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Bledsoe Post Game Conf.

Foxboro Stadium - Foxborough, MADrew Bledsoe speaks to the press.



            **Q: How would you rate your performance at this point in the preseason?**  

D: I think the situation for us, especially offensively is very obvious. We did some good things today. We moved the ball and converted a few third downs here and there. We had the one big play with Kevin and we did do some good things, but if we continue to have turnovers and the penalties we are not going to score against anybody. That has been a problem really through the preseason is that we try to get something going and the next thing you know we have a penalty and it knocks us back and it makes it very, very difficult to sustain drives when you are trying to overcome the penalties and obviously when you turn the ball over you really hurt your chances. I do think that there were some positives in the game today and exactly what those are we will look at the film, but I know that we did do some things better than we have in the past but the bottom line is until we eliminate the mistakes it is going to be very, very difficult to be successful.

Q: You seemed to run a little bit more today than in ever before was that in the game plan?

D: No that wasn't in the game plan, but part of what that is, is a result of the way that their defense plays. They end up with a lot of line stunts whether slanting to one side, slanting to the other side, twisting guys on the defensive front so what that does is, and especially against a pocket passer like myself, we can do that and try to get pressure up the middle and that is what everybody tries to do against me and against us, but in their particular defensive scheme a lot of time the pass rush will breakdown and there is room out there.

Q: Would you like to see more of Faulk on first and second down, or do you think he is more effective in playing somewhat of a limited role?

D: Through the season you will see him in different personnel groups on first and second down and we intend to get him the ball a number of times in each game. How we do that, whether it is only on third downs, whether it is only running draws and screens with him, and that kind of stuff, we are going to find a way to get the ball into his hands because I think it has become apparent through this preseason that he is a guy that can make plays for us.

Q: Knowing that you plays these guys in two weeks for real as you stepped up to the line today where is your confidence, where is your mind in that department?

D: I feel good about it, I really do. As I said I think that we did enough good things today to establish that we can move the ball against their defense and we can score points against their defense, but the bottom line, as I said, until we eliminate the mistakes and eliminate the negative plays we are not going to move the ball against anybody, but I feel good about it. I am looking forward to playing them for real.

Q: How do you like (Jason) Andersen in the shotgun today?

D: Jason, yes that's nice. I mean the ball fires up there, it's a spiral, it's accurate and whether that is an intermediate solution or a long-term solution I don't know, but it awful nice to have that ball just firing up right into my hands.

Q: Was it nice to have Charlie Weis on the sideline other than up in the booth?

D: It is something that we are going to look at. I think we are going to do the same thing this next week and see how that works. I know that if Charlie had his druthers he would stay up above, but I think that with the combination of him and Belichick and with Dick Rehbein, they came to the conclusion that maybe things would work better if he was down on the sidelines. Whether he stays there or goes up above I don't know what is going to happen.

Q: Was it great to see Bruce Armstrong at left tackle spot?

D: I'll tell you what that is a nice feeling, to walk into the huddle and have Bruce Armstrong over there on my backside is a nice feeling. He is a guy, that as I have said before, I really feel is one of the greatest if not the greatest guy to wear this uniform and a guy that I have trusted my life and livelihood to for the past seven years. I have complete trust and complete faith in him and to have him back over there on my backside.

Q: Playing again two weeks, did you hold back at all?

D: As we have said all along the bottom line for us today was to try and get some production on offense. Yes, we did not show them everything, but we did what we could to try and move the ball that was the first priority. The thing that is in the back of your mind is trying not to show them stuff, but really for us today we didn't hold too much back. We came out and tried to give them some problems.

Q: Audibling…

D: I think that it can get us into better plays. Like I said, we are not going to audible all the time, but if there is an opportunity to get us out of a bad play and into a good play that seems to make a lot of sense. For the most part your plans are designed to work against whatever you face, but when you have a play that is against a tough look, you get to a good play.

Q: How comfortable do you feel with this offense?

D: We will look at the film to determine exactly what we did, what we did well and what we did poorly, but I think with this scheme and our weapons we should be able to move the ball against just about anybody. Now what am I basing this off of, I am basing it off of what I have seen from our guys, what I have seen on film, but until we eliminate the mistakes it is going to be very difficult.

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