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Bill Belichick Press Conference

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick talks to the press about the Pats' loss to the Broncos in Denver on Sunday.To read a full transcript, click below.



BB: I thought we lost to a pretty good football team out there today. We had our chances, it was a 24-20 game, and we needed one good drive to get it in the end zone in the fourth quarter and we just weren't able to do it. It was about what we expected; it was a tough football game. Mike Shanahan had some good things and gave us some problems like he always does. I think he's one of the better coaches in the league. They had a couple players step up and make some big plays. I thought we did too but we just didn't make enough of them. We made too many errors in the second half and we weren't able to come back and win it.
I think we found out some things about our team today. I think we just have to play a little bit better than we played. There's enough there to work with if we can just be a little bit more precise, a bit little more exact and execute the game plan just a little bit better than we did today. There were a lot of big plays in the game and Denver had more than we did and that's why they deserved to win.

Q: Can you talk about Tom [Brady's] interceptions in the fourth quarter?

BB: I thought Tom played pretty well. He was trying to get the ball in the end zone there and I couldn't quite see it but I obviously it didn't work out. Then we had a miscommunication with receiver and quarterback on an option route and that's the one they ran back for the touchdown.

Q: When (Matt) Light went out did you alter the offense and go with the shot gun because of that?

BB: No, we ran what we run. Grant [Williams] has played a lot for us this year, he's played both sides Whatever we can do he can do. We didn't change anything.

Q: Did you say anything to Brady to calm him down?

BB: No, it wasn't about calming down. We had a miscommunication on the option route. We talked about that. The last one was fourth-and-a-mile trying to make a play.

Q: What about the play with (Matt) Stevens on the tight end when he got up and ran?

BB: We didn't tag him down. Whether he thought he did or not, he didn't and the whistle didn't blow. It was an alert play on their part and not a very alert play on our part.

Q: You said you found out some things about your team today. What were some of those things?

BB: I thought we did some good things out there today. We didn't do enough of them to win so that's not good. But I thought we worked against a pretty good running game and we worked against a pretty good secondary and we able to put some plays up there and put some points up there. We just didn't put enough of them up. We had a couple of breakdowns in coverage and we lost the ball a couple times and that hurt us and cost us some points. Those are the areas we came up short in. Denver played well, they deserved to win, they're a good football team, but I think we know we can beat them but we didn't beat them today.

Q: Did it seem ironic at all that Brady could play so well so long without throwing an interception and all of a sudden throw four like that?

BB: I don't know, I thought Tom did a pretty good job today, I really did. There were a couple of throws we'd all like to have back but overall he did a pretty good job. He had a pretty good first half and put the team in position to win. There were a couple of plays that weren't good enough and that's not good, but there were plenty that were pretty good.

Q: Did you think the interception in the end zone he was trying to jam it in there?

BB: It was hard for me to see exactly what happened there. The play took a little longer, he stepped up in the pocket, he had a receiver coming across ... I'm not sure exactly what happened there.

Q: Did you use Willie [McGinest] more today with [Roman] Phifer in place of Mike Vrabel because he was healthier or because of the match up with Denver?

BB: Willie's done a little bit more each week. I think this is the fourth week that he's gradually improved. He was able to play longer an in different situations. I think this was the most plays he's played all year. It's gradually improved over the last three or four weeks and if he keeps getting stronger and we can utilize him we'll try to do that. He definitely was in there a lot with Phifer.

Q: He seemed like he gave you a lift?

BB: I think he certainly showed up on some plays. I can't really critique anyone's performance at this point, but he certainly made some plays.

Q: Do you think today will change Brady's approach and make him more cautious?

BB: No. I think Tom will learn like he learns from every game. He learned from plays every week - Indianapolis, San Diego, Miami, Denver - there's always things to learn from. I think he's shown that he can go out there and play with the big boys and I don't think it will change him.

Q: When [Rod] Smith came across the middle wide open on his 65-yard touchdown, it looked like Otis [Smith] and Stevens had an angle. Was there a mistake made on that play?

BB: There was a big mistake made on that play. Those are the kind of plays that really cost us in the game. When you have a receiver doubled and he catches a (65-)yard touchdown pass that's not good football. We had a couple of those plays today.

Q: In the second half it looked like Brady was having trouble finding people. What were the Broncos doing differently?

BB: I thought we had a couple of good drives and moved the ball down field. We just get it into the end zone and that's the bottom line. We didn't get it into the end zone in the red area and they were able to tighten it up in there, but I thought we were able to move the ball in the second half

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