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Bill Belichick Transcript: 'Good to get contributions from so many people'

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick addresses the media following the team's Week 12 game against the Detroit Lions.


BB: **I thought our guys did a good job today, being ready to go. Any time you keep a team out of the end zone like Detroit, that's good. We were able to put some points on the board, make plays in all three phases of the game. The players played well; played very competitively throughout the game, made enough plays to win. I'm proud of the way we played. We have, obviously, a big week coming up. But it's good to get this one, good to get contributions from so many people, so many phases of our game. I thought our special teams really… again, we had a lot of penalties out there today, but made a lot of plays. We'll just keep trying to clean that part of it up.

Q:Can you talk about LeGarrette Blount coming in and stepping right in?

BB:I thought LG ran good. Yeah, I thought he ran good. He had a good week; worked hard to get ready this week. I thought he did a good job for us.

Q:It looked like the punt from Ryan Allen set the tone early in the game. Was that a big play in the game?


BB: **Sure was, [yes]. Sure was. Big field position play, yup. Yeah, I thought we had good coverage today. We had good kicking. Yup, he did a good job.

Q:Last week you ran for 250 yards. This week you threw the ball 53 times. Is that the type of versatility that a team really needs to be able to succeed in the NFL?

BB:I don't know. We just try to do what we think we need to do to win, that's all. I don't know about any other team or league trends or anything. We're just trying to win a game.

Q:Can you talk about the way the secondary played today?

BB:Yeah, I thought they played competitively, I really did. I thought Brandon [Browner] had a big matchup on [Calvin] Johnson; [Darrelle] Revis on [Golden] Tate. Those guys really competed well, [Patrick] Chung on the tight ends, [Kyle] Arrington on both the third receivers there – [Corey] Fuller and [Jeremy] Ross. The backs, our linebackers were challenged by obviously [Theo] Riddick is a good back. Yeah, played good across the board. Devin [McCourty] did a real good job in the deep part of the field. I thought those guys played well. Again, any time you can keep a team like Detroit out of the end zone, you have to feel good about that.

Q:Danny Amendola had a big kickoff return.

BB:Yeah, answered the field goal. We got good blocking. I thought Danny made a lot of yards on his own. It looked like he made a couple guys miss there around the 30-yard line or so and did a good job of waiting for the blockers, for Nate [Ebner] and I think there was another one there to catch up and get a couple extra blocks. That was a huge play obviously to answer their field goal. Then offensively we were able to finish it off. Yeah, that was a big, big play for us.

Q:Was the lack of usage for Jonas Gray discipline related?

BB:We do what we think is best. That's what we did today.


Q: **How did you try to limit what Ndamukong Suh does defensively?

BB:You have to. That guy can ruin a game; does ruin it. You have to know where he is on every play. You have to try to put – look, you can't not block him. He's right there in the middle of the defense so somebody has to block him. You try to create the best angles, matchups, scheme that you can to try to help whatever it is he's doing, which he's very disruptive. He's a great football player; tough, tough guy to deal with. [You] definitely have to game plan for him, no question.

Q:How important are the safeties over the top to muddy up the way things look for the quarterback?

BB:Everybody is important. It's team defense. Everybody is important. The rush is important, the coverage is important, the guys in the deep part of the field – it's all important.

Q:It seemed like they ran a lot of crossing patterns to try to pick or rub defenders. Is that something you guys were expecting?


The New England Patriots take on the Detroit Lions at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, November 23, 2014.

BB: **Yeah, we see it every week. Yeah, we see it every week. They got us early on Tate on a pick-wheel play. Put him in tight, pick-wheel him outside, cross him inside, pick him inside – we've seen it all year. I'm sure we'll see it again next week too and the weeks after that. Yeah, tight splits, we got a lot of that today.

Q:Were you trying to give Matthew Stafford different looks?

BB:Yeah, we tried to give them a bunch of different looks. We were in some odd front, even front. We had some linebackers up inside trying to fake it some; just trying to keep them off balance. I thought the pass rush was, you know, it's hard to get to them. They get the ball out quick; they've got a lot of great receivers. He had to scramble a couple times and that's always a challenge because he's very athletic, but I thought our pass rush was competitive and our coverage was competitive. They made a few, we made a few, but I thought we hung in there with them and that's good. [They're] a good passing team with a lot of skill, a lot of talent at the skill positions.

Q:When it comes to anticipation for a defensive back, where would you put Darrelle Revis?

BB:Revis is really good at his focus, concentration, technique, playing the ball, with his back to the ball or his back not to the ball. He has a real good sense of timing and does a good job of keeping his hands off the receivers even though he's really very close to them. When he's making a play on the ball, he does a good job of not getting very many penalties because he's good with that off-hand and doesn't use it to grab or pull or tug on the receiver. He's very disciplined, he's very focused, he has great concentration.

Q:When you're trying to figure out the best way to approach a game defensively, you had some choices on who to match him up against. It seems like he's the type of guy who gives you options. Was it a tough choice and what factors were you weighing as you drew up your plans?

BB:Yeah, I'd say it's pretty much the way it is every week. We look at who we have, who they have, where they line them up, what type of routes they run, who else is in the game, what are our matchups, what coverages do we want to run and try to put it all together. Obviously we have to do more than one thing, so you try to get a few things that fit off each other, that complement each other that maybe you can disguise and that type of thing. Each week it's different because it's a different offense and it's different people that we're matching up against. Sometimes it's two, three, four different scenarios that we work our way through until we decide which one it's going to be. Sometimes we use more than one. Sometimes it's obvious, like we all look at it and it takes about five minutes to all say, 'OK, this is how we want to play this game.' But sometimes that's not the case. These guys, they run a lot of guys on and off the field. Fuller and Ross played a lot and then the tight ends, we saw [Brandon] Pettigrew, we saw [Joseph] Fauria, we saw [Eric] Ebron. There were times when they had two backs in the game. It was a lot of different personnel groups in there and they line them up in different spots so it's a lot of moving parts. You just have to try to figure out how to handle it all. Or maybe there are some things you don't want to deal with and you find some other way to handle it.

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