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Cheerleaders with Operation Seasons Greetings



            On November 15, 2003, Patriots Cheerleaders Alison Preston, Elizabeth Harlow, Kristin Gauvin, Melinda McGrath and cheerleader director, Tracy Sormanti, departed for Europe with the United States Air Force Reserves, as part of the Operation Seasons Greetings Tour.  In 16 days, the cheerleaders traveled in a C141 over 20,000 miles, visiting U.S. Military Troops at Lajes Field, Azores,    Aviano Air Base, Italy,    Incerlik Air Base,Turkey,   Spangdahlem Air Base and Ramstein Air Base, Germany and Lakenheath Air Base in England.  

Click here to view the photos from the trip.

Touring with the Patriots Cheerleaders was the Band of the Air Force Reserve, the USAFE band, comedian Andy Andrews and the country music sensation Restless Heart. Seven shows were performed for thousands of troops and their families. On Thanksgiving Day, the Patriots Cheerleaders visited Landstuhl Hospital in Germany, serving dinner to the injured soldiers and performing for the families and staff of that hospital. Additionally, Patriots Cheerleader Kristin Gauvin received the once in a lifetime opportunity to have a ride in an F16! After a day of training and testing, Kristin passed with flying colors! Experiencing six G's was a thrilling experience, and one that she will remember forever.

The Patriots Cheerleaders would like to take this opportunity to thank the U.S. Air Forces Reserves for the Operations Seasons Greetings experience. We'd also like to thank the selfless men and women serving in the U.S. military, protecting the freedom of the citizens of the United States of America. God bless.

Click here to view the photos from the trip.

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