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Chandler Jones Conference Call Transcript 12/30

Patriots defensive lineman Candler Jones addressed the Miami media during his conference call on Wednesday, December 30, 2015.

First stop of the day was to Vicksburg, Miss., to visit Malcolm Butler's high school.
First stop of the day was to Vicksburg, Miss., to visit Malcolm Butler's high school. 

Q: What have you seen from the Dolphins offensive line?

CJ: They're very versatile. They have a lot of good players. Let's talk about matchups. I want to talk about Brandon Albert. He's a great player. He's tough to get around. That will be one of my toughest challenges.

Q: Do you see any other challenges going up against Brandon Albert?

CJ: Yeah, he's a guy who has long arms and he's also heavier, so that's why you can't just push him. You're got to shut a guy like that down, and he's a smart player, so it will be a tough matchup.

Q: How important is getting home field advantage in the playoffs?

CJ: We're just trying to take it one game at a time, and this is the next game up. Honestly, that's our...I feel like the key to success is just keep going at it and keep going next week, next week, next week. Never lift your head. Just keep going to the next week.

Q: What have you seen from Ryan Tannehill?

CJ: Ryan Tannehill, he's developed. He's a good quarterback. He came in with me, but he's a guy who can hurt you with his legs, so you have to always be aware of that because on film a lot of guys see him and they see him throwing the ball, but they lose track that he can run the ball, too, and that's when he can get you.

Q: What are some things the Dolphins offense does well in your opinion?

CJ: They run the ball on the perimeter very well. Lamar Miller, he's a guy who's very fast. He can take the ball the distance at any time. When you've got a guy like Lamar Miller in the backfield, you just have to be aware and you have to set the edge and try to bottle him up and keep him inside.

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