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Cleeland, Saipai added at tight end

When the St. Louis Rams ' new tight end shows up to play, he'll need no introduction for the Seattle Seahawks.

ST. LOUIS (Oct. 5, 2005) -- When the St. Louis Rams ' new tight end shows up to play, he'll need no introduction for the Seattle Seahawks.

Cam Cleeland caught a game-winning touchdown, a 17-yard pass from Marc Bulger, late in the NFC wild card game last January to give the Rams a 27-20 win over the Seahawks in Seattle -- and still has the ball.

"It's painted and sitting right up in the office," Cleeland said at Rams Park. "It's going to be a keepsake forever.

"I thought it was a good way to go out. ... But here I am, back."

The 30-year-old was signed Oct. 3 to help replace Roland Williams, who tore ligaments in his right knee midway through the first quarter in the team's 44-24 loss to the New York Giants.

Bulger lamented the loss of Williams, but praised the signing of Cleeland, who had been working in Seattle with his construction firm.

"It's nice to have someone out there like Cameron to pick up," Bulger said. "He showed he can make big catches. He knows what he's doing. He's a smart player."

Tight end Brandon Manumaleuna was inactive for the Giants game with a knee injury. He is listed as questionable for this week.

Cleeland figured he would watch when the Rams (2-2) host the Seahawks (2-2). Now, he'll be dressed and playing instead.

"I'm expecting to play," Cleeland said. "I'm preparing to play, but I'll let the coaches make that decision."

However, he cautioned he needs time to get into game shape.

"I trained the whole offseason," Cleeland said. "I work out in Seattle with the Huskies. You can do everything you can off the field, but you can't prepare for practice and games. It's going to take me some time."

Tackle Blaine Saipaia will also be moved to tight end. Saipaia was pulled at right tackle two weeks ago in a game against Tennessee and rookie Alex Barron, the No. 1 draft choice, claimed the job.

"I just want to help out the team as much as possible," Saipaia said. "Now, I'm a tight end. That's where I'm at."

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