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Belichick Press Conf.

RCA Dome, Indianapolis, Ind.Bill Belichick speaks to the press.



            **B:** This was obviously a disappointing loss for us. I thought we made a lot of plays to put ourselves in position to win, but in the end Indianapolis just made a few more plays than we did. It was disappointing. Obviously we had a lot of trouble handling their offense. They are very talented and very good. They did a good job. The difference between this game and the first game was that there were a lot more big plays in this one. Defensively we had trouble. That's obvious. It's disappointing when you put yourself in position to win and you don't finish the plays.  

Q: What do you think the problem was offensively for the last two possessions? You had moved the ball on five drives for 71 yards or more, but on the last two drives they stopped you.

B: Well, we got stopped on third-and-two. They made plays.

Q: Is there a point where the Michael Bishop factor ceases to have any kind of a surprise factor because they know when he is coming?

B: I don't know if they know it's coming. We did different things with him. It's just like putting anybody else in the game. Some things you do, but they are not all the same. They know he's in there just like everybody else does. It's just like they know when a third wide receiver is in there, or when different backs are in there or when you have two tight ends in there.

Q: After J.R. Redmond fumbled the ball, he didn't play much at all. Was that for disciplinary reasons?

B: No. He had a minor injury where he had the wind knocked out of him for a few minutes.

Q: Is that why you weren't using him as much in the second half as you did in the first half?

B: Yeah. He had to take a few plays on the sideline to catch his breath.

Q: Did you think it would take him until this long into the season to handle the kind of load that he had today?

B: As I have been saying, he has made progress every week. It was a good day to run the ball offensively. We had a good mix of run and pass. We were able to have a balanced attack. There were more opportunities to run. So we handled the ball more in the running game.

Q: On the two long touchdown passes to [Marvin] Harrison, were those personnel failures, or were they physical failures?

B: We just didn't do a good job on the deep ball. We weren't really surprised to see them in those situations. We should have played them better. Obviously they weren't played well. When that happens, it means it should have been coached better too. It's a little bit of everything.

Q: Was [Lawyer] Milloy supposed to come over and help on those deep balls?

B: Look, it was a team breakdown. It's not an individual thing. There were a couple problems with those plays. We were back there, but the balls were well thrown. It was a perfect pass by Peyton [Manning] both times. The coverage could have been better, but they made good plays.

Q: What was Indianapolis able to take advantage of this time as opposed to the first game offensively?

B: Well, they made big plays. They made a couple of big plays, and those were not in the first game.

Q: Indianapolis had their fair share of penalties, but how much did penalties hurt you?

B: They hurt us on that next-to-last last drive. We had three penalties, and we had a chance for an interception, but we couldn't hang on to it. We had our chance there to stop them, but they ended up getting some extra chances. They capitalized on them.

Q: How down is this football team right now?

B: I think anytime you lose a game, you are going to be down. That will wear off and we will move forward.

Q: You had success running the ball wide to both sides of the field. Was that something you saw in the film, or were you just trying to spread the field?

B: We have different ways to run the ball, and we just tried to mix it up on them. It wasn't any one thing we saw or any one play that worked. We just tried to mix it up, and we tried to keep them off balance by running and passing. It seemed like we had a good mix offensively in terms of running the ball.

Q: Edgerrin James seemed to be contained relatively well for the first three quarters. What happened in the fourth quarter to allow him to get it going?

B: I think they had a couple of plays into our defense where I thought we were a little late. We also might have missed a couple of tackles on him. He's a good back, and you are not going to be able to shut him out. You just have to try to hold him down. Manning is a good quarterback, and he is going to make plays too. They made enough plays today, and that is all you can say.

Q: How tough of a play was that for Tebucky [Jones] to make when he almost had the interception at the goal line?

B: I don't know. I was 50 or 60 yards away at ground level. I couldn't see it. I didn't get a real clear shot at it. You know, anytime a receiver or a defensive back gets his hands on the ball, everybody wants to catch those. I don't know how good a shot we had at that one. I couldn't really see it.

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