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Bill Belichick Press Conference Transcript - 6/07/2016

Q: Was the Navy coaching staff just taking everything in at practice today?

BB: They're just up here to watch what we're doing. We have a great relationship with Ken [Niumatalolo]. He's been a good friend and everything I've asked, he's always been there for me.  

Q: Is there any clarification on Joe Cardona's status for 2016?

BB: He's here.  

Q: Will Joe Cardona be here the rest of the way?

BB: I don't know. 

Q: What's important this time of year in getting new faces acclimated?

BB: Just keep making progress. Each day, just try to build on the day before. A lot of new faces, a lot of new installation, so just grind through it day by day. 

Q: Is this different for the veteran guys than it is for the rookies?

BB: No, we're all starting all over. We're all starting all over, coaches, players, everybody. It's a new year, we're all starting over. 

Q: Did everyone report to camp?

BB: I don't know. Whoever is here is here. 

Q: Is there a reason why Rob Gronkowski wasn't on the field?

BB: There are a lot of players that were not on the field. They were doing other things. 

Q: Was Rob Gronkowski expected to be there?

BB: All of our players are. They're doing other things.  

Q: What difference will his second year make in Malcom Brown asserting his leadership and maturity?

BB: The second year makes a big difference in that room. There are guys that have played longer in the league, but Malcom [Brown] has played longer with us.

Q: What does fatherhood mean to you and what does it mean to have your son, Steve Belichick, so close to you?

BB: It's really special. It's special to be able to come in every day and see him. There were certainly a lot of days I wasn't there when they were at school. I was doing my thing and they were doing theirs, so it's great to be able to see him every day.   

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