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Bill Belichick Postgame Transcript: 'Great team win for us'

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick addresses the media following the team's Week 2 game against the Minnesota Vikings.


OPENING STATEMENT:** Well, that was a real great team win for us today. We got great contributions from all three areas. The other special teams did a real great job. Stephen (Gostkowski) kicking the ball; had a couple big returns. Obviously the blocked kick by Chandler (Jones). Offensively we had more balanced attack than we had last week, which is what we needed. Had a lot of runs, play-actions, converts and big third-down converts in right area opportunities. Defensively, we had a lot of turnovers, plus the blocked kick. That's a good formula. Obviously, still a lot of things we need to work on, we are a long way from being where we need to be. We certainly made a lot of progress this week and hopefully we can go back and have another good week of practice and grind it out and continue to improve, which we need to do. It's good to come up here and see the team play as well as they did. Play hard for each other, play well as a team, good complimentary football from all three units. That's what we need to do.

Q:How do you see that play by Chandler Jones? How helpful was that at the end of the half?

BB:Huge play and we work on it every week. It's great to see it happen the way it did and see that hard work from practice pay off and become reality in the game. That's what it's all about.

Q:Win number 200. How did it feel for you?

BB:It felt good. Every win feels good. It felt real good. I'm proud of the way our team played today. We have a lot of good players. I thought our captains did a real good job this week coming off of last week's disappointing game in Miami. We got great leadership from our veteran players and our captains and our team played hard today.

Q:The adjustments that you made after the first offensive series, you know obviously I think you had Darrelle (Revis) on (Greg) Jennings most of the game, but his pick, McCourty's pick, Logan Ryan, those guys have the ability to see the football.

BB:Turnovers are huge and most of those plays were on balls down the field. They got us early in the game on some misdirection plays. The crossing route and then crossing route back to the tight end, off the play-action for the touchdown. We need to do a little better job on staying home and defending our areas and not over pursuing. We kind of got caught on that on the first drive and that isn't good. They had a good group of plays and we weren't able to execute them all, had some good cover.

Q:With your offensive line and Stevan Ridley, 100 yards today, and also just the offensive line and bouncing back and the job they did.

BB:Josh (McDaniels) and the offensive staff did a great job with the game plan. We had some good opportunities from the ball and set up some play action passes. We weren't in a lot of long yarded situations. There were some with penalties but we didn't have a lot of negative plays where they were blowing up in the backfield or anything like that. I thought that the staff did a great job, our offensive line, our tight ends, James (Develin), they blocked well, Stevan (Ridley) ran hard, backs all ran well. It was good to see that and it certainly helped us in the passing game. Set ups and passing opportunities also kept us out of long yardage.

Q:I know you are all about the team, Bill, and how much NFL history means to you. You are the sixth coach in the NFL history to hit the 200 win mark in a regular season. What does it mean to you personally?

BB:It means a lot. What it really means is that I have coached a lot of good football players, they win the game. Players win games and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to coach a lot of great players. That's really about them winning games. Certainly an honor to have my name thrown in there with some of those guys. I'd say really all of them, other than Curley Lambeau, I have looked up to as a kid and admired and maybe borderlined worshiped. As an NFL coach, I certainly never got into coaching expecting that to ever happen. It is very gratifying to reach that milestone. What it really says is that I have coached a lot of really great players.

Q:You're the sixth coach in NFL history to hit the 200 win mark in the regular season, what does that mean to you personally?

BB:It means a lot but what is really means that I have coached a lot of good football players. Those are the guys that win the games. Players win games in this league. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to coach a lot of great players and so that's really about them winning the games. It's certainly an honor to have my name thrown in there with some of those guys. Really of them, I looked up to as a kid and admired and maybe borderline worshiped. I certainly never got into coaching thinking expecting that to ever happen so it is very gratifying to reach that milestone but what it really says is that I have had a lot of good players. That is really what it says.

Q:Defensively, the tackling seemed a lot more sure this week is that a point of emphasis going forward?

BB:Absolutely, blocking and tackling were the two biggest points of emphasis this week and I think we did improve. We can still do better but taking care of the ball, turning the ball over, blocking, and tackling, those are the fundamentals we need to do well in. Obviously we had too many penalties which again negated some good plays and gave them extra opportunities so we have to do a better job on the penalty front but I thought the fundamentals of blocking, tackling, turnovers, ball security, ball protection, and running with the ball. I thought our blocks ran well, our receivers ran well, Julian on the returns, so we made some plays with the ball in our hands.

Q:Special teams wise, punting unit seemed better with long punts inside the ten a couple times.

BB:I thought our special teams really responded and this is a huge challenge with Sherels and Patterson as the top return tandem in the league last year. Those two guys are great and Walsh is a good kicker. They have real good special teams units, Joe Marciano is an excellent coach and Mike Priefer, whoever you want to call it. We knew it was a big challenge to come here with their units, their specialists, the production they have had in their past and the schemes that they have had but our guys really met the challenge. (Matthew) Slater and our specialists Julian (Edelman), Danny (Amendola), Ryan (Allen), Steve (Gostkowski), those guys they played well and anytime your specialists play well then there is a good chance your special teams is going to play well. Those guys did a nice job and we downed some punts inside the twenty and gave us an opportunity for good field position.

Q:How do you feel Skinner played with Collins being deactivated?

BB:We will see. There were probably some things that were okay and there were probably some other things that we need to sharpen up on. We felt like we had to make a move just for the beginning with Jamie (Collins) not being able to go. Deontae (Skinner) has had a couple good weeks on the practice squad and in practice. It is an opportunity for him and I think he was mentally ready to take advantage of it. Sure he will get better as he continues to play and he hasn't played a lot of football for us this year.

Q:Jones seemed to have major impact game today, he won all his matchups.

BB:Chandler (Jones) has played well for us and he is a good player. Any time you can get that kind of a lead like we did, and we saw the reverse of that last week, when it was a one dimensional game and those guys can just do their thing, teeing off on the quarterback and all that, that's a defensive lineman's dream. We were able to capitalize on it and get some pressure on the quarterback but our ability to make plays to get a hit and to create that situation really had a lot to do with it to. He did a good job. We got good pass rush from all those guys; Rob (Ninkovich), Chandler (Jones), (Don'ta) Hightower, (Dominique) Easley.

Q:Rough week in the NFL, what can you guys do to move forward and make things better?

BB: I think we need to do what we always do and that's take care of our job, do our job and try and do it well. That's what we will focus on and continue to focus on. We really can't control anything outside of what we do. We just have to do the best that we can and leave all those other things to the process. It is certainly unfortunate, I have a lot of personal respect for Adrian (Peterson) and Ray (Rice).The whole situation is really unfortunate and the events of what happened. We all know what that is so it is just an unfortunate situation.

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