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Bledsoe and Bishop - Postgame Press Conf.

Quarterback Drew Bledsoe



            When you've got a rookie at right tackle, he's still learning but he seems to be doing a fairly good job for us.  I look for production from that group.  We're going to run the ball this year and I think they'll do an excellent job of pass protection.  

Q: How do you feel about that running game?

B: It's something that we are going to continue to pound on and I think this year that some of the schemes we have offensively this year, we can give our guys some advantages with blocking angles and so on. We don't just have to come in and knock guys off the ball every play. We can get certain angles on some guys, get outside and make some plays in the running game.

Quarterback Michael Bishop



            **Q:  Can you talk about the formation that you were in, especially what are other things you can do off that formation?**  

M: That's a good formation. It brings a lot of problems to the defense. I've seen a lot more things that we can develop from that offense. The more we can do with that, the better we can be in certain situations.

Q: What were your feelings the first time you used it?

M: When we first ran it, it gave me an opportunity to get the ball to the fullback. It was my decision on whether the corner would pick me up and he went straight to the tailback. Anytime you run the ball to the line and let someone else take it then it's an opportunity to cut it up.

Q: Are you going to be coming in on plays like that during the regular season?

M: I definitely think I'll be coming in during the season to help us out in different situations. That's up to Charlie (Weis), but I'm definitely up for it. It's a good opportunity for me to get in there and help the team out and bring problems to the defense with guys not knowing what direction we are going in that formation.

Q: What it is like to come into a drive that is already going?

M: Every rep that Drew or John (Friesz) is throwing, I'm going through it in my mind. Seeing myself out there and I'm always good with the snap from the center and that's where the play starts from, it's just a matter of me at any point of the game of having my mind set and just knowing what's going on.

Q: Why was the usage of short yardage installed now?

M: We have a lot of things to work on each day. You might see something different each week. It's just a matter of working hard and trying to get it the best we can get it before the game.

Q: Did you know that Bill Belichick was going to make you part of an innovative offense?

B: Bill came in and told me that I have a lot of talent and he would try to get me involved in game situations. Things have been going positively so hopefully we'll go that route. I think I'll be happy and my teammates will be happy that I got in and did something positive.

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