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CJ Spiller Conference Call Transcript: 'There is a lot at stake for both teams'

Buffalo Bills Running Back Doug Marrone addresses the New England media during his conference call on Wednesday, October 8, 2014.

Q:How do you feel like Fred Jackson compliments your game in the backfield?

A:Well we both do a good job of keeping each other healthy and fresh throughout the whole game and he's just another set of eyes to listen to what he's seeing when I'm out there and vice versa so he's been a great compliment since I've been here.

Q:I know it's relatively early in the process but how has the transition gone from EJ (Manuel) to Kyle Orton?


A: **It's only been one game. Obviously the experience definitely plays a big role into what we can do. Kyle did a great job this past weekend of commanding the offense and getting us in the right situations to be successful.

Q:Do you feel like Kyle's the best man for the job?

A:That's hard to say. I'm going to let everyone else speculate that, I mean both guys are different. Obviously, EJ is still learning along the way, Kyle has been around the block for a while. Like I said, he did a great job for us Sunday and we're going to continue to try to improve.

Q:You guys last year were one of the fastest teams in terms of overall plays per game and it appears as if you guys have slowed down a bit this year. How has that transition been for the offense?

A:It's definitely been different. Obviously we want to get back to what we want to do, speeding it up and getting our tempo. Obviously we also want to make sure that everyone is on the same page and executing at a high level so hopefully we will get back to that point, but who knows.

Q:The Patriots have had three good performances against the run and two forgettable performances against the run. How have you assessed their front seven and their overall run defense?

A:I know based on our performance and what we can do against some guys or whatever, each Sunday is different. They play different tendencies, and they play each team different. I'm expecting a great defense to show up here Sunday. Obviously their defense's goal is to stop the run and we just have to do a good job of countering that. It's going to be a great matchup; I'm definitely looking forward to it.


Q: **What the feeling like up there now? There seems to be a sense of optimism not just with the way you guys are playing, but the sale of the team has gone through?

A:We're not really too focused on the outside stuff. Obviously we're happy for those guys for being able to purchase the team and keeping the team here in Buffalo, but at the same time we have to stay focused on the task at hand and that is winning games on Sunday. But obviously everybody in the building and the fans are very happy about the new ownership.

Q:You guys have the Patriots coming in on Sunday and you're playing for the top spot in the AFC East. Is this the position that you guys expected to be in before the season or is this better or worse than you guys expected?

A:Well, I mean two of our games we kind of let slip away and just have been able to bounce back from each game win or lose and put on a good performance. Obviously this week, there is a lot at stake for both teams like you said, we can get sole possession of first place in our division and the guys on this team we have earned that. Like I said, we're looking forward to the matchup, it's always a tough one against these guys. A veteran group, an experienced group so it's going to be a good one on Sunday.

Q:You excited that you don't have to get hit by Brandon Spikes anymore?

A:We have had some conversations throughout the week but I mean they still have some great tacklers; they do a great job of tackling in open space and sticking the run. It is what it is and we just have to be ready for a physical game that they're going to present.


Q: **Has Brandon brought sort of a positive attitude or a winning attitude to the team in that regard?

A:Obviously he brings a lot of experience having played in some championship games and he's been with an organization that knows how to be successful in this league and knows what it takes to be successful as far as players go. Whenever you can do that, it's always great for the other guys to have him to cherish that. We're excited that we were able to get him during the offseason. Hopefully he can continue to be a great player for us.

Q:You guys have had good, talented young receivers come through your system in the last few years, but how does Sammy Watkins stack up and compare to them?

A:Well obviously he's a great receiver. He's still learning the game and learning the system but you can definitely see that he's going to be special. He comes to work everyday, works hard, gets after his craft and try to put himself in the best position to be successful but it's definitely been a joy to watch him play.

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