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Bill Belichick Conference Call Transcript 11/30

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick addressed the media during his conference call on Monday, November 30, 2015.


Q: Can you explain the thinking behind taking a game-by-game approach, especially as injuries pile up? Also, what have you seen from the Eagles with Sam Bradford and DeMarco Murray?

BB: Each week we really do the same thing. We take a look at what our resources are, what our options are, and try to match them up with the opponent that we're playing and what we feel like gives us the best chance to win. Every week is really the same as far as that process goes, and this week won't be any different. And yeah, Philadelphia is a good football team. They have a lot of good players. Murray and Bradford are certainly two of them. At times they've looked every bit as productive as they've ever been. They've dealt with some things on their end that they've fought through, but those are both really good players and they'll be a big challenge for us to stop this week.

Q: Usually when the cart comes out for an injured player, it's the worst-case scenario. How relieved are you that Rob Gronkowski seemingly will not be lost for the season?

BB:We always hope for the best for all of our players. That will never change. Our players work hard and give us everything they've got and I hate to see anything happen to anybody. Of course we're hoping for the best.

Q: At this time, is it fair to say you don't have a definitive diagnosis?

BB: We're not even 24 hours after the game. I know everyone wants an instant analysis, but I think it's more important to be right than to just jump in and start talking about a lot of stuff that's inaccurate.

Q: There were two plays that stood out as very similar – the second play from scrimmage that was a nine-yard completion to Gronkowski and the pass interference call in the fourth quarter. Did you see any difference between those two plays?

BB: Well, again I think any of those questions should be directed toward the league. It doesn't really matter what I think, so that's really more something they should comment on.

Q: I'm not asking you to comment on the call, but if a player comes to you and asks what they're doing wrong, how do you answer that?

BB: Any time a players asks you about a rule, if you know a rule then you explain to him what it is and how it's being applied. If you don't know the rule, then I would call Dean [Blandino] and talk to him about it and get an explanation from him and then tell the player what the correct interpretation of it is. That's how we try to handle it.

Q: After last season, you remarked how you learned a lot about your team in the second half of the loss against Kansas City. Considering the circumstances, did you learn anything about your team after last night's game?

BB:I think you learn something every week. Each week we get put in different situations and we have to respond to different challenges. And that's not just in the game – it could be the week leading up to the game or other circumstances that somehow are interconnected with the game. So every week is a learning experience for each of us individually and collectively for this particular team and what it goes through, and they're all building blocks and somehow they'll all play into the way the final chapters of this season is written. And that's probably true of every team. There are all those challenges along the way and they're all part of the story, and when the season is finished then you can reflect back on it and maybe put it into better context. But in the meantime you're week-to-week just trying to manage the situation the best that you can.

Q: What did you see from your run defense after Dont'a Hightower departed yesterday?

BB: Throughout the game we had our ups and downs. We had some good plays and we had some not-so-good ones. Overall it needs to be better. Obviously we need to do everything better – coach better, play better, tackle better. We just have to do a better job than that. But we had some good plays. We had some negative plays. We had some plays where we had a lot of things played kind of the way we wanted to and then there were other plays that broke down. We just got to work on our consistency and that's coaching, playing, everything.

Q: What explanation did the officials give you as far as how the clock works on an extra timeout for an injured player?

BB:I think that's been covered and I'm sure that the league would give you the same explanation they gave to me the way they handled the play. I think the way that it was ruled was right. The communication and so forth involving the play and all that probably could have been handled better somehow in the process. But I mean, let them explain it to you. They're the ones who write the rules, they're the ones who interpret them, so they can talk about it. It's no problem.

Q: At the end of the first half, you had three timeouts but chose to run the ball and not be aggressive trying to score points. Then in the second half with less than three minutes to go, the Broncos only had one timeout left and you chose to throw the ball. Did you consider running the ball and trying to play the clock there?

BB: Yeah, we considered all our options at both those times. They're two totally different situations, and the way that Denver played them was also totally different in terms of the way their defense was deployed and who had they had in there and what they were trying to do and so forth. We tried to attack them the way we thought was best, so that's why we did what we did.

Q: Have you seen a greater confidence in Tom Brady throwing to Scott Chandler or is this something you've seen throughout training camp and the early part of the season?

BB:No, I think we've seen it all year. We saw it in the Indianapolis game on the play right before the end of the half when he hit him for a touchdown that ended up being called back. I think it's been there all year.

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