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Bill Belichick Media Availability Transcript - 8/5/2015

New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick addresses the media following Training Camp practice inside Gillette Stadium on Wednesday, August 5, 2015.

Q: How did it feel to practice here at Gillette Stadium in front of all your season ticket holders and Foxborough residents?

BB: It's always good to be in the stadium. It adds a whole different feel to practice, and in a good way. I think the players like it. It's good.

Q: How was it being around all the Patriots Hall of Famers today?

BB: Always good, always good to see those red jackets. It's an impressive group.

Q: Jimmy Garoppolo got a lot of playing time today. The starters played some, but it looked like a lot of backups…

BB: We don't have backups and starters. We just have a team. Everybody is out there competing now. There's no backups. There's no starters. It's just a team. 

Q: Is there a point during the preseason where you'll want Jimmy Garoppolo to play a good chunk of eleven on eleven?

BB: All the players will earn their playing time. Whatever they get, they earn.

Q: How would you assess the team's energy level and execution tonight?

BB: Some good, some [we] still have to correct, but that's training camp, that's practice. Any time you go offense against defense, if the offense does good, the defense needs to improve, and if the defense looks good, the offense needs to improve. So, there is always somebody to yell at. 

Q: We saw Jake Bequette make a nice catch and move down by the end zone. How is his transition to tight end going?

BB: Good, he's worked really hard on his blocking, his hands. He's a good athlete, smart kid. He's worked hard. He's getting better every day.

Q: How would you characterize Jimmy's progress with his tempo?

BB: I think everyone is working hard and they're making progress. I think we're making progress as a team. We'll see as we keep moving forward here how it all comes together. 

Q: How much stock do you put in completions and attempts for quarterbacks during practice?

BB: We look at everything, and we try to evaluate it for each player. Sometimes on any play – it could be any number of things that need to be improved. It could be a throw, could be a catch, could be a route, could be whatever it is – we've just got to get it right.

Q: What do you think it says about what you guys have built here that guys like Willie McGinest and Richard Seymour really love to come back and see Mr. Kraft and you?

BB: A lot. I think any player would want to come back to be in the Patriots Hall of Fame, so it's good to see Willie back for that. But [Richard] Seymour, [Roman] Phifer, Chris Slade and all the other Hall of Fame guys who were up there like Troy [Brown] and Gino [Cappelletti], it's always good. It's great for our team, great for our organization, great for our fans to recognize all the people that have been such a big part of this organization's success.

Q: It looked like you enjoyed it.

BB: It's always great to be part of that. Those guys are the reason why those banners are up there – guys like Willie McGinest and Troy Brown – those are the ones that put them up there.

Q: What are your first impressions of Travaris Cadet?

BB: You know, he had a great spring, been out there every day, works really hard. He's got good receiving skills, fast, played in the kicking game for New Orleans. He had a lot of production catching the ball for New Orleans. We'll see. He's done some good things, some things he needs to work on, but glad we have him.

Q: Do you think having guys like Troy Brown, Ty Law and Willie McGinest out here at practice inspires the current players?

BB: I hope so.

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