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Bill Belichick Press Conference

Coach Belichick talks about the upcoming game on Sunday from Foxboro Stadium. Click on the play button on the side to listen to the press conference.



            Q: One thing that you talked about after the Cincinnati game was giving up big plays considering the Jets have a lots of guys capable of making big plays like that is that a concern for you?  

BB: I think that's really a big concern for us. The Jets, as you mentioned, have a number of big play guys and I think that two things big things or really three big things stick out on the big plays on defense. One is missed assignments, especially in man-to-man coverage. If you somehow get screwed up and don't get on the guy, that's going to be a big play. So assignments and good overall team defense where people are playing their responsibility and not trying to take care of something else and then become vulnerable and then tackling, being in a position to make plays, but not being able to get the guy on the ground. So tackling is a big factor. The Jets use a lot of different formations, motion and things like that like they've done the last couple of years. We have to be mentally aware of it so that we don't slip up and get way out of positions and also they try to displace you and in terms of your overall team defense with different looks. Like last week they lined up with no backs in the backfield and then motioned Martin back into the backfield to create a one back set four or five times in the game things like that. So what looks like no backs all of the sudden becomes their normal offense. Tight end motion, there's a lot of that, wide receiver motion, [Richie] Anderson in the backfield, out of the backfield, some three wide receivers stuff, but those are where the big plays come from. So it's mental mistakes, it's tackling and it's team defense, taking care of your responsibilities and those are big emphasis points this week, but there are a lot of guys that you have to worry about.

Q: Is it really a West Coast offense, how different is it from last year?

BB: You said it not me. It looks very similar to what we saw them run last year. I think the running game is almost identical to what we faced last year. In the passing game I think there are maybe what you would call West Coast principles, but a lot of the play action of course comes off the running game as you would expect it to you. Some of the traditional, what you would call West Coast patterns show up from time to time, but a lot of the things are what we have seen before from the Jets, what you would expect to see Wayne Chrebet on option routes, Coles on deep patterns, Richie Anderson out of the backfield, Curtis [Martin] on screens and little angle routes and things like that. The same types of things that we have seen, call them whatever you want to call them, but those are what they are.

Q: Two-thirds of the completions in their first game were to backs?

BB: Right and Richie was a big factor in the passing game last year. The guy who didn't show up as much last week as you would normally see is Wayne [Chrebet]. Nobody has more respect for Wayne Chrebet than I do so we are not in anyway feeling that that is not a bonafide threat I am sure that he will be getting the ball this week however they have to force it in to him. Vinny will be looking for him. I can't remember too many weeks in the last five or six years where Wayne Chrebet has gone two or three weeks without being real productive. Sooner or later he is going to break loose.

Q: These passes to the backs are they dumpoffs or are they designed plays out of the backfield.

BB: I think just the normal progression. The receivers deeper and the backs shorter and Indianapolis played quite a bit of zone coverage and they ran some blitzes too where the quarterback's had to throw hot to them on the blitz zones. But early in the game, the first or second series whatever it was, Indy blitzed and Vinny had Coles on a post pattern for a walk in touchdown. So there is no doubt he will throw it there with the opportunity and even though that is where the catches were there were other balls. Believe me there were balls to Coles and balls to Wayne

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