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Bledsoe on the state of the team

Q: Where are you guys in that pack?A: I don't know. I really don't.

Q: Where are you guys in that pack?

A: I don't know. I really don't. When we're healthy we can beat anybody. I really don't know where we stand in that picture right now.

Q: Just an injury thing?

A: We were so banged up. Maybe with all our guys we're still not the top team. But I think we're in that top group for sure. You just never really know until you get into a season what the makeup of your team is. I know we can compete with anybody. I know we can beat anybody on any given day. But whether or not we're in the top two or three teams I really don't know right now.

Q: What do you think Tim Couch is going through right now?

A: Hopefully he's having some fun right now. He hasn't thrown an interception.

Q: His first pass at minicamp got intercepted.

A: I think that number one, he has a great advantage because of the fact that Chris (Palmer) is there. And Chris will do a great job of teaching him and bringing him along and teaching him the game. And he'll also do a good job of constructing an offense that only gives him as much as he can handle. He's going through a huge change. All of a sudden being the center of attention in a professional city. And dealing with financial responsibilities. A new offense. New players. Coaching. Being away from home. All of that stuff. He's dealing with a bunch of stuff. Hopefully he and the other quarterbacks that were taken so high are taking time to enjoy this and take it all in. Because once you get into a season it can get pretty stressful. Especially if you're not going to be real good right away it can be hard on you for a little while.

Q: Did you throw the ball during minicamp?

A: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Q: Any problem with the finger?

A: No. It's fine. The only problem that I had is that I can't extend it all the way. So there were a couple of times that I was taking a snap that the thumb actually hit my finger. Damien Woody sliced my finger open with his finger nail. Throwing the ball was no problem at all.

Q: Is that something that will change?

A: I don't know. I can push it back. Whether it will ever eventually get to the point that I can do that with it, I don't know.

Q: That shouldn't be a problem throwing the ball?

A: No. Not at all.

Q: It felt the same?

A: I felt like I threw the ball pretty well. Considering I haven't thrown since November I felt like I threw it pretty well.

Q: Woody?

A: He's a big kid. For him it's just going to be a matter of whether or not he can learn the protections and the calls. And I can take a lot of that responsibility away from him and make the calls until he gets it. That was a real luxury with Dave (Wohlabaugh) and with Heath (Irwin). As centers they were so intelligent and knew the stuff so well they could make all the line calls and all the adjustments. And so I very rarely had a free guy coming. That's the big thing. He's going to have to learn to do that stuff.

Q: How did Michael Bishop look?

A: Like a rookie. Throws the ball hard. I thought that he did a good job in the camp picking up the stuff. Making the calls and making the reads. Looked like a rookie. A little unsure.

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