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Bill Belichick Press Conf.

Foxboro Stadium, Foxborough, MABill Belichick speaks to the press.



            **B:** Obviously this is a disappointing outcome for us this afternoon. I will try to hit on as many things as I think you probably want to know about as I can. First of all we obviously missed some opportunities. It was one of those games where it was kind of a little bit different kind of game, some of the things that happened in that game haven't happened a lot this year, but obviously we missed an opportunity down there on the goal and threw a ball that shouldn't have been thrown. Defensively we had a couple of errors at the end of the game where McDaniel got down the seam and we had an interference call that was basically because Ty (Law) wasn't looking back for the ball and that was the call, he had his hands on (Eric) Moulds. Drew (Bledsoe) probably could have gone back in the game. There were some throws that he didn't fell like he would be able to make, basically we will just have to see how the injury is as we go through the week. If he can play he'll play, if he can't play then he won't play I really can't answer what the length of his injury is, but John (Friesz) has been getting the majority of the work here the last couple of weeks and that's why he was the second quarterback. He was the most prepared to play that's why he played and I thought he did some things that certainly gave us an opportunity to win we just couldn't follow through on them. We had a lot more penalties in this game then we have been having and that is not good. That hurt our field position in the kicking game. That is something that we really haven't had all year so it obviously not what we are looking for. We had a couple of holding penalties on the offensive line which also has been an area that hasn't come up a lot, but it did today and that hurt us. Defensively we had a couple of breakdowns at the wrong time, a couple of plays that we should have played a lot better considering the amount of time we spent preparing for them, but in the heat of the game when the fur flies we just didn't play as well as we need to play it. Basically I think that is a lot of the key points of the game.  

Q: Another instance of the defense playing well for much of the game, but when you needed to make a play at the end you can't do it, how frustrating is that for you to see the defense with the caliber of players out there not be able to come up and make one play?

B: They went down and got a field goal I mean every play wasn't a successful play but they made enough to get down there so that's not what we are looking for.

Q: What was the thought process behind making (John) Friesz the second quarterback?

B: Well because we have been using Michael in some situational packages the last month or so and we have given that quite a bit of work and quite a bit of time and the production was just marginal so we had to make a decision as to how much time we want to put into practicing and preparing all those different things that are a significantly different part of what we normally do offensively and the decision was made not to put as much time into them as we had been putting into them. John through his performance in practice with the team that he was the furthest along in terms of being able to run the overall offense, whereas Michael's situation is more to run specific role type plays that are specific to him when he was in the game.

Q: Does that also explain why you didn't use (Michael) Bishop in the goal line situations?

B: Well we couldn't use him until the fourth quarter, so again it is the same type of thing. If you go into the game you either have to practice that stuff and have it available the whole game or practice it and just be able to use it in the fourth quarter is a time commitment that you don't know if that situation is going to come up in the fourth quarter or not. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't, but our decision at the bye week was to try to put more time into executing our basic offense, our runs, our play-action passes, our third down conversions and some of that extra time came from the time we had allocated towards some of the things we were doing with Michael in previous weeks.

Q: What exactly is the injury to (Drew) Bledsoe is it a break, or a dislocation?

B: I don't know, I think he jammed his thumb in layman's terms that's the way I can put.

Q: After watching some of John's (Friesz) incompletions was there any thought to bringing in Drew (Bledsoe) say in the fourth quarter?

B: No because as I said if Drew felt like he could have made the plays he would have been in there from the beginning, but he just didn't feel like he could make the throws that he needed to make. It is hard to call a game when you don't know which guy is going to be open and how the route is going to evolve and all of that. So it is hard to put a guy in there and say, 'Well just throw these two parts of the route and don't look at the other part' it is hard to do.

Q: Did you make the ultimate call for him to stay out of the game or was it a collective decision?

B: Obviously he had a major input. If he felt like he could do it he would have done it. We talked about it, we talked to the doctors, but in the end the guy it is the guy throwing the ball. If he can't throw it then believe me nobody wants to be in there more than Drew does, but I think as a player you have to make a decision as to when you can do what you are going being asked to do or not.

Q: Do you think that your defense did a fairly good job of containing (Doug) Flutie for most of the game?

B: It wasn't good enough.

Q: During the two weeks you had you said you wanted to reassess some things given the breakdowns and penalties is that the kind of performance you expected after that kind of preparation time?

B: Are you talking about offensively?

Q: In general.

B: No, I mean look we are not trying to get penalties so the one's that we have had we don't want. We want to try to eliminate those and avoid them and that's emphasized and it will continue to be emphasized. No that is certainly what we are looking for.

Q: Late in the fourth quarter when you went to the goal line you went exclusively with the run, early in that sequence you had three first downs at the one yard line you passed a number of times did you just eliminate that option?

B: I'm losing you. Are you talking about the series where we got intercepted?

Q: Right you threw it a number of times?

B: We ran it on the goal line that was the only pass we threw done there those other plays were out on like the ten yard line or am I screwed up here?

Q: There was interference once or twice, but you changed the philosophy later on?

B: Well just take a look at it, it was first and goal on the one we ran it. Then it is second and goal on the one we run it again. So now there was a penalty on that play so now it goes to first and goal on the one then we ran it again. Then there was a penalty on that play that moved it back to the fifteen or wherever it was so we are not on the goal line anymore. Now we throw it on the fifteen a couple of times and then get an interference penalty so now it is first and goal on the one then we throw a goal line pass and that is the one that got intercepted. So we ran the ball on the goal line every play except the one that got intercepted. I am just losing you on the question I am not following you.

Q: Well let me ask you then the reasons for passing there on first and goal?

B: Well because we had run it three or four other times prior to that on the goal line and didn't get much obviously there were charging pretty hard and we thought that we would get them to suck in and be able to throw the pass. Obviously it was not a good decision to make that particular throw no question about that. It was a costly turnover.

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