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Bills Linebacker Sam Cowart Press Conference

Phone ConferenceBills Linebacker Sam Cowart speaks to the press.



            **Q:  You've been doing your job efficiently.**  

C: Yeah, me and the rest of the guys up front are doing a good job against the run. We'd like to do a better job against the pass. We're young right now, I think all of our mistakes are definitely correctable, so we make the corrections, we have a shot at finishing number one again.

Q: Is the defense where it should be to play the best it can play?

C: I think we've definitely made some improvements since the start of the season. I think like I said, we've gotten a couple things corrected, especially in the red area, we gave up a lot more touchdowns in the red area than we did last year. I think that that's a concern for us. I think if we can get a couple things straightened out, we'll be right on pace for where we were last season.

Q: Does national recognition concern you?

C: It is definitely tough. We have a lot of good players on our team and we don't get the big nationally televised games like a lot of the other media markets get. We just keep playing well, keep doing well, and when the opportunity does come where you do play on TV or you're playing against a quality opponent, you just keep showing up every Sunday sooner or later they can't help but recognize you. I think that is the case I've fallen into. I think I've gotten better each year, I think I'm definitely off to a good start this year, and if I continue to stay healthy, I think I can finish strong.

Q: Playoffs are the most important way to show all of the good players on the Buffalo Bills.

C: Most definitely. I think that is center stage. I think that is the time, if it is not a Monday night or Sunday night game, I think the next best opportunity is definitely a playoff game because everybody is watching. I just try to go out every week, whether it is against a good team or a bad team or whoever we are facing, or whoever is playing, I want to go out a play well because you never know who is watching.

Q: Do you feel you got as much attention for your performance against Tennessee as you did all of last season?

C: I definitely believe so because a lot of people started talking about my best playoff game. I think we definitely played well on defense. Both times we played against Eddie George, I think in the playoff game he did get 100 yards, but we held two-point something average and we shut him down in the first game (this season). I think that playoff game definitely set me up for this year. I just had to come into the season and just continue to play well.

Q: The Patriots are coming off the bye week to try to solve their problems, what are your views of the Patriots?

C: They definitely have speed. Anytime you have speed, you're definitely a dangerous team. Terry Glenn, (J.R.) Redmond, (Kevin) Faulk, they have a good offensive line up front, they are an inside running team, so we definitely have to go in and try to shut down the run, try to get pressure on (Drew) Bledsoe. They always play us well in Foxboro, the first year we lost down there on the last play, and last year it came down to a last-minute field goal, so it always tough for us to play in Foxboro. We're definitely in a need-win situation to keep our playoff hopes alive. We're just going down there to try to get a win.

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