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Bishop could see time in Cleveland

With the status of several players still up in the air for Sunday's game, rookie quarterback may be included on the active roster at Cleveland.

Earlier this week, Chris Floyd, Tebucky Jones, Kevin Faulk were all listed as questionable, while Harold Shaw was listed as doubtful. On Friday, Head Coach Pete Carroll said it was still too early to determine the active roster.

"There's a chance that a couple of guys who normally wouldn't be active will be activated for this week," Carroll said. "Michael [Bishop] is one of those guys under consideration. Anybody on the 53 [man roster] is really under consideration this week."

Of the injured players, Floyd is the only one who has been able to get substantial practice in this week. Carroll said that Faulk has been able to run on the side, but whether or not he is held out will be a game time decision.

Bishop spent some time on special teams during the preseason. Also in his favor for this week is New England's opponent, the expansion Browns. Bishop electrified fans with his play making during the preseason games, and Carroll would like to see what he can do in a regular season tilt.

"I understand why people ask the questions about him. I saw the same things they saw," Carroll said. "I loved the way he played in the preseason. Drew [Bledsoe] is doing pretty good though. So it's hard to want to take him out for any reason at all. I would love to see Michael play in some games. When the opportunity presents itself, we'll hopefully get him in there. His development needs to continue. A backup quarterback can get pretty stagnant."

The development process has made Bishop make some major adjustments.

"This kid has been a warrior football player. He has been the key focal point in every game he's ever been involved in," Carroll said. "It's hard for him, and I can totally relate to him. He's got to figure out a whole new mindset. It's natural. He should be frustrated. He wants to play."

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