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Broncos Postgame Quotes 11/29

Denver Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak and select players comment on their overtime win over the New England Patriots on Sunday, November 29, 2015.


On an injury update
"First off, health wise [G Louis] Lou Vasquez has got a groin. [S] T.J. [Ward] has got an ankle and [N Sylvester] Sly [Williams] has got an ankle. We won't know more until tomorrow. Obviously, they were unable to finish the game, so we had some adjustments to make and had some guys come in and do a really good job. Great win. Excited for the football team—played hard, everybody pitched in, never gave up on the situation. It didn't look good at times, but we just kept battling and found a way a to get it done, so very proud of the guys."

On why he chose to stick with the run game in overtime
"You'd like to think you can. Obviously, the field position helps you stick to it—after we get them three-and-out and get the sack—so that was a big part of it. The completion on second down kind of got us to where we could run the ball on third down. Actually, I put it in [QB] Brock's [Osweiler] hands to be honest with you. I made a double call and said, 'You get us in the best one.' And he got us in the best one. We did a great job executing."

On if it was difficult to stick to the run when the team trailed 14-0
"Yeah, it was very difficult. We're not only down 14-to-nothing. As coaches, you're sitting there working through some issues. Lou goes down, we have [G] Evan [Mathis] come in playing hurt, had to move [G] Max [Garcia], so we're trying to settle the guys down so they can play. I think that drive was we just got back in the game and just kind of kept ourselves composed right there. We preached at halftime that physical was still going to win the football game, and ultimately it did. [I am] just proud of the coaches for sticking with it. [Offensive Coordinator] Rick [Dennison] did a great job of sticking with it. The coaches did a really good job."

On the team's response to Osweiler after this win
"You know what, our team has the locker room. That's what it's all about right now. Brock did a great job. He's gotten an opportunity and he's done a great job for his team, but his team has played very well around him. What I'm so excited about right now is the fact that everybody is pitching in to us winning football games. If you're going to be as good as you can be in this league, everybody has to be involved. I think of [WR Andre] Bubba [Caldwell] making a big play. I watched us defensively, watched [S David] Bruton [Jr] play as a starter. It's about the team. Brock has done a great job, but he'd be the first one to tell you it's always about the team."

On what about Osweiler's demeanor gave him the confidence to put the play call in his hands at the end of the game
"Yeah, I mean he's very composed. He handles himself very well. Even the turnover tonight didn't bother him. He just keeps going. He has great feedback to me for a young player. He talks very well to me—'No, I don't like that. Give me this.' In the two minute drive when we took the lead, basically he had two opportunities to make big plays when they went to a certain coverage, and he made them both. You've got to give him credit. He was patient in there at the end as far as getting us in the right running plays—just very composed to get that done for us."

On the 39-yard pass to WR Emmanuel Sanders in the fourth quarter that set up the Broncos' go-ahead touchdown
"Actually, we had a play called inside that would attack one coverage, and if we got another one, the ball could go outside. We got man coverage, so he used his eyes well, kept the safety at home, made a great throw. Emmanuel played tremendous tonight. It was a great catch, too."

On the 36-yard catch by WR Demaryius Thomas in the fourth quarter and his struggles during the game
"He made a big play, and he gets a big penalty for us on the sack, which would have probably been really tough to overcome. That's what becoming a team is all about. I can sit here right now as you're asking me that question about D.T. having a rough night tonight and us having a big win—when we beat Green Bay, Emmanuel didn't catch many balls. That's what being a team is all about. You never know who is going to be called upon to make the plays, but everybody does their part. Everybody stays the course, and that's what I'm excited about right now."

On if this win proves that this team 'has the right stuff'
"We've got a long way to go. I love the way they compete. They never get down on themselves in certain situations. They continue to battle. I just think they're growing in their strength as a group because of some of the adversity that we're having—missing this guy, missing that guy, things happening, but yet they keep going. That's a positive thing in this league because this league is about overcoming adversity many, many times over, not just once."

On if the weather conditions changed play calling throughout the game
"No, they played us a certain way. They played us a certain way defensively for a period of time that was going to make us really kind of run the ball and inch our way down the field. We got played in a lot of two-safety coverage and stuff like that. We needed to have discipline in how we were playing. I don't think—it might have affected us in a few areas—there was some slipping and some things going on, but I think for the most part, we handled it pretty well."

On if Osweiler has shown the qualities needed to lead the team the rest of the season
"I think Brock is taking advantage of an opportunity. In this league, you work, you work, you work and you never know when an opportunity is going to come or how it's going to come. Basically, he's doing a great job with his opportunity, but the thing that Brock is doing the best, in my opinion, is understanding that he's on a good football team. He's staying composed and within himself and doing his job."

On what he saw from RB C.J. Anderson in the game
"I saw confidence. He was very confident. Actually, he said something to me on one of the drives down there when we had like third-and-3 `at the 3 [yard line]—'Coach, give it to me.' I love players like that. That's what you want to here. I think C.J. has gained confidence in what we do offensively as the season has gone on and should continue to gain some more."

On if he had time to refocus the team after the Patriots quick drive to tie the game in the final minute
"We were okay. I think we were disappointed that we let them go down the field. We've got to get off the field in that situation. With [DE] Malik [Jackson], I think, where they actually got the clocked stopped and then obviously they had a timeout left, but we need to do everything we can to keep them in bounds and make it tougher on them. Their field goal kicker is as good as there is in the business. I think you know you're playing a great quarterback and a great football team. You keep your composure. We did that and came back and played well."

Broncos RUNNING BACK C.J. Anderson

How he feels about beating the Patriots
"It just feels good to win, I mean, we just executed as a team. We know we're a good football team, and we know when we bring our A-game we can play on a level with anybody. It had nothing to do with the Patriots or because they were undefeated and we were underdogs. It doesn't matter who was on the field tonight, the goal was to get a W, you know, and that's what we did."

On the last play of the game
"[QB] Brock [Osweiler] changed it, I said, 'Man, this has a chance.' And as I got a toss and I just saw [T] Ryan [Harris] deep for me, and I thought, if he can get to the hole, I better be able to get to the hole. You just got to get it to the big boys up front, they pretty much create the play and got me a chance to get on the safeties and make them miss, and the next thing you know is history."

On the running game's performance
"I just think we're just executing better everywhere. We're executing. Me and [RB] Ronnie [Hillman], making the right cuts and making the right reads. I'm not saying we weren't trying to do that in the beginning of the season, but we're executing up front better. They're creating lanes for us, they're making big holes, they're making little creases, they're giving us enough room to work with and us backs and you don't need everything blocked perfectly every play. If you got something to start off on, that's something me and Ronnie can make happen, and that's what we did."

On Brock Osweiler changing the play in the overtime game-winning play
"I can't tell you what the play call [was]. I can't give you that, but I can tell you he looked, it [was] a thing he saw, it's a question you'd have to ask him. I [saw] it too in the backfield. I was hoping that he'd change it, it was an alert he had in the huddle and he made the change, and the next thing you know, the [offensive] line did the rest."

On the Patriot's defense wearing down in the fourth quarter
"I thought so. After his first touchdown, Ronnie came to me and he said, 'Hey man, you're going to grind them out and I'm going to get all the glory.' And I said, 'Hey, I'm not worried about it if we win.' We just kept picking out spots and being decisive and I just kept trying to be the punishment, especially in the cold. There's not a lot of people who want to tackle you. They start getting tired in this altitude and you can see that, and that obviously paid for us, especially in that last drive you know for [WR Andre] Caldwell to catch to get us in the end zone and put us up by three before the overtime."

On his overall performance tonight
"I just know what I can do. I try not to listen to everybody on the outside. I know my ability and I trust my ability to put me in the situation I'm in today. Like I told you before, when we executive on the offensive line, the running backs and quarterbacks and tight ends, it makes my job a lot easier, and their jobs a lot easier when we're all doing it."


On calling an audible to the winning touchdown run
"It was a check that we had worked on all week in practice. We were trying to run the ball [to the] weak [side]. They gave us a specific defensive front that we can't run that ball into, so I checked to our second play that we called in our huddle. The line did a hell of a job and [RB] C.J. [Anderson] did the rest."

On if playing in the elements was similar to Montana
"Very similar. In fact, I remember when I was a kid you would go in the backyard to play football in the winter, if your receiver didn't catch it would go into a snow bank. You would grab the ball and you had to dust off all of the snow. Fortunately, when you play in the NFL, there are guys on the sideline that dust off the snow. It was fun."

On his mindset trying to lead a comeback against the Patriots
"[Quarterbacks/Passing Game Coordinator] Coach [Greg] Knapp, our quarterbacks coach, we talked last night. One of the last things that we said before we finished meetings was that no matter what happens in the first three quarters, it's going to be a 60-minute game. That held true tonight with a little extra bonus time. There was no panic on the offensive side of the ball. We just kept going out there and doing our job one series at a time. I think, really, where the credit needs to go is our defense. Our defense played lights out. They did a heck of a job holding one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. He made some plays, but at the same time, they also kept him in check a little bit, which kept the offense in the game. We started a little slow. We started picking up momentum as the game went along. Hats off to the defense and the offense coming through in the fourth quarter."

On how he has matured as a quarterback
"I like to think that I could have changed that play my rookie year. Like I said, it's just something that we worked on during the week. We said specifically if they came out in a certain front, the run that we had called was no good. It was no good in that situation, so I just checked to the second play and, like I said, the offensive line and C.J. did a hell of a job."

On his mindset when taking the field before tying the game
"I think the first thing is just getting a positive first play. We talk about two-minute drives a lot in our quarterback room. [Some] of those things is getting a positive first play, no negative plays and then finding an explosive play somewhere in that drive. Fortunately, [WR Demaryius] DT [Thomas] and [WR] Emmanuel [Sanders] made two huge plays when we really needed those guys. We were just sticking to our rules and we were just doing what we were coached to do."

On maintaining his composure after the interception
"Something that my college offensive coordinator, Noel Mazzone, preached over and over and over again, and stuff that we hear in Denver as well, is play the next play. No matter what happens, good or bad, the previous play is over with and it's done with. That was a situation where we were early in the game. You're right, turnovers against the Patriots--you learn if you lose that turnover battle, you're probably going to lose the football game. That was one of those deals where it was a bad play. You have to put it behind you and you have to move forward."

On consistently targeting WR Emmanuel Sanders
"Emmanuel just had the hot hand. Sometimes it's all about recognizing when somebody has those hot hands. You could just tell by his body language in the huddle and how he was on the sideline that he wanted the football. When you have a guy like that who is as talented as Emmanuel is and he's calling for the ball, you're going to try to find a way to get him the ball."

On facing a Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick coached defense
"He made it very difficult for us. In the first quarter, he had us off balance a little bit. We saw some looks that we hadn't seen previously on tape. The thing that I think our offensive group did was that we stuck to our rules that we've been coached to do and we just battled through it. It wasn't always pretty, but, I think, as long as you're willing to just continue to fight and fight throughout a game you'll always hang in there."

On the importance of being a leader when the team trailed by 14
"I don't think that it falls onto one person. I think the thing that makes this football team so special is that there are a lot of leaders on this football team. There were a lot of guys communicating in that huddle. Something that I was told [when I was] very young in my football career, and it might sound a little cliché, was that the game is not over until zeros are up there on that clock. Even though it said 21-7, you just have to take it one play and one dive at a time and that's what we did offensively."

On his performances in the team's two victories
"I don't think that it has set in, but the one thing that I do know is that I know this was a tremendous team win. We couldn't win this football game if our defense didn't play the way that they did. We couldn't win this football game if our special teams didn't do what they did tonight. I think the biggest thing about tonight is that it just shows what this football team is all about. We're willing to fight until there are zeros on that clock."

On difficulties connecting with WR Demaryius Thomas throughout the game
"Sometimes in football games, it's not always going to be pretty, like I said. I was trying to get the ball to D.T. tonight. Obviously, I think the weather played a little bit of a factor into it. It was tough, but the bottom line is that D.T. made a huge play at the end of the game when we needed him most. I think that's what great players do. No matter what happens in the first quarter, second quarter, third quarter or even early fourth quarter, big players step up in big times and that's what D.T. did tonight."

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