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Bill Belichick Post-Game Press Conference

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BB:: We just got our butts kicked today. I thought that Miami played a really good football game. We just didn't play as well as they did, not even close. We gave away a lot of points and just handed them a lot of opportunities. We handed them some points on the board, and you can't do that against a good football team. They ran the ball well. They made a couple plays in the kicking game that were big plays. Defensively they kind of stifled us. They were just a better football team in every phase of the game. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

Q: Can you assess Tom Brady's play today?

BB:: We didn't do enough on offense, with anybody. We missed guys who were open and we dropped passes. They had some pressure on the quarterback. It wasn't good enough in any area.

Q: What happened on Brady's fumble that resulted in the touchdown?

BB:: I couldn't really see it. I don't think the ball ever got up.

Q: The ability of [Jay] Fiedler to get out of the pocket and move around really seemed to hurt you. Did he do anything you didn't expect?

BB:: That's the way he plays. He got out a couple times, and they ran the ball very well. We didn't really do anything very well on defense.

Q: Did you expect them to run the ball as much as they did?

BB:: Once it got going good, sure. I was surprised they didn't run the ball more.

Q: You did such a good job on [Edgerrin] James in the Indianapolis game. What was the difference today against Lamar Smith?

BB:: Last week is last week. It is two different teams playing a different game.

Q: You knew all about the Miami defense coming into the game. Did they play the way you expected?

BB:: They played well. We gave them some opportunities that put them in good field position a couple times, and we gave them an easy seven points. We missed the opportunities we had. You have to capitalize when you do have a chance against this defense. They are well coached and they have a good scheme. They have got some good players, and they played well today.

Q: What did you think about your own defense?

BB:: It wasn't good enough. It wasn't good at all.

Q: Any word on Joe Andruzzi?

BB:: No.

Q: How about Tedy Bruschi?

BB:: I'm not sure. I know he didn't finish the game. His knee got banged up, but I'm not sure what the extent of it is.

Q: You went with [Kenyatta] Jones in Andruzzi's place first, and then you went with [Grey] Ruegamer. Was Jones just not getting the job done?

BB:: Yeah, he was in there for a couple plays. Then we thought we'd be better off with a more experienced player.

Q: With Damon Huard coming from Miami, did you think at all about making a quarterback change?

BB:: No.

Q: Brady had such a solid game against the Colts last week. Where did he have problems this week?

BB:: Offensively we broke down in a lot of areas.

Q: Where do you start off after a week like this?

BB:: We need to learn from some of the mistakes here today. More importantly I would say we need to refocus and reenergize our efforts toward a more efficient football game. We can't be turning the ball over. We can't have penalties that cost us a lot of field position. We can't be giving the other team opportunities that just make it hard for us to overcome. We can't be donors. We can't donate stuff to our opponents. We have to make them work for it. That's where it starts. We were too generous.

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