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Belichick responds to questions about Redmond's health

New England Head Coach Bill Belichick dispelled rumors Wednesday that third-round pick J.R. Redmond has kidney problems that could affect his play.

Previous published reports indicate the running back slipped to the third round of the NFL draft because of those problems. Belichick said all health reports on Redmond were satisfactory for the team.

"We had J.R. in to Mass General Hospital. We had him checked and we put him through tests. Our doctors don't see it as a problem," Belichick said Wednesday morning. "We go through all of his injuries with the college trainers and what the school gives you. Then we do the Indianapolis Combine physical on them, which is pretty extensive. Based on that, we make our medical report. If there is further question, we put him through a physical that addresses things as though they were a problem. The doctors gave him a clean bill of health."

Belichick added that the physical performed on Redmond was standard for any player the team brings in. Though some players are given physicals to answer possible medical concerns, such was not the case with Redmond.

"We didn't bring him in because we were worried about him physically. We did bring in some other players where the No. 1 reason for bringing him was the physical," Belichick said. "With J.R., we brought him in to interview him because we hadn't gotten a chance to do a good job of that at the Combine. As part of the process, because he was here, he had a physical."

The Patriots are aware of Redmond's medical history, and they have no concerns.

"His medical history was checked out and we're comfortable with it," Belichick said. "Everything that was part of his medical history was part of the evaluation. The kidney was evaluated. Do we think it's a problem? No."

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