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Bill Belichick Post-Game Press Conference

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick talks to the press about their win over the Bills in Buffalo, 12-9.To read a full transcript, click below.



BB: That was dogfight. I though both defenses played real well. Obviously we were fortunate to make just enough plays to be able to win, but it was tough. They have a real good defense and they gave us problems in Foxboro. They gave us a lot of problems here today. I thought our defense played pretty well too. Anytime you can hold a team to nine points, that's a pretty solid effort. We had a couple of turnovers and so did they and that's about the way these Buffalo-New England games have gone – at least the last several of them. We're fortunate to be able to come out on top in this one. Obviously, I know you're going to ask me about the call at the end of the game. I really don't know exactly what the ruling was. I couldn't hear it when [referee] Mike [Carey] tried to explain it. We were really trying to get the next play in and get ourselves focused on what we were going to do, what plays we were going to call when we got the ball. So I really can't give you any detailed explanation on that play.

Q: Did you think you were going to get the ball back on the review?

BB: It's a close call. I don't know. It was a close call. I'm sure it could have gone either way.

Q: You didn't challenge the call?

BB: Not in overtime. That goes up to the replay official. It's out of our hands so there's no decision to make there.

Q: Were you getting the defense ready at that point?

BB: We were ready to go both ways. We didn't know how it was going to come out.

Q: Your offense really struggled in the second half …

BB: Their defense did a good job. We didn't run the ball particularly well. We had trouble in pass protection. We didn't convert on third down. They did a good job of taking a lot of things away from us. We didn't have a lot of success doing much of anything. We moved the ball in the 2:00 at the end of the game, but couldn't get it in. Defensively, they've done a good job in both games against us.

Q: Can you comment on Antowain Smith's play, specifically the big play at the end?

BB: I don't how he got out of there. It looked like we were going to gain 2 or 3 yards and then he popped it out the backside. We've seen him do that before. He did it in Atlanta and a couple other times this year. He doesn't a good job staying on his feet. He runs hard; he has good balance. Somehow he found some way to squirt it out the backdoor.

Q: Was he motivated going against his ex-teammates?

BB: I think everyone on the team was motivated. This was a big division game on the road. We played Buffalo early in the year and it was a tough game. I think everybody wanted to come in here and … hey December games are important, how can you not be motivated for them? I'm sure Antowain was, but everybody was.

Q: What did you think of the hit on Tom Brady when he got his helmet knocked off?

BB: It was on the other side of the field. I didn't really see the play that clearly, but obviously [Nate] Clements made a good hit on him and he must have caught him right and knocked it off.

Q: On the other side of the ball, your defense hasn't allowed a touchdown in three games now …

BB: I thought we played well in the red area. Lawyer [Milloy] had a big interception down there. We had a couple of stops there at the end of the half. We were able to keep them out with some decent coverage, but Romeo has done a good job. The secondary has tightened up the coverage down in that area and we got a couple close calls with guys right near the back of the end zone or right near the sideline. It's been just enough and that's the way you have to play in that area. You have to take away the easy passes and make them hit the real tough ones and just hope they can't get in there.

Q: How does this set you up for your next game with Miami, a crucial game?

BB: I think we're happy to be playing Miami for whatever it is we're going to be playing them for. But that's a critical division game and they're ahead of us in this division and hopefully we can close that gap a little bit this week. Obviously , it's going to be a huge game.

Q: Sometimes things just don't go right, but with the way things have gone for your team, do you get the feeling that this could be your year?

BB: I don't know. I can't really worry about that. The only thing we can do is prepare weekly and try to prepare the team.

Q: How big a break was that at the end of the game?

BB: Well, I don't know. Hey, they make the calls. I tell the players and coaches all the time, there's nothing we can do about the officiating. It's their job to make the calls, whatever they are the way they see them. It's their call to make. We just control how we play. If we got a break on the call, great, but I don't really know.

Q: Were you aware of that rule on the play where Patten fumbled but was out of bounds?

BB: It's similar to the guy trying to down the ball on the 1-yard line with his body in the end zone. His body is an extension of the ball. Again, I didn't hear the explanation so I'm not sure exactly even what the full part of the call was, whether it was possession, whether it was down by contact, whether it was where the ball was recovered. You'd have to talk to the officials about that. I'm not really sure.

Q: Brady was overthrowing guys, was that him or …

BB: No, that's definitely him. We just weren't efficient throwing the ball. It's as simple as that. We weren't efficient throwing it. We weren't efficient running it and we had trouble in pass protection too. We took a lot of sacks. We took a lot of hits, and they did a good job defensively.

Q: Was it the timing mechanism because it seemed to be the same kind of pass on several instances?

BB: We missed some opportunities and we saw a good defensive football team today. I think it was a combination of those two things. We missed plays in the running game, we missed pass protections and we missed throws.

Q: What is Ty Law's injury status?

BB: He's all right.

Q: All those offensive mishaps said, your team found a way to win. What does that say about its character?

BB: That's the bottom line. Whether you win 31-30 or 6-3, you have to find a way to put more points on the board. We were fortunate to be able to do that today. Our defense stepped up. They got some turnovers. They held the points down. They did a good job. We had a lot of good field position early in the game and that led to a few points for us. You have to play good on defense and it's a team game. You have to find a way to win. It's everybody rallying together to find that.

Q: Drew Bledsoe warmed up briefly in the second half. Was that on his own or was there a point where you thought you might go to him?

BB: I don't know. You'd have to ask him.

Q: Could you talk about J.R. Redmond's contribution today?

BB: J.R. was in on the sub package and he took a coupe throws. He did a good job on blitz pickup too. He had several cases where he stepped up there and had to block and did a pretty good job.

Q: Could you talk about your final drive in regulation to send it into overtime?

BB: We went into a semi-2:00 drive. We had a pass to Redmond, hit [Jermaine] Wiggins and got down there where I thought we had a couple chances down about the 10-yard line. We overthrew Jermaine and overthrew Troy [Brown]. I thought, hopefully, we were going to get it in. But again, they did a good job. They tightened up in the red area and we had to settle for the field goal. But obviously, the big play was to Wiggins going down the seam. I think they were in a three-deep zone and he spilt the seam between the corner and the safety.

Q: What did they do in the second half to slow you down?

BB: They did the same thing they did the whole first half when they stopped us

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