up. He was like, 'I pulled you in! I need half of that touchdown.' (laughter)It was cool. I just heard everyone cheering, and I was happy."  

(on what it was like to see TE Nick Boyle score) "It was dope. I couldn't really get to him. I really wanted to run over there, but everybody was already … It was like a whirlwind for him getting his first touchdown. The whole team was excited. I was pumped. I just had to wait until he got to the sideline."  

(on if he feels like the Ravens are playing championship-level football right now) "Yes, you know, we started off – the first two games we were good. [Then we] lost two straight. We just found ourselves on a little run. We just have to keep building, like I said before. We played tonight like it was a championship game. We just have to keep going."  

(on why these big games and big pressure moments don't faze him) "Because I feel like if you put that in your mind, like, 'OK, this is a big game for me,' you'll mess up. You'll go out there and do the total opposite of what you thought you would be doing. So, I just go out there level-headed and play ball - play how I've been playing. Don't get into the hype, don't let people tag me in stuff and look at that and just get all hype like, 'Oh, man, I'm going against [Tom] Brady.' I'm playing ball, no matter who we're playing."  

(on what it says about this offense that it scored 37 points tonight when no other team had scored more than 16 against the Patriots all season) "We work. Week-in, week-out, we're working. We're trying to get better each and every week, and it starts on the practice field and in the film study. And that's what we do. We get with each other, we talk about stuff throughout practice, just like it's a game. We'll be really mad when we don't complete a pass, or if we make a mistake. We just treat each and every day like it's a game day. That's how we're going to build from there."  

(on all the different looks the Patriots' defense presented) "They went 'Cover Two.' They went 'Cover Zero.' They went Quarters. They went 'Cover Six.' They were doing it all."  

(on how he adjusted to those various defensive looks) "I just look back at the coverage and know where my guys are. Just got the ball out and let them do the rest."  

(on if he felt prepared for the Patriots' defense, and if there was anything he didn't expect) "No, I was pretty cool. We have a great coaching staff. They were already on it. We watched film together. We talk about it. In practices, I mess up a play here, I make the wrong read; we go to the iPad in practice, look over it, see what coverage it was and go from there. So, next time I see it, it's in my mind. I won't forget it. I see it in the game – it's there, it presents itself, and we just go."  

(on if he was surprised Head Coach John Harbaugh wanted to go for it on the 4th-and-4) "No, I was happy he did. I didn't throw a temper tantrum or anything. (laughter)He had faith in us, and we called the perfect play. We'd been running the play all week, and Willie Snead did a great job on it running his route, and I just delivered the ball to him."  

(on the third-down conversion to TE Mark Andrews) "It was 'Cover Zero' on that play." (Reporter: "Yes, and your defense had been on the field for a long time.")"Yes, we didn't want to put them back on the field, especially when [Tom] Brady had just drove down and scored. We needed to punch it in, and we shouldn't have even been in that predicament, but [offensive coordinator] Coach [Greg] Roman did a great job calling the right play. Mark [Andrews] did a great job on his route. The O-line gave me great protection. I just had to deliver the ball." 

RB Mark Ingram II

(on the matchup) "We came into the game with the mindset of just doing our job and playing each and every play. Obviously, they have a great coach, best QB ever, and a great process, and a great team, and we knew we had to put our best performance out there in order to get a win. A lot of credit to the Patriots, but I think our team today did a great job of executing, taking it one play at a time. It wasn't always perfect, but we were able to be resilient and overcome the adversity."

(on if he thought he was down on the fumble) "That's a tough one man. Fumbles suck. There is never an opportune time to fumble, and especially when you are backed up deep in your own territory. They got three points off that fumble, and 10 points off self-inflicted wounds. But we were able to overcome it, and that's what championship teams do. The defense had my back and didn't allow a touchdown on my giveaway, and I appreciate the defense for that."

(on if he felt the offense was wearing the Patriots down in the third quarter) "Yes, I felt that, but they are tough, man. They are physical, they are tough, and you have to stay after them every single play. You have to make them earn it. They are a great team, all three phases, great coach, Super Bowl Champion. You've got to stay on them 60 minutes because Tom Brady can get it going at any time. Points are important. Keeping it away from them is important, and I think we did a good job of that today."

(on the four long scoring drives) "I think that's who we are. If you go back and look throughout the season, we have lots of drives over 15 plays, eating up time, and chewing up clock. In the third quarter, our defense was out there and got a big turnover and returned it for a touchdown. They came back and got the touchdown, and then our mindset was to chew up clock, give our defense a rest, and keep their offense off the field. This was a great time win." 

(on if he felt the Ravens had the Patriots off balance in the first quarter) "I really don't think so. They gave us a lot of different looks, but we prepared all week for all of their looks. If they gave us something we didn't see, we knew we would have to adjust on the fly, and we did that. Our offensive line did a great job. You have to block those guys, but we watched the film and saw how they got pressure on top of pressure, on top of pressure, but we were able to block up and hit some seems in the run game and make some crucial throws in the pass game. Now we are looking forward to keeping the momentum going."

(on two-consecutive wins against two Super Bowl contenders) "Yeah man, that is what we aspire to be. Super Bowl team, championship team … In order to accomplish those goals, you have to win games like these. You have to win games against the best teams in the league. At the same time, we have to keep improving; We have to keep playing every play."

(on how Lamar handled Belichick's defense) "Man, Lamar is the dude. He is that man. There is no moment that is too big for him. He is super competitive, super driven. We have all the confidence in him. He thrives on not letting his teammates down, he makes the plays that are necessary to win. I feel like he is going to continue to improve and eventually be the best. It is up to us to continue to make his job easier." 

(on how Lamar affects Ingram's ability to run the ball) "Defenses are worried about Lamar. If you are trying to take our QB away, there are some eyes that are him that aren't on me. That might help me have some runs that I am able to break because they are overplaying on him. He continues to pull people out on his fakes, and I think that goes hand in hand. Coach [Greg] Roman does a great job of scheming us up and putting us into success. Let's just keep it going."

CB Marlon Humphrey

(on if he has ever returned fumbles for touchdowns in back-to-back games in his career) "No I have not, and it's a great feeling, but the most important thing is we got the 'W,' and we need to keep it rolling."

(on how the defense approached QB Tom Brady) "Brady's tough. Obviously, his resume speaks for himself. We went in with a good gameplan. It wasn't always perfect, but we executed it well, got a couple of big turnovers, and were able to come up with the win."

(on how the changes to the defense have improved the defense) "It was huge to get Jimmy [Smith] back tonight and Peanut [Patrick Onwuasor]. But after we lost that game to the Browns, it was like a time of reflection for us. We had to figure out what we needed to do to get better. Yes, we got some new people, and since then, we've been looking alright. And then with our guys coming back tonight, it makes us look even better."

(on if anything QB Lamar Jackson does surprises him) "I actually think we see more crazy stuff during practice that people have yet to see. I am excited about Lamar. We are always looking for more from Lamar because he can provide it. He's unbelievable."

(on what it means to beat the Patriots) "It is big, and hopefully we will see them again." 

(on creating turnovers the last two games) "I think we've been playing more disciplined defense. We are not giving teams the same big plays like we were during the [early part of the] season, and we are in position to make big plays. Our goal is to keep everything in front of us."

(on how his fumble return changed the momentum of the game) "It definitely did. We really needed something at that time, and it changed the game for us. Peanut [Patrick Onwuasor] made the strip and allowed me to make the play."

(on his matchup with WR Julian Edelman) "I've covered some great receivers. But you look at Edelman – he's not the tallest, he's not the fastest, he's not the quickest, but I've seen very few receivers as good as him in the slot. He's a Super Bowl MVP, so that speaks for itself. I really enjoyed that matchup, and I know he got some catches on me, but good players are going to make plays. My job is just to try and make more, and I think we as a defense did a good job of containing him tonight."

WR Marquise Brown

(on how the Ravens started) "That first quarter was huge. Our goal was to go out there and score points, and we really couldn't have scripted it any better. The game had its ups and downs from there, but we were able to make big plays throughout."

(on the play of Lamar) "Nothing he does surprises me. When I see Lamar out there doing his thing, I think he's going to make him miss, make him miss. It would surprise me if the first guy would tackle him."

(on what this game says about the Ravens) "We are not a team to be slept on. We are going to compete at a high level each week, and there is no reason why we shouldn't be considered one of the best teams in the league. For me personally, to get back on the field against the Patriots and be able to contribute, I felt good about that. For my first time back out, I just wanted to do as much as I could to help the team."

T Orlando Brown Jr.

(on if he got an assist on Lamar Jackson's touchdown) "I'm not sure, probably not. But I sure hope so. But in all seriousness, credit to Lamar. I was able to grab him and pull him but he kept pushing and pushing his legs and was able to score."

(on their four long scoring drives against the Patriots number one scoring defense) "Credit to the coaches. They put us in position, and we were able to go out there and execute to the best of our abilities. At the same time, I can't put into words how important Lamar is to this team. Shout out to Greg Roman."

(on if they are surprised what Lamar keeps doing) "No, not at all. Never. He's a competitor, he wants to win games, and he's going to do whatever it takes to make that happen. He has done it week in and week out and he has continually gotten better throughout his career. I am glad he's on my team, that's my Quarterback."

CB Marcus Peters

(on coming out of the tunnel at M&T Bank Stadium) "It was special. Greats played in this house. To go out there and bless this field just as much as they went out there and blessed this field, and how rich this organization is, it was special. It was fun."

(on the defensive effort) "We knew it was going to be a long fight. When you're going against Tom Brady, and you're up by 17, you never know. Tom's pulled off some miracle games, so we just stuck together. We told everybody, 'We're going to make them drive. Make them drive, make them drive, make them drive.' We kind of did that. When they were passing the ball, we got them down a lot of times, and our mistakes were limited today. We have to clean some things up on the film, but I think we played a good game."

(on his ability to make plays) "It's like that in this league, period, regardless of what's going on with the rules. When you get an opportunity, you have to make it count."

(on integrating himself into the defense) "We can always get better. It's not about taking a good win like this. It's all about just trying to get better. We haven't peaked with all of us playing together. Jimmy [Smith] just got back, and it's only my second game. It's all about consistently getting better and moving forward."

RB Gus Edwards

(on his touchdown) "The O-line did a good job of holding onto their blocks. It felt like it took forever, but big ups to them for not letting go of their blocks."

(on the Ravens' running game) "It's a fun offense to be around. We have a whole bunch of competitors in the backfield. There's no slack whenever anybody comes into the game."

(on running the ball on the Patriots) "The run game is pretty much our identity. To be the best at that, we have to be able to run against the best. We did a good job of that tonight."

(on the win) "It's a good win to build off of. It's a long season ahead. We're halfway through, and we just have to keep pushing now."

(on QB Lamar Jackson) "It's incredible. He's just a competitor. His will to win is extraordinary."

OLB Matthew Judon

(on limiting the Patriots' offense) "We believed in ourselves, and we went out there and got the job done. Obviously, they have a great track record. We all know who the Patriots are. That's a great organization, and they have a great team. But we believed in us. We believed in the product and the process, and we went out there and got the job done. It's fun. It's fun when you know that it pays off like that."

(on his quarterback hit on QB Tom Brady's interception) "I really didn't see what happened. I asked him what happened. He said, 'I threw a pick.' You have to block somebody, so I decided to block Tom [Brady]. I helped him up. He's probably one of the greatest to ever do it. I was just out there doing my job. It was a great play by Earl [Thomas III]. That's what we needed at that time."

(on getting the momentum back in the game) "They were doing up-tempo the whole game. I don't think they ever came out of it, unless they had to. The key was believing in ourselves. Everybody that was out there, and everybody did their one-11. That was the key. They moved the ball, actually. They were moving the ball really well. We were just causing turnovers, getting a pick. 'Peanut' [Patrick Onwuasor] had a huge play. Marlon [Humphrey's] touchdown, Earl [Thomas III's] pick. These guys played amazing out here. You just have to watch the film and then enjoy it."

(on if this builds momentum for the Ravens) "We want to win every game. Every game we win is a boost for us. Every tally mark we get on the 'W' is a boost, and it helps us in the long run."

(on the mentality of playing the Patriots) "Aggressive, that's what we are. We came out trying to be physical and trying to be aggressive. We did what we do. We didn't try to change for anybody. I think the results shows what's up."

(on the pass rush) "I don't. You have to look at the film. I can't give out no secrets. They're a great team. Tom [Brady] knows how to work the pocket. He gets the ball out fast. But our pass rush and our will to get there just paid off."

(on if the defense is coming together) "Do you think this defense is coming together? We're just going to go out there and keep executing. It doesn't matter who's out there. It doesn't matter that we've had injuries, that we've had new guys. A lot of stuff has been happening. We had two games back to back where we gave up over 500 yards. We're going to work every day, and we continue to fight and press forward. It's paying off in results, and we're getting turnovers now."

(on CB Jimmy Smith's impact on the defense) "Jimmy [Smith] is a cornerstone corner. He's a great corner, and he knows how to apply pressure. He's been in the big games."

(on his hit on QB Tom Brady being his best hit without a sack) "Man, I want sacks. It's good to hit Tom [Brady], but it's good to hit every quarterback. I don't really care. You can't get caught up in that. He's the GOAT. He's the GOAT. But I want to hit every single quarterback. I don't care who it is."

(on CB Marlon Humphrey's performance) "Excellent. Marlon [Humphrey] has been, week in and week out, our best player. The focus, execution that he does, the focus and executive that he has put forth – I don't know if he's living right, but it's paying off for that guy. That's my guy. I love 'Marlo.' I'm so happy for him. I'm so happy I get to watch him. I was trying to catch him [during his fumble return] though, but I can't catch him. He was running fast."

LB Patrick Onwuasor

(on his forced fumble) "To be honest, I forgot the freaking play. Just pursuing to the ball, trying to rally around the ball. I just took a great shot at the ball and tried to pull it out. I thought I could get it, but then I saw Marlon [Humphrey] pick it up. I knew I got it out. It seems like Marlon is becoming the new Tavon [Young], scoop and score."

(on perfecting the punch out) "I just try to work at it in practice. I was doing it all in Kansas City. I could feel the ball shifting, but it wasn't coming out. It was kind of frustrating. I probably had, like, about five or six attempts in Kansas City. So, it was kind of frustrating, but I didn't get out one. I told what's his name, the tight end, Travis Kelce, I told him, I said, 'I felt that shift. I thought I was going to get you.' He was like, 'You almost had it. Just keep trying. Don't lose faith in the punch. Just keep trying.'"

(on being back out there) "It felt really good being back out there with your teammates and just flying around. 'Wink' [Don Martindale] is slowly trying to get me back in, trying not to rush things, and having me just play physical and fast football like I usually do."

(on if they are playing Ravens defense) "That's what we do. When we step on that field, it's nothing but Ravens defense, no matter how you're feeling. You're going to play Ravens defense once you step on the field."

(on the key to the 'Peanut punch') "You have to be around the football to do it, so that's my goal. Try to get around the football as much as I can, and when you get there, just take your shot." 

*TE Nick Boyle *

(on scoring his first-career TD) "It was cool that all my teammates came up … I think I got more satisfaction out of all them celebrating with me than actually scoring."   

(on his remark earlier in the week about seeing how good the Patriots would be when they lined up on the field) "Yeah, people took that as I was like taking a jab at them, but that's not what I was saying. Every time you line up every week, you're going to literally see how good they are. I was going to say we're going to see how good they are, and they're a good team. But we just played really well. [Quarterback] Lamar [Jackson] and our rushing attack was good. We've just got to keep it going."  

(on the Patriots' defense and what the Ravens saw) "They were good. That's what I meant. Literally, we're going to see how good they are. They're a really good defense. They're also a really good offense. They were super-physical out there on a lot of the plays. We did a really good job, and we moved the ball."  

(on the first TD and if he kept the ball) "I don't know where it is. I honestly don't know where it is, but that's all right, though. It's cool. Like I said, I think it was cool how my teammates came and were celebrating with me, and that was a good feeling because I think they wanted me to score, too."  

(on how much QB Lamar Jackson sparks the offense) "Everyone sees it. When he has the ball in his hands, anything can happen, and that's awesome. It's awesome for our offense. It's awesome to build around him. He makes it really fun."  

*RT Marshal Yanda *

(on how the Ravens handled the Patriots' defense) "It was a physical game. My neck feels it right now. You give them a lot of credit. They're very physical, but tonight, we made more plays than them."  

(on the running game) "When you can effectively run the football, I know it sounds're stating the obvious but you know, it takes the pressure off the [quarterback], takes the pressure off us, keeps our defense on the bench, keeps Tom Brady on the bench. Obviously, everything is complementary, for sure."  

(on how the Ravens moved the ball on offense) "It's awesome. You don't know how it's going to happen. You go in there, and you fight your tail off. It's a physical game, and we had a lot of good plays. We're excited about it, for sure. But we understand it's just one game. It was fun out there."  

(on how it felt to win) "We have a ton of respect for them. I'm sure they'll come back firing next week, and we'll take it tonight, though. No doubt."  

*WR Willie Snead IV *

(on how well the offense played against the Patriots' defense) "I think it was just the mindset [we] had all week. Watching the film, a lot of teams were just letting them do what they wanted to do and not being aggressive, not attacking them. I think out of the gate, we were just coming at these guys. We weren't afraid of them. We just knew what we had to do. We just had to execute the gameplan, protect the ball and just execute the offense."  

(on how the team and the younger players reacted to QB Tom Brady leading a second-quarter comeback) "I just think guys were just ready for the moment. We knew it was going to be a back-and-forth battle. We knew what type of team they are. We just had to play our brand of football. We've been winning games with our brand, and it wasn't going to change because we were playing the Patriots. From the beginning to the end, we just had to finish, come at these guys and just play our style of football."  

(on if this was a kind of "statement" win for the Ravens) "Yeah, definitely. I mean, shoot, these guys were undefeated. They were on top of the league, and to come in here and try to win, we've got a little pride. I mean, this rivalry goes back further than I've been in the league. The tone was set in the beginning of the week, and we just had to follow through and play our style of football."  

(on if he felt the Ravens' offense could do damage against the Patriots' defense) "Just watching the film, they definitely have holes in their defense. They're a respectable defense. They had plenty of turnovers to count. We just had to protect the ball. We knew what we had to do to win the game. Each drive, we were able to get points or some kind of points. That was important, to put them behind like that."  

(on what adjustments the Patriots made to contain QB Lamar Jackson) "You can't handle Lamar. You've just got to go with it. Lamar is just a game-breaker at any time. Just to have him on our team is just a difference-maker. It's hard for teams to be able to gameplan for a guy like that. He's special. He leads our team – and we follow him."  

(on being physical against the Patriots) "We're a physical team, too. If they want to get physical with us, we're going to get physical right back. That's our brand of football. That's how we won games. You saw Seattle, we had to get physical, and if they want to come in here and do that, then we're going to do the same thing."   

*TE Mark Andrews  *

(on what this win does for the team's confidence) "It's big. They're a great team, great defense, and it was a big test for us. But it's all about getting better each and every week and learning from what we did this past week and getting better and focusing on our next game. That's what we're going to do, and hopefully just get better. That's all we can do."   

(on what the Patriots did defensively to try to shut down QB Lamar Jackson) "They've got players all around [and] they're very well coached. They don't make many mistakes, but they did a good job; they brought pressure, they went 'zero' and all that stuff that gives offenses struggles. They did a good job. It was a hard-fought match between the teams."   

(on QB Lamar Jackson) "He's incredible. You see this Patriots' defense and how good they are – and they are that good – and some of the things he's able to do against them is impressive. There's really no other way to describe it."

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