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Buffalo Bills: What they're saying

Find out what Buffalo Bills coaches and players are saying about their upcoming game against the New England Patriots.


On playing for the top spot in the AFC East...
"There is a lot at stake for both teams like you said, we can get sole possession of first place in our division and the guys on this team we have earned that. Like I said, we're looking forward to the matchup, it's always a tough one against these guys. A veteran group, an experienced group so it's going to be a good one on Sunday."
- Bills Running Back C.J. Spiller

"We want to win our division. We know if we win this game we're in first place. So our goal is right in front of us, all we have to do is take advantage of it."
- Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver Mike Williams

On Darrelle Revis...
"Darrelle Revis might be one of the best ever or the best ever, but he's definitely one of the best. It'll be a great challenge. Someone asked me the same question today. We're trying to win and they have a bunch of good players on defense, so it'll be a great test for us to see where our young receivers going against the best in the league at corner. That's how I look at it. I'm not strategically trying to do anything different. We'll just see how we go out there and play."
- Bills Head Coach Doug Marrone

On the Patriots Defense...
"They play different tendencies, and they play each team different. I'm expecting a great defense to show up here Sunday. Obviously their defense's goal is to stop the run and we just have to do a good job of countering that. It's going to be a great matchup; I'm definitely looking forward to it. "
- Bills Running Back C.J. Spiller

On playing the Patriots...
"One of the things I've always said is 'to be the best, you have to beat the best.' And when you play against the Patriots, you want to bring you're A game every time, That's just one of the things I've always tried to do when I play a team like New England. Step my game up, not change anything from week to week but do everything I can when my number is called to make a play and try to get that not-beating-them taste out of my mouth. It's one of the things that, not to say I'm not prepared every week, but when you play against a team like New England, you have to go above and beyond and that's something I value and try and to whenever I step on the field."
- Bills Running Back Fred Jackson

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