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Belichick hearing held in New York

Bill Belichick and his representatives had a grievance hearing Thursday morning in New York to determine the validity of Belichick's contract with the New York Jets.

Bill Parcells, the Jets director of football operations and former head coach also at the hearing. Jeff Pash, the NFL's lead counsel, will preside over the case.

If the decision is made that Belichick's contract is binding, which is how the league has already ruled, the Jets could request that commissioner Paul Tagliabue decide compensation through arbitration. Tagliabue could also recommend a compensation figure, but it would not be binding.

New England will not interview any more candidates for the head coaching position until the Belichick case has been finished. The team has already interviewed former Oakland defensive coordinator Willie Shaw, former Patriots defensive coordinator Steve Sidwell, Chicago offensive coordinator Gary Crowton and Baltimore defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis.

The Patriots have also been rumored to have interest in St. Louis offensive coordinator Mike Martz, Jacksonville offensive coordinator Dom Capers and former Kansas City head coach Marty Schottenheimer among others.

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