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Bills Postgame Quotes

Buffalo Bills players comment on their game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, September 26, 2010.

Lee Evans, Wide Receiver(On the Buffalo offense)

"There were a lot of positives. Guys made plays. We had a chance. One thing that is disappointing is that we were down in the red zone a number of times and came away with field goals. Three times. We get a couple touchdowns earlier in the game when we were in the red zone and things may be different. Offensively we did a lot better than we did in the first two weeks. That is positive."

(On the Patriot defense)

"They play with a lot of energy. High energy. They are aggressive against the run. They have guys who can run and play pretty physical. They do a good job. They did a couple things; playing over the top a lot, trying to run guys underneath, there was a couple times they showed their depth. They did a good job playing cover 2 in the running game, trying to come down and get physical."

(On the team's spark)

"We got the running game going pretty good, moving the ball down the field a little bit and getting it in the guy's hands and try to make plays. Guys did a decent job of making plays. In the end we got to make plays at the end of the game especially in the red zone. We definitely did better than what we have been."

(On the loss)

"A loss is a loss regardless and I think there were a lot of positives to the game. One negative for us was that we were threatening a lot in that first half and we came away with field goals. We need to be able to get touchdowns in those situations. If we can do that, things may be different, but it's not a 'should have, would have, could have' game and that is the way it went. Take your hat off to them; they made more plays in the end than we did."

(On the Patriots missing a couple of defensive players)

"We knew there were opportunities to make plays so we were just trying to take advantage of them. We need to get to a point where we are consistent at making plays."

(On the team feeling energized)

"I felt like we missed some opportunities out there. We did a good job of getting it down to the red zone, and then we squandered anything we could have had in the red zone."

(On the end of the first half)

"Well, you take your hat off to them, we took the lead and they came right back and found a way to kick a field goal. I think we still played hard and we still had opportunities in that game. We just got to find ways late in the ball game to make those plays."

(On the way the ball was spread around)

"Ryan did a good job getting guy the ball and spreading it around, and getting the guys involved. He did a good job reading the defense and taking shot when he had the opportunities."

Reggie Torbor, Linebacker
(On if the Bills expected the Patriots to run as much as they did)

"No. It's not like we didn't work on it. The Patriots are known to throw the ball. It was nothing unexpected that they did, they just executed better than we did. That last drive they ran the clock out."

(On what the defense has to do better)

"Keep the other team out of the end zone. We are up and down. We have a series or two of three and out then we give up a big play. When we get teams off the field we have success, but then we give up big chunks of yards. A lot of things are self-inflicted. That is a good football team over there, they do not need any help. We make a mistake and they moved the football, they don't need our help."

Steve Johnson, Wide Receiver
(On his TD)

"It was basically a double move play and Fitz gave me the chance to catch the ball and I ended up catching it and that was basically it. I don't know, that is all I can say on it."

(On his penalty for excessive celebration)

"It was pretty childish. It was stupid of me. I got caught up in the moment. I ended up costing the team some yards. They came through but at the same time I have to be smarter than that. Coach talked to me when I came off and said I got to be way smarter than that. The guys talked to me too. It was a nice play, no doubt about that but at the end of the play I cost us some yards."

(On Ryan Fitzpatrick)

"I thought he played well, he made plays, he made some things happen. I thought he moved around well. I think he played, overall, a good game."

Arthur Moats, Linebacker(On the kickoff return for a TD)

"We had a good call on it. Everybody had a couple big blocks. I got one of the guys who was getting down, number 18 (Matthew Slater). I got him pretty good. Overall we did a good job on special teams. I'm a rookie out there just trying to make plays. I got a couple tackles out there on kick offs as well."

Dwan Edwards, Defensive End
(On the loss)

"We came here to put up some points, and defensively we didn't feel like we held up our end of the bargain. The Patriots are a good team and take nothing away from them. We cannot allow that many points."

George Wilson, Free Safety
(On the challenge of facing Tom Brady and the run for first down)

"It's tough and anytime you have good coverage, the quarterback is going to leak out and that is the nature of the game. We have to find a way to cover and account for the quarterback. We need to keep him bottled up and not allow him to escape, especially on crucial third downs. We need to keep him in third and long situations. When they were in third and manageable situations, they were able to move the chains."

(On the Bills offense)

"The offense gave us 30 points...30 points...30 points... and there is no excuse for us. We need to tackle better, cover better, and play better. We need to hold ourselves to a high standard and today we didn't perform up to our capabilities. The offense gave us everything we needed."

Roscoe Parrish, Wide Receiver(On the game)

"When the other team puts up thirty points on offense, you have to put up more than thirty to get the victory. We have to look at film tomorrow and see what we could have done better and try and point out all of the good things we did today."

(On Ryan Fitzpatrick)

"I think he did a pretty good job. We were moving the ball more and found a rhythm and that is a good thing. We put up points and I know coming into this game we were lacking offense. We pushed through the change and it is a good look so far. We still don't want to dig a big hole for ourselves. We just have to get a victory, that is the key."

(On the offense)

"Fitz did a good job moving the ball. When you score 30 points you expect a victory but it didn't go that way for us today. We have to watch film. Our coach mentioned in his speech that everyone has to do a good job. Not just one unit. That is something we have to do so we can find a way to win."

Jairus Byrd, Free Safety(On the Patriots' offensive weapons)

"They didn't do anything we didn't expect, we just need to execute better and finish our plays. I have to make plays. I have to get there and make those plays. It comes down to executing and we just need to stop the plays. It is nothing that we haven't seen all week. There was no fatigue, we just needed to stop more plays."

Rian Lindell, Kicker
(On the missed field goal)

"If you hit it then you hit it and I just didn't give it enough. I didn't approach that kick any differently, it may have snuck in or not. I guess I just didn't aim far enough right."

Kyle Williams, Nose Tackle
(On the game)

"They came out and did some things early in the game. Knowing we were in the dime package they ran the ball. We would then bring the base package in and that's when they would throw the ball down the field. We had opportunities too, there is no magical way to say it or come up with it, it just didn't get done. It is disappointing, big time. The offense did everything they could for us today and we dropped the ball. There is no other way to look at it, we dropped the ball."

Keith Ellison, Linebacker
(On the many weapons that the Patriots have.)

"(Tom) Brady does a good job at finding the receivers he wants to throw the ball to. We tried to match up with them somewhat and try and give him different looks and try to slow them down a little bit and make them think."

(On the no huddle offenses.)

"Something like that they get into a personal group that they like or they get into a rhythm that they want. They get a couple of passes and it is kind of tough to slow that down. That's stuff that we got to be better prepared for."

(On the Patriots offense.)

"They do a good job of changing up their tendencies. You know, running when they think they will pass and passing when you think they will run you have to give them credit for that."

Andra Davis, Linebacker
(On the Patriots offense)

"They just did a good job of making third down short and manageable. It was obvious that they have a lot of weapons on their team. They [were good on] first down all day, which made it easy for them on second and third down. They have an explosive team and they have good players everywhere. They kept switching the tempo up, going out there and throwing the short quick passes."

(On Danny Woodhead)

"He's a lot like having a (Wes) Welker in the back field. We didn't know a lot about him coming into the game but we saw him warming up before the game, and then after that first run you could tell he was a quick short little guy. It doesn't matter who they put back there, they are all capable."

(On wasting a good offensive performance)

"We win as a team and lose as a team. It doesn't matter. It's not about wasting anything if we go out there and put up 30 points or three points we still got to get a "W" we got to get it together. It is not one side versus the other side we are together."


Q: It wasn't the outcome you were looking for, but it was certainly the spark you were looking for. Was it better than last week? Can you talk about the improvement in play and you got some rhythm going this time that you didn't have last week?

RF: Yeah, going into this game, I think what we talked about was getting into a rhythm and keeping the offense on the field and I think we did a good job of that today. Too many field goals and obviously, the one play that killed me was the turnover in the red zone. Just a ball where Roscoe [Parrish] is open and they pick it off and then they bring it back and score. That kind of changed the game. But all you can ask for is a chance to redeem yourself and we went out and scored a touchdown, got it to within eight and the defense got us the ball back with about three minutes left and that's the situation as a quarterback that you want to be in. And I thought that was great and we were playing as a team right there, and feeding off each other. But it didn't turn out the way we wanted it to.

Q: What happened on that pick - the last one?

RF: It's one of those situations where I tried to force something where we weren't in a situation where we needed to start forcing balls. We had time and we could have driven it down the field. [I] just tried to throw it to David Nelson on a corner route and it wasn't the throw I wanted.

Q: Did the ball sail on you?

RF: The one to Roscoe [Parrish] sailed on me a little bit and we'll go back and look at it, but you know, basically, I'm not upset with either one of the decisions. You know, both throws and how they ended up were both high, which is upsetting. The throw to Roscoe, I could throw a hundred times. I could throw it in my sleep and I'm just disgusted that that one sailed high.

Q: On the touchdown to Steve Johnson were you kind of looking off to the safety?

RF: We had a bootleg out to the right and basically we asked [Jonathan] Stupar on that one to block the end to give me some time and let Stevie work his guy to get down the field. They ended up playing cover two, which is a different look than what we thought, but looked the safety off to the left and Stevie worked his guy and we had a nice connection there in the end zone.

Q: This is one of those games where the fans back home are going to say 'They showed improvements, this and that, but ultimately it's a loss.' Do you feel like that right now?

RF: Yeah, it still hurts. Every guy in that locker room hurts right now because we felt like throughout the whole course of the game, we had a chance. We had a chance to win and we came up short. You know, you can look at that, we put up points and the offense played better today, but that's not what it's about; it's about winning. And that's all those guys in the locker room want to do.

Q: In terms of plan, you guys mixed it up too. You had the run game working well enough and then you were spreading them out at times, can you talk about that?

RF: I think Chan [Gailey] did a great job today in terms of mixing it up a bit. I felt like we had them off balance at times, ran the ball effectively and made adjustments when we needed to at halftime. We adjusted some things that they were doing and we adjusted some things that we were doing, but I felt as a whole, that we had a good game plan.

Q: On the touchdown to C.J. Spiller, we hadn't seen that kind of play before...

RF: Yeah, I looked out there and basically, just thought, you know I've seen his highlight tape on YouTube, just like you guys have, so if there's one guy standing out there with him, let's get him the ball and see what he can do. He made it look easy out there. And Lee [Evans] was giving him a block.

Q: That was called, right?

RF: Yeah, that was called.

Q: Can you talk about the team feeding off each other?

RF: You know, we've all got to play well together and I think we took a step in the right direction with what we did late in the fourth quarter there and unfortunately the offense came up short, but we're going to try to build from this one. You know, just continue to get better and better each week and we need to start coming up with wins, as well. We just can't be satisfied with playing better; we have to start winning games.

Q: Can you talk about the little things that seem to always go against you?

RF: It's a tough break, you know. Going down, we think we have a first down and timeouts and we have a good chance to put the ball in the end zone and it only turns out to be three points and then they come back and get three points and it negated that drive. That's just the breaks of the game and I think that as long as you keep on playing hard, you make your own luck.

C.J. SPILLER, Running Back

Q: How did the kickoff return feel?

CS: It felt great to get it. We saw all week how they were going to play us. My job was just to read my keys and use my speed. I knew I was going to have to make somebody miss and most likely I was going to have to beat the kicker. The guys did a good job of covering him up and they did exactly what we saw on film.

Q: (On taking momentum back after that play)

CS: Oh yeah, anytime during special teams and you can get a touchdown or great field position it can swing the momentum and I think that kind of did. That's why I am back there, to either get a touchdown or give us good field position or try to swing momentum back our way. That particular play kind of lifted us up a little bit.

Q: (On the pressure to score today)

CS: We did a lot of great things today that we can walk away and be proud of. We still need to go out and correct some mistakes, but of course we wanted to get the victory, but just fell short. That was a great team we just played, so I hope this will give us a lot confidence going into another tough game next week.

Q: (On pressing the kickoff towards the outside before he hit it)

CS: That's just trying to make the guys' jobs little easier. I knew how they were and if I could just misdirect them a little bit, I know I got faith that it would be the backside cut that would be there. On the kickoff return you can't have patience, you just need to hit it and that was just me making the cut to make their jobs easier.

Q: (On the demeanor in the huddle with Fitzpatrick)

CS: I thought the whole week this was our best week of preparation going into a game and giving ourselves a chance to win, so it wasn't any surprise what we did out there today, of course we wanted to get the win. We just need to continue to build on that and do the same thing next week. Of course we are 0-3 and we aren't feeling good about it. We need to have a great sense of urgency and another week of great preparation to get another chance to go out and win.

Q: (On what Fitzpatrick brought today that he didn't bring in previous weeks)

CS: I am not sure. I would have to go back and look at the film. He did a great job operating the offense and keeping the defense off the field. He did a better job on third down. He did a great job today.

Q: What do you take from this game in your progress?

CS: It's going to be a long season. It's definitely giving confidence going into the next game with the next great opponent we got. So you know as an individual you want to get better, but you want to get those around you better. Anytime I can do that and try to position us to win, that's what I am going to do.

Q: (On playmaking abilities and team defense keying on you to open some things up for other guys)

CS: That's the goal and you know where you are a decoy. I am pretty sure that teams are going to have certain packages for when I enter the game. If I can help other guys open up, that would be a great opportunity. Anytime we can keep our defense on the field and we can stay on the field moving. That's the only thing that matters.

Q: (On needing to see the film about Fitzpatrick's spark)

CS: He did a great job out there with the offense, he did a lot of great things for sure. He can continue to get better, he still needs to go back and watch the film and see some of the things he probably didn't do well.

Q: (On catching the touchdown in the flat and seeing that he had clear sailing)

CS: Oh yeah, I saw how the DB jumped inside and I knew there wasn't anybody out there. Lee did a great job of covering up the DB and going into the game plan we knew we were going to have to make somebody miss. The safety made my job easy by jumping inside.

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