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Chris Hogan, Trey Flowers and Chris Long Media Availability Transcripts 1/4

Patriots WR Chris Hogan, DL Trey Flowers and DE Chris Long address the media at Gillette Stadium on Wednesday, January 4, 2017.


(On approaching the bye week)
"No, we don't have an opponent, we don't know who we're playing, but we're still in here. It's going to be a regular week for us. We're going to focus on us and what we need to do to get better as a football team. We'll do that this week and carry that into the playoffs."

(On his overall excitement level heading into the playoffs)
"To be honest with you, a lot of people have asked me that and I don't really know. I've never experienced it before so this is all new to me. Just talking to some of the guys, the playoffs, you talk about preseason going into the regular season, the speed kind of picks up, and I've heard that from a number of guys that the playoff speed picks up a little bit more, just the level of play. It's one and done. You're playing for just the next game, so everyone is kind of playing that much harder. I'm excited to go play in this game and start preparing this week and next week."

(On what having a bye week at this time of year can do for guys)
"It's huge. We worked hard to get to this point and just to have this week to kind of get some guys healthy and recover and just focus on us as a football team, I think it will help us out a lot, for sure."

(On if the bye week gives them a chance to look back at the season)
"Yeah, I think this week we can definitely look back at stuff that we did good, stuff that we didn't do well and carry that over into this week and practice. [We will] work on some of that stuff and just start preparing for what next week is going to be like, preparing for a playoff game."

(On what his individual takeaways are from this season)
"I couldn't be happier to be in the positon that we're in as a football team. The fact that I was able to contribute throughout the year and be a part of this team - the guys in this locker room are a special group of guys, so I'm looking forward to playing in the playoffs with these guys."

(On what it means to him to be tied for the longest receiving average in the league this year)
"I've never been a stat guy. I made my way in this league playing special teams and then kind of worked my way into playing receiver. It was always just kind of doing whatever I could do and taking advantage of all the opportunities that I got. I think that's what it is. I took advantage of a lot of those big play opportunities and I was able to help the team win in a couple of those situations. I think that's what that stat says."


(On if he sensed that something changed for him midseason)
"I didn't really look at any of that. I just had my head down, focused, tried to do better and tried to make plays every time I'm out there. Maybe my role increased, I just made sure I was prepared for it. However many plays I get in a game, I make sure I'm productive in those plays."

(On how much focus is on themselves this week)
"Oh yeah, it's definitely very important to get back to the basics with the fundamentals of things; work on a lot of key things just to help ourselves and continue to grow and continue to get better even through the playoffs."

(On if they are reminded of some of the bad things they did this year during this bye week)
"Yeah, you know, it's a copycat league so you know obviously teams are going to look at film, watch film and see how teams attack this and what they were successful with, so to be able to get rid of those mistakes and fix those mistakes will be very important."

(On how much not playing much last year makes this year even sweeter for him)
"It's definitely a blessing. God gave me the opportunity to come out and play. Obviously, last year was a hard year for me. That was my first time sitting out since I started playing at seven years old, so to be able to come back and just be prepared and just be able to help my team win is a definite blessing."

(On how excited he is for the opportunity in front of him right now)
"Oh yeah, definitely excited. You dream about this since, like I said, seven years old, since I started playing football. It's definitely a big opportunity and I hope to take advantage of it."


(On how excited he is for the opportunity that's in front of him)
"I'm excited for this opportunity this week to get better. I'm excited for us to grow together even more as a team. We have an opportunity here to improve. We have an opportunity to work on the things that we need to work on. That's something that we've earned and that we need to be thankful for and take care of business this week." 

(On how different it feels to be talking to the media in January)
"Well I've talked to the media plenty in January but it's been different situations, the day after the season and all that. I guess it's not weird. I mean, listen, we've been working towards having these opportunities, so I'm just very thankful to be playing football right now."

(On his thoughts on this being his first playoff experience compared to other guys on the team who have experienced it every year)
"I think everything happens for a reason. Sometimes you might not like it, but listen, it is what it is. I've been very lucky throughout my career in a lot of ways, so whatever brought me to this point, it is what it is. I'm just going to be excited to be in the moment. Everybody earns it. These guys that have been here and have been in the playoffs before have earned it, and guys like Marty [Martellus Bennett] and myself and other guys, we just came in and tried to earn it with them, and here we are. We have an opportunity this week to get better and improve and keep playing football as long as we earn it."

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