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Bill Belichick Post-Game Press Conference

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick talks to the press about their loss to the Rams 24-17.To read a full transcript, click below.



BB: We just missed too many opportunities tonight. The game went about really the way we expected it to go. It was tough, hard fought game, both sides made some plays, but in the end we just couldn't quite make enough of them. Obviously that is really disappointing and that is really about the end of it. Obviously the fumble right before the half was a key play that went against us, but there were plenty of other plays in the game and we just didn't make enough of them.

Q: Their last drive before halftime, was that a classic example of what the Rams are capable of?

BB: Yeah, look, we know the Rams have got a good football team, that is no secret. They have got a good offense. I don't think that is anything that anybody is not aware of. They have got some good players. They made some plays tonight and we made some too, they just made a few more than we did.

Q: Your passing game seemed a little more conservative tonight, any reason for that?

BB: No I wouldn't say that that is necessarily it. We had some deep stuff called and they were back there and we didn't get it thrown. A couple of times we had pressure. We had our chances tonight and we need to execute better. We had some dropped balls, missed some throws, had a little pressure, gave up some plays on defense, we just came up a little bit short.


BB: Every week is it's own week in the NFL.


BB: No I think that we gave them some problems and we made some plays on them, but we gave up some. Defensively...we got seventeen points. It is not good enough. It is not bad, but it is not good enough.


BB: They did a good job on the last drive. They ran out the clock, they made some first downs, made some runs, made some passes, the line made some blocks, they ran out the clock give them credit.

Q: On the challenge, did you guys see something, the replays didn't show anything conclusive?

BB: Yup, we saw it. We thought that he was down.


BB: Well it was a tough, hard fought game. I thought we missed some opportunities in the game that I wish we could have capitalized on. I thought it was a pretty evenly played game, but it wasn't even, it was won by the Rams and they deserved to win it because they made more plays than we did.

Q: Again [Troy] Brown made his share of catches today, are they doing anything different nowadays, have teams seen enough to be able to take the other people out of the game altogether?

BB: Look we exchange our films every week with all the other teams in the league. Everybody can see what we have and what we don't have and they can defend it however they want to defend it. We are going to try to stay balanced in the offense like we have been. Sometimes we are able to do it better some weeks than others, but we got what we got and we are going to use those people and the teams that play us I am sure are going to try to defend whatever they think they want to defend. Whatever happens we will just have to play it from there. We can't control what they do. We will continue to utilize the weapons that we feel like are most productive for us.


BB: Well look there are a lot of plays in the game and the ball goes to different people on different plays it depends on what the coverage is. There is no one set play that goes to any particular receiver unless it is maybe a screen or something like that. You have got four or five in the pass pattern, it depends on what coverage you are in, the quarterback throws the ball to the guy he thinks is open.

Q: As a head coach is there a feeling during the game, after a particular play were you sense a momentum change has occurred?

BB: Every time they get the ball it could be a momentum shift. I mean St. Louis has got more points on the board than anybody in the league. So anytime they have got the ball it is a potential touchdown regardless of where they get it. Field position doesn't matter. I thought that we had the end of the second quarter set up just they way we really wanted to. We run the clock down. We were headed to the two-minute warning. If we run another play or two, whatever happens we will score or kick a field goal or whatever it is. There isn't going to be much time on the clock and when they got it back it was enough time for them to move into position to score. Of course we had some opportunities to make some plays in that drive and didn't make them. Every time they get the ball the momentum can change. I don't think that is anything that we don't know about the St. Louis Rams

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