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Bill Belichick Press Conf.

Foxboro Stadium, Foxborough, MABill Belichick speaks to the press.



            **B:** Overall I was real pleased with the way the team came out today and responded after the Detroit game. I thought we came out with a lot of aggressiveness. We made it a little tougher on ourselves there at the end then we needed to. We had a couple of bad plays where that let Kansas City back in the game, but they have some awfully good players. (Elvis) Grbac is a good quarterback, those two receivers (Derrick) Alexander and (Tony) Gonzalez are about as good as it gets so we have got to give them credit for making the plays that they made. So overall I was real pleased with the team's effort. I thought we made some improvement on special teams. The play at the end of the half was a key play, you know (Drew) Bledsoe getting the offside penalty and Adam (Vinatieri) hitting the big kick. We got a lift on the returns from Kevin (Faulk) and Curtis (Jackson). We had some young guys step up today and I thought they played okay. (Jermaine) Wiggins was here on pretty short notice, (Adrian) Klemm played right tackle, (Grey) Ruegamer filled in there at right guard when (Joe) Andruzzi got hurt, Curtis Jackson, so I thought we got some good contributions out of some guys that we needed them from. Andruzzi and Brandon Mitchell both were injured during the game. We will have to take a closer look at them tomorrow, but they weren't able to return tonight so obviously that could be a bit of a problem, but I just don't know anymore at this point.  

Q: Can you talk about the commitment to the hurry up offense tonight? Was that also to try to minimize the pass protection situation with Klemm starting?

B: I don't know about minimizing the pass protection, we threw an awful lot, but…

Q: But you threw quickly.

B: Well we just felt like we could gain a little bit of an advantage on that and Drew called a lot of the plays and checked to some things that were very good on his part and put us in some good situations. We thought we would try to get a little quicker tempo going and it seemed like there were some positives to that. We stopped a couple of drives early with some penalties ourselves, but yes we just wanted to uptempo it a little bit and try to get the ball to the perimeter and throw the ball outside and we had some success doing that.

Q: Being that you were going with the no-huddle was that a lot of Drew calling those plays because it minimizes personnel changes?

B: I think the quicker tempo that you go at the harder it is for the defense to get to there whole defensive package and Kansas City has a very good and extensive package on defense. They do a lot of different things. They have a number of combination blitzes and all that make it more difficult for you offensively and we thought maybe we could minimize some of those things by being in the no huddle, but we really tried to keep them off-balance on the pace of the game. Some of it was hurry-up, some of it was kind of controlled tempo and some of it was actually slowed down a little bit. So we just tried to control the tempo of the game a little bit on our side rather than always staying at one steady pace.

Q: What did you expect to get out of Jermaine Wiggins tonight after just a couple of days of practice?

B: Jermaine had a good week and we had a long week to work with the extra time this week, but Jermaine is pretty familiar with this system. I went in there and saw him pretty late Wednesday night or whatever night it was that he got here and he was going through the playbook and the gameplan and I talked to him about how many things were new and you know it really wasn't that many. A lot of the terminology is the same and so forth. Jermaine picks things up pretty quick, he is a sharp kid and some of this is kind of familiar to him. So he got some good reps in practice and he looked pretty good doing some of the things that he did he in the game, a lot of those things showed up in practice like that first catch he made. It was an adjustment, that blitz adjustment that he made. That key first down got the ball down to about the five-yard line was the type of thing that we have seen him do in practice this week.

Q: How about Klemm, was it a pretty fair indoctrination?

B: Yes I think he got his feet wet or maybe fell in the deep end one way or another I don't know, but it was an opportunity for him to play right tackle and we will just see. I hope that this experience he will be able to build on and improve from it like most rookies do. The first one is usually the toughest one, but he was up against a real good player tonight and I think he did some good things, but I am sure there is a lot of room for improvement too.

Q: Are you concerned with how close you guys came to not closing this one out or are you of the mind that at 3-9 the fact that you did close it out is more important?

B: Well I thought that we did enough things in the game to deserve to win that's for sure, but we had a couple of crucial errors late with four or five minutes to go in the game. The turnover was a key play and that should not happen in that situation and the touchdown was where we had the receiver doubled and there was nobody with in ten yards of him so those are bad mistakes to make at that point in time no doubt about it. Luckily we were able to have a big enough cushion to sustain, but yes overall that is not what you are looking for.

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