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Patriots Monday (WEEI Simulcast) Mon Jan 17 | 08:55 AM - 05:00 PM

Coach sees plenty of problems to fix

New England Head Coach Bill Belichick did not see much to write home about a day after the Patriots loss to Chicago Sunday.

The team had problems on both sides of the ball, and Belichick gave a laundry list of what those problems were Monday.



            "Offensively we dropped balls, missed some assignments, had too many penalties and stopped ourselves on practically every drive," Belichick said. Defensively we didn't tackle well enough and we gave up a lot of first and second down completions that moved the chains and contributed to too many points. We didn't make too many plays in the kicking game. It's not the way we need to play. I thought we were past that, but I guess we are not."  

With two games left, a tough season is almost over. In the limited time left, Belichick would like to see improved play from his team to finish out the season. Though they have tried everything they know to fix the Patriots problems, Belichick said he and his staff will continue to try and solve the issues facing the team.

"We are going to find a way to play better next week against Buffalo. That is what this week will be about," Belichick said. "The first thing we will do is try to correct some of the things that happened yesterday. I think the biggest problem we have is the New England Patriots, not our next opponent. When you have nine penalties on offense and have some of the coverage breakdowns that we had yesterday, and you don't handle the ball on kickoff returns and things like that those are problems that are self-inflicted. That's not really about your opponent that is really about yourself. It is hard to win when you beat yourself.

"The bottom-line is how the team functions as a unit, as a total group," Belichick said. "It wasn't very good [Sunday] and I am the one responsible for it. So I will take the blame for it. I think that is probably where most of it rests."

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