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Broncos QB Plummer pleads not guilty

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (June 1, 2006) -- Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer pleaded not guilty to municipal charges in a road rage dispute.

The plea, entered by his attorney Harvey Steinberg, allows Plummer to skip a hearing. A trial date has not been set, Steinberg said.

Plummer was issued a summons to face a misdemeanor violation of "injure or destroy property," similar to criminal mischief under state law.

The summons was filed in May alleging Plummer was involved in an altercation April 20 with motorist Douglas Stone of Denver. According to the complaint, Plummer kicked a headlight on Stone's pickup truck and then backed his Honda Element into the vehicle.

Plummer has denied the claim, saying he was in a hurry to get to a charity event and talking on a cell phone as he drove. He said he accidentally cut Stone off, but he waved to Stone to apologize.

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