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Bill Belichick Press Conf.

Foxboro Stadium, Foxborough, MABill Belichick speaks to the press.



            **B:** Before I talk about the game I would just like to give my thanks and appreciation to the fans for the support they have given us all year. All of the homes games, the Monday night game, this last game today on Christmas Eve, the fans have been tremendous and I really do appreciate the support they have given us. I wish we could have given them a few more wins back. I told the team after the game in the locker room on the other side is the AFC Champions and we are in last place in the AFC East we have got to close the gap hopefully. Not hopefully, but we will work hard to close that gap and be a better football team and compete with the teams that are at the top of this division. It is a similar story to other games we have had this year we couldn't finish the game, we couldn't make the key plays at the right time, Miami did and that is why they won.  

The end of the game for whatever reason the official said the game was over so there was no appeal or anything that we could do. It seemed pretty obvious that is wasn't, but in any case that's the way it was. They came back in the locker room and told us that there were three seconds left on the clock and we were going to play the last play. So we went out there the first time. We got out there and the official said it was a safety issue. Players weren't taped, they had already started to cool down and warm up and so forth that it was too much of a safety issue to play the last play so they were calling the game. So we came back in after that. I don't know how much time went by, fifteen minutes or whatever it was, they came back again and said that this time they were going to finish the game and they gave the players a chance to warm up and get loose to try to avoid the safety issue. That there were three seconds left in the game and that we were going to have another play. That was the explanation that I got at the end of the game.

Q: The three seconds remaining what was the explanation they gave you?

B: I don't know.

Q: Was it an incomplete pass?

B: I am not sure exactly, there were three seconds left and yes I guess so. It looked like an incomplete pass to me, but you would really have to ask them the specific ruling. The main thing I was concerned about was the time on the clock and I talked to officials about it going off the field and they said that time had expired. You would have to ask them exactly what they called on that. Are you talking about the seven-second play or the nine second play whatever it was? Yes you would have to talk to them about that. I really didn't specifically get into the ruling on that play.

Q: They called you out to play it and then they told that they weren't?

B: That is correct.

Q: What did they say to you when they first called you out?

B: What I just said they said. That was the explanation I just gave. They came into the locker room after the game. The game was over. I talked to the official coming off the field and he said, 'The game is over' and I said, 'That is an incomplete pass there is time left on the clock.' He said, 'Well it wasn't ruled that way and there is no time left on the clock. The game is over.' So we walked off the field. We walked into the locker room. We were in the locker room, the officials came into the locker room and said, 'There are three seconds left on the clock we are going to play another play.' At that point I got the team together and I thought that was the way the game should have ended. So I got the team together and we walked out on the field. We got out on the field and I talked to Johnny (Grier) and Johnny said, 'Well there are three seconds left and there should be another play, but we are not going to have another play for safety reasons. Players aren't taped, some of us started to already cooled down, we are not going to be bale to get this thing done for safety reasons so therefore we are not going to have a final play.' So the game now is over just like it was a few minutes before that and we came back into the locker room. We were in the locker room and then the officials came to the door a second time and they said, 'We are going to play the game there is one more play.' I said, 'Look we have already been through this once and you told me we were not going to play because of safety reasons.' 'Well we have changed our minds. Now we are going to give the players a chance to warm up and we are going to play the play and we will do whatever we have to do to do it. So if you guys need to get re-taped or whatever it is, once everybody is out there then we will play it, but we have one more play in this game and we have to play it.' So at that point we got everybody together and we walked out on the field and played the final play. That is what happened. I can't give it to you any differently because that is the only way I know it. That is the only way it happened.

Q: Have you ever been called out on the field before after a game?

B: I have never seen a game end like that one before, no.

Q: Safe to say that it is one of the most bizarre endings you have been associated with?

B: I would put it up there, yes.

Q: Did it have something to do with a league edict that they were called and said that they had to run the play?

B: I told you everything that I know. I am not trying to hide anything from you. I am not trying to make anything up. I am not trying to do anything I am just telling you what I know. I obviously don't know everything that happened. All I know is what they told us. You would have to ask them how they called the last play, why they told us what they told us, why they changed their minds and all of that, I really can't answer any of those questions. I don't know what the answers are. You would have to ask somebody that made those decisions. I just handled the team and directed the team as those situations came up. I am sorry I can't help you any more than that, but that is all that I know.

Q: Do you take solace in the way the team has played the last couple of weeks?

B: I am not happy with the way it came out today. I was a lot happier with it last week against Buffalo, but we had plenty of opportunities to win today and we didn't win so I am not happy about that, no.

Q: You talked about closing the gap, how big is it?

B: I don't know. That's a good question, that's a good question.

Q: This is a game that you could of and should of won?

B: Yes and we didn't make enough plays to win, absolutely. We didn't do it so we have got to work harder. We have got to find a way to win these games because they are certainly winnable. We gave away fourteen points in the first half, had a lead in the fourth quarter, couldn't hold the lead turned the ball over, gave up a field goal at the end, I mean we all know what happened. It was close and we are last in the division and they are first in the division and it was close, but it wasn't good enough. Coming close really is not, that is not our objective. We need to win and that is what we are here for and that is what we are going to do. I don't know how big that gap is, but we are going to continue to work and press forward and try to close it.

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