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Bengals WR Henry completes short jail stay

COVINGTON, Ky. (Jan. 27, 2007) -- Bengals receiver Chris Henry was released from jail after completing a two-day sentence for letting minors drink alcohol in a hotel room he had rented.

Henry's guilty plea and two-day sentence settled the last of his four court cases. He has been arrested four times in the past 14 months.

As part of his two most recent convictions, Henry must avoid using alcohol and drugs. He also is on probation and must perform community service.

The NFL is likely to suspend Henry for the start of next season. He was suspended for two games this season after his first two court cases were settled. Under league policies, any additional convictions can result in a longer suspension.

Nine Bengals players have been arrested in the past nine months, and two have been suspended. Henry got the two-game penalty from the league, and linebacker Odell Thurman was suspended for last season after failing a drug test and getting arrested for drunken driving.

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