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Bill Belichick Press Conference

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick talks about the Pats upcoming game against the Colts on Sunday.



              **BB:** We expect Drew to be out of the hospital today. As we reported yesterday he is doing better and that seems to be moving in a positive direction. We have decided not to sign a quarterback this week, we will go with what we've got. I think Tom [Brady] and Damon [Huard] will be ready to go so we will go with that. I still don't have anymore of a timeframe on Drew then what we had before, which is, I would say a two week minimum. Once he gets out we will address that a little bit further. I am not closing the door on that third quarterback, but for right now we will just stay with what we have got.  

Preparation-wise this Thursday and Friday are key days for us in terms of our preparation in the red area and the goal line and scoring zone. That was obviously an Achilles heal for us in the Jets game and an area that we need to improve. Hold on to the ball, not turn it over and work to get it in the end zone and keep them out. The Colts have been very efficient down there they have scored a lot of touchdowns and haven't been held to many field goals at all. Defensively that will be a big challenge for us as well as they run the ball with [Edgerrin] James and use [Marvin] Harrison and tight ends down there. They have good red zone attack.

Q: Do you have an emergency quarterback?
BB: Bert Emanuel played quarterback in college so he probably is our next candidate.

Q: Has he done anything?
BB: Yes he has run some scout team plays.

Q: Do you have any further idea as to whether [Damien] Woody will play this weekend?
BB: He is still questionable. He didn't do much yesterday. His neck is still a little stiff. It is getting better. He has been able to do all of the mental part of the preparation and so forth, but he just doesn't have full mobility with his neck, but it is improving and we will just have to wait until we get a little bit closer to know whether that is going to come around.

Q: How about Adrian Klemm?
BB: Yes, he is fine. I mean he is well enough to play and he has been able to do everything for a couple of weeks now.

Q: Where would you put J.R. [Redmond] in that?
BB: About where Woody is.

Q: Did he practice yesterday?
BB: He went out and tried to do a little bit. He is still slowed a little bit and I think that like Woody it will get better as the week goes on. Where it will be by Sunday I think is up in the air, 50-50 type thing. He is definitely improving. It was better than it was yesterday, which is better than it was Tuesday, but if the game was today I don't think that he would be contributing much.

Q: Did you have a really brutal practice yesterday? There are a lot of guys on the injury report.
BB: I don't think so. Who is new on there?

Q: Jace Sayler.
BB: Sayler has been playing and he can play, but his knee is bothering him and I probably should have put him on there Wednesday to tell you the truth. That is not really that new of a thing it is just…

Q: [Roman] Phifer?
BB: He's probable. He will be all right.

Q: What is Willie McGinest's situation, he is listed here with a leg injury. After the game he said it was his back. Is it his leg or his back or is it the back of his leg?
BB: I think that they are some way interrelated there. I mean he had a problem with his back and to some extent that affects the other muscles in his lower extremities. Call it whatever you want, you can call it the back of his leg.

Q: Are you getting concerned that his back problem is reaching, I hate to use the word chronic, but do you worry that it might be a continual problem?
BB: I am concerned about it because he is not out there and we really haven't been able to count on him being out there this year, that part is concerning. I don't think it is a re-injury of the back so to speak, I think it is the residual effect of the back on other parts of the body. They are definitely related there is no question about it, but the problem itself, at this point, is clearly in his leg even though it is related to his back.

Q: Is it something that maybe at the end of the season he goes through another offseason rehab or is it too early to tell?
BB: I think it is more of just a period of adjustment that his body is going to have to get used to a little bit of difference in his back and his muscles. The way that they function is just going to have to adjust to a little bit of a different state then what it was six months ago.

Q: Do you think the offense has missed Terry Glenn?
BB: I don't know, it is hard to say. He really hadn't done anything this year so I am not really sure what we are talking about. I am not sure what he would have done. I haven't seen him.

Q: When he is playing, what he brings, do you miss that?
BB: I think that when Terry was healthy and Terry was performing well he can be a good receiver in the league. I don't think that there is any question about that. Whether that would or wouldn't have been the case this year based on what he had done, I don't really know.

Q: How would you assess the four veteran receivers that you brought in?
BB: I think that David [Patten] and Troy [Brown] have both produced pretty consistently through preseason and the regular season. They both have made some plays and have been able to get open. We haven't always gotten them the ball, but I think they have done a pretty good job. I think that Charles [Johnson] started slower and is coming on. Torrance [Small], the injury has kind of set him back a little bit, but he and Bert [Emanuel] both haven't had the kind of production, well none of them have had the kind of production that Patten has had.

Q: Bert has dropped some balls?
BB: Yeah he had a couple of drops the last two weeks.

Q: Did you flop Charles from X to Y or Y to Z?
BB: Any receiver that isn't starting really needs to double up in positions. It is just not really possible to carry a backup at every position on the team. You can't do it on the line, you can't do it on receiver, you have a backup quarterback, but some people have to double up and receivers have to do that especially when you get into multiple receiver formations. When you get a three receiver set, there is probably not a team in the league that carries six receivers to the game so somebody has to double up. So anybody who is not starting is responsible for more than one position. So that would include Bert, Charles, Torrance, all of them.

Q: Is there anyway that you could imagine that Terry Glenn would be ready to play the first game that he is eligible?
BB: I really don't know. It is just hypothetical. As a coach until you see a player do something you don't know what he can do.

Q: Is it your understanding that he would return the week of the San Diego game?
BB: I really don't know. I don't know if that has been 100 percent defined or not. I think that is probably right, but I don't know if that is 100 percent right.

Q: Have you talked to him at all?
BB: You can't talk to a player that is suspended under that rule. You can't have contact.

Q: How do you feel about that rule, for example in Green Bay Cletidus Hunt is suspended. They say his problems are when he is away from the team, so now you suspend a guy and tell him to stay away from the team and he is back where he gets in trouble as opposed to staying around and working through it with coaches and team. Do you think that is a bad approach by the league?
BB: I think you bring up some valid points. It is not really my place to comment on the rules. I don't make them. We just have to abide by them just like Green Bay does, just like Oakland does, just like all the other teams that have a player in that category. We are all under the same set of rules and until the league changes them then…

Q: What is the thinking behind it?
BB: You probably need to talk to the competition committee or the people who made the rules. I would imagine that it is to maintain some type of competitive balance, but I am not really sure. Again those rules that come under that umbrella fall under the confidentiality violations. So who knows what really is going on with those players. I don't know.

Q: In Terry's case that rule doesn't really effect the situation because it wasn't like he was having deep conversations with anyone before?
BB: Look the rule is what it is.

Q: Is it safe to assume that you won't be talking to Jeff George?
BB: We haven't made any plans to talk to him. I think every player that is out there, as I have said before, every player that is out there you have to put into some category. Either you are not interested in the player, or you are interested, but you can't do anything, or if the situation changed you may be interested. I am not sure exactly what happened in Washington. I don't know the full story on that. I know that it is something that we may want to check into. I'm sure other teams will be checking into it just in the event that you get into a bind at quarterback just to know whether you are or aren't interested.

Q: This is a guy with a tremendous arm, he has jumped around from team to team, yet every coach you talk to talks about his arm, how does a guy who apparently has all of these abilities win a third of his games, you can't find quarterbacks so coaches say that can fire it like him?
BB: Again I have never been on a team with Jeff so I can't speak first hand for his play. All I can do is relate to a few times when I coached against him. I really don't think I know his personal situation as well as a lot of other players that I have been with.

Q: When you have coached against him is there anything that jumped out at you?
BB: He is a talented player. He is a talented player. I don't know that he has always made great decisions under pressure in games, but he has had a couple of outstanding years. Why those years are better than others, I don't know. When he was first with the Colts he played on teams that lost quite a few games whether he was the quarterback or somebody else was the quarterback so that might have related to the overall strength of the team. I am no expert on Jeff.

Q: The first two weeks Tom was the backup to Drew, now he is going to start. Have you seen any change in him from the first two weeks to this week or is he the same guy no matter what?
BB: I don't think there has been any real change in Tom or Tom's personality, but I think what is different is when you are the starting quarterback you need to be a little more assertive, your role has change, his role has changed. So when there is a play that comes up or a situation that comes up to make sure that everybody is one the same page, 'how is the receiver going to run this route, are we going to adjust it, or did you see this technique the same way I saw it' or that kind of thing. He is much more assertive now in making the point and making sure that he understands it. Whereas in previous weeks Drew would initiate those types of conversations or those questions or that type of thing or after a play to go over to a receiver. Not that Tom wouldn't do it anyway he just didn't have as many plays and wasn't as much in the front as was now.

Q: Does he have a more demonstrative personality that Drew?
BB: I think Tom has got a real good personality for a quarterback. He is confident, but he is not cocky. He is assertive, but he is not overbearing. I don't think he is very offensive, but at the same time he can come on pretty strong and make a point or get a point across without being antagonistic or offensive in doing it. It is hard for me to exactly verbalize how he does that, but just his mannerisms and the way he communicates, he does it in away I think is positive and efficient and doesn't turn too many people off

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