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Dan Campbell and Jarvis Landry Conference Call Transcripts 12/30

Miami Dolphins Head Coach Dan Campbell and wide receiver Jarvis Landry addressed the New England media during their conference calls on Wednesday, December 30, 2015.


Miami Dolphins Head Coach Dan Campbell

(On if he's satisfied with where things are between CB Brent Grimes and QB Ryan Tannehill) –"I'm not concerned about it. I just wanted to make sure those two are okay and I know that they are, I've talked to both of them. I know that they've talked to each other and we're off to New England now. I feel like the issue is resolved."

(On if the offense didn't complete a pass in the two-minute drill last week) – "We didn't have two minute last week. We didn't have two minute."

(On where QB Ryan Tannehill has taken the biggest steps this season) – "I feel like he's done a better job of running the offense, of getting us tempo at the line and things of that nature. I feel like his play-action throws have been better. There's a lot of things that when you're talking about the quarterback, they go hand-in-hand which means like protection and sometimes it's hard to have an honest assessment of just how good or not-so-good that he's done by that. We try to do as good of a job as we can critiquing as to when is it something that he needs to be better at? When is it something that protection needs to be better at? Sometimes you look at it "It's a bad throw, but is that because he couldn't follow through because somebody is in his lap? Or does he have time to get rid of it and he got spooked out of the pocket and shouldn't have?' I feel like as far as those things, he's had better command in the huddle, certainly everything needs to better than it's been as goes with this team, but he is growing."

(On the likelihood that they would have T Ja'Wuan James, WR Rishard Matthews, DT Earl Mitchell or C Mike Pouncey playing Sunday) – "I would say Ja'Wuan probably has the best chance to play of those guys. I can't rule all of them out or all of them in, but I would say Ja'Wuan has the best chance to play of the four."

(On where G Jamil Douglas' confidence level is after last week) – "I think he's fine, how do you judge fine? I think certainly it bothered him, but he'll bounce back, I've talked to him a few times and I feel like he'll come out of it. I feel he did a nice job today and I think he'll fine. I don't think it'll be an issue."

(On how he feels about the season coming to an end) – "I do look back and say "My gosh, here we are.' After all of that, everything that's been going on, this is the last week and you do kind of reflect back as to everything that's gone on, everything that's happened and now here we are. Other than that – I'm just like what I was when I first took over, I just want to win. I want to win a game and you've got one more, it's a good team that's coming in and I just want to go out and compete and find a way to win. That's what I want to do."

(On if he thinks the team is better now compared to the first time they faced New England) – "I think there are things that we do better. I don't think we have quite the firepower we did the first time we played them, but I do feel like we're doing some things better."

(On what they are doing better) – "I feel like we're running the ball better than we did then, that would be one, which is helping our pass game when we decide to throw it. I feel like we're getting after the quarterback, we did a pretty good job the first time when we got after him, but I do feel like that's something that we've continued to do a nice job of, pressuring the quarterback and hitting quarterbacks. Those would be things that are top of the list right now of things we do well or better than we did I should say."

(On leading the NFL in most negative rushes as a defense) –"Yeah, I mean, those things always help. I just know that from an offensive standpoint when you start out first and 10 then you lose five and it's second and 15, that's a problem. Anytime you can get (negative rushes as a defense), those help. That's what I would say. The problem is, okay that's fine but now you get into third and 10 and let them convert; or third and 12. Where it becomes valuable is when you shut them down on third down because you put them in a long situation. We haven't done a good enough job of that. Ordinarily, yeah, you'd feel really good about that."

(On the respect QB Ryan Tannehill has in the locker room) "Yeah, I feel like his teammates respect him and they will play for him. There again, you've got one more and these guys, I think, are willing to go to work one more game. You know, I thought the came out and practiced hard today so we'll see. I don't think it's as big an issue as everyone wants to make it out to be. I feel like the locker room is fine."

(On QB Ryan Tannehill's health) –"He's doing okay. I mean he's a little sore but he moved around today. He practiced and he should be fine Sunday."

(On what DE Demontre Moore has shown him) –"Energy; a lot of it. He's a guy that loves playing the game and a lot, a lot of energy, man. He's done a good job for us on special teams primarily. I mean, he's gotten in on defense a little bit. He plays extremely hard. He runs after the ball. In special teams he's been really good for us. He's been productive. You see a guy who's got a lot of potential. He needs to get bigger. He needs to get stronger. But he's got a foundation to him. (He's) definitely something to work with."

(On DE Demontre Moore's personality) –"A lot of energy. Yeah, he's an acquired taste to some. That's the thing about it. He's very flamboyant and he does a lot of stuff in your face but at the same token that's kind of what I like about him because he has so much energy. He takes that out on the field. He loves the game. He loves to practice. He loves to play. When he's on the sidelines he's into the game. You've got to love that. I don't care who you are, you love that about players when they are that way."

(On what WR DeVante Parker can do to improve on when a defensive back is standing right in front of him) –"You do what he's been doing and that's making plays. Making plays down the field, that's how you do it. Because it's starting to show up every week a little bit more. Those corners are starting to play off of him now because they are starting to feel his speed and his size. He's kind of putting off that vibe a little bit. He realizes that he's getting better so his confidence is up. the way he runs and the way he attacks his routes is beginning to show up and I think those defensive backs can feel it. And that's what happens. They start playing off of him because they are afraid that they're going to get beat deep. He just needs to continue to grow. He's working in practice and as long as he could make every route look like he's going deep and now everything is based off of that. I'm going, I'm going deep. It's on the nine route. Everything looks like that and then I hit 15 yards and now I'm bringing it in or I'm going 15 yards and I'm taking it out. It's going to be hard to cover him one on one. He's getting better. He's getting better."

Miami Dolphins Head Coach Dan Campbell Conference Call with New England Media

(On what's his general message to the team since they are out of playoff contention) –"It's just about one more week and giving it everything that you've got for one time. It's one week, it's one game and let's see if we can get a win out of this. That's the whole point, that's why you play the game. I want to go out and compete. It's a good team that we've got to play and let's see what we can do."

(On what he's seen differently from the New England defense that is different since the first time they played each other) "The biggest one is that (Jabaal) Sheard is back and he's a heck of a player. They already have a good scheme, the things that they do they've done for a long time, they make excellent adjustments during the game, they'll have a plan for us and they do a lot of things that are matchup based, which is very smart. They've got good players, they've got a lot of good players and they've got consistent players. Look we've got our hands full and we understand the issues that they're going to bring to us."

(On how much New England's offense has changed since the last time they met due to the injuries) –"Just overall not having those guys, they're not quite as explosive as they've been. (Danny) Amendola and (Julian) Edelman, they bring obviously a lot of quickness on the perimeter and they can hurt you in matchups. Not having those guys takes that away a little bit, but you've still got a Hall of Fame quarterback, you've got probably the best tight end in the league and they'll still find a way to try to run the ball. As long as you can do those things and you have those weapons, you're always going to have a chance."

(On if they brought extra equipment staff when they played in New England and why they did that) –"That was my third game, I was concerned about playing the Patriots and how we were going to beat them other than security. I don't know all of that. I'm more concerned about how we were going to play, just like I am this week, "How are we going to beat this team? What do we need to do?'"

(On what he's seen from DT Ndamukong Suh over the second half of the season) –"He's been playing good football. Since I've been put in this position and have been paying attention to him now that I oversee everything, he's been playing good football. He's been playing as good as any defensive tackle in the league. He's been very productive, he works hard, he's smart and that's about all you can ask of a guy. He's productive."

(On how Suh's impact on a game isn't always reflected in the stat sheet) – "Yeah. Just because the numbers aren't there in the stat sheet doesn't mean that he was not productive. He does so much more for us than a lot of people see. He gobbles up double teams, he does excellent in the pass game on twists where he uses up two blockers and frees up a teammate. There's a ton of stuff that he does that doesn't show up on the stat sheet."

(On what senior offensive assistant Ken O'Keefe has brought to the coaching staff) – "Yeah, Coach O'Keefe has been a great asset. He's done a really nice job for us. He's extremely smart. He's experienced. He started with the wide receivers and as the season went I moved him into the quarterback room and he's a guy that I'll bounce things off of and he's seen a lot of things. He's been a total asset as far as all that stuff goes. As a matter of fact, one of the things that we did with him or that I did with him, I wanted him to not only be in the quarterback room, but I wanted him to do more overall scouting of the opponent with everything - redzone, look at third down, look at the keepers, the boots. I just feel he's been a great asset as far as that's' concerned."

(On if having the opportunity to play spoiler to New England having home-field advantage in the playoffs provide some motivation) – "The message is "It's one week. It's one week, it's one game. Let's give it everything we've got one more time and let's go fight one more time.' I want to go out and I want to be competitive and I want to find a way to win this game. That's what we play the game for."


Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver Jarvis Landry Conference Call with New England Media

(On what the Dolphins are playing for on Sunday) –"As a team and as an organization, we want to go out there and continue to play hard, continue to play for these colors that we wear and go out there and compete for a victory. We aren't laying down for anybody or whatever they have at stake. We won't lie down. At the same time, we know it's going to be a good game, a hard-fought game, and we are excited about it."

(On if he would enjoy playing a spoiler role) –"I guess so. As much as that goes to be said about that, this team just needs a W. Our team just needs a win. As much or as less as a spoiler role, us getting a W to end the season would be a bit of a high for us this year."

(On how much it means to him that he's caught more passes in his first two seasons than anyone in NFL history) –"It's a blessing from God just to have all of the opportunities that I've had and being able to come down with as many catches as I've had. I owe it to a lot of people – a lot of different people. Like I tell the guys here lately, it's always hard to talk about your individual accomplishments when they are with losses. I try to make it less about myself, less about my individual accomplishments and more about the team. For me, it gives us that much more to look forward to next year. It gives myself that much more to be hungry about going into next year. I think the rest is just history."

(On whether there is a private competition going on with New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. about the number of receptions the past two years) –"No. Odell (Beckham), we have been friends for countless years. It's more of a brother type relationship that we have with each other. It's a competition, but it's a quiet competition, a healthy competition between us. We want the best for ourselves, but also each other at the end of the day. It makes me happy either way. I like it that it's just me and him. That's the way that it should be. And whoever at the end of this year finishes with the most catches, you get a drink or you get a handshake and it's over with. That makes training that much more intense going into next year and that much more to look forward to going into next year, also."

(On if Patriots CB Malcolm Butler or CB Logan Ryan spent more time covering him last meeting) –"It was (Malcolm) Butler. He shadowed me pretty much the whole game. I know for the first half, for sure, he did."

(On his impression of Patriots CB Malcom Butler) –"He's making plays. Coming into this season, a lot of hype was built around the play that he made in the Super Bowl, but to see him play and having to play against him, there's a lot more to him than that play. He deserves a lot more respect for his style of play than he gets just outside of that play. I think this year he has done a great job of managing guys, holding guys to low numbers. He doesn't really have a high completion percentage against him and I think that speaks volumes about him being a caliber corner in this league that should be respected."

(On how he has been utilized in a lot of different ways and if he has asked the team to do that) –"I think it came with the plays that I've made. Coming along with the plays that I've made, that came with more responsibilities and more opportunities. It's allowed myself to grow within the offense. Having changed different offensive coordinators, the new coach Zac (Taylor) has done a great job of putting me in position to make plays for this team. He's been mixing it up - putting me in the backfield, motioning me out of the backfield, motioning me into the backfield, putting me on the outside – and I think that has allowed me to elevate and make plays for this team."

(On if there is any dysfunction involving QB Ryan Tannehill and CB Brent Grimes) –"I can't speak on behalf of anybody on this matter, on that situation. Honestly, I don't want to be part of it. I'm sorry to refrain your question to Coach (Dan Campbell) and to (QB) Ryan (Tannehill), but I don't really want to be part of that topic."

(On if the team feels focused going into Week 17) –"We understand the task at hand. We understand what we have been faced with. We understand that it's been hard. It's been a battle and that battle won't end until this season is over and we try to get everything figured out in the offseason. But at the same time, I think that Coach (Dan) Campbell has come in and made the decisions that he had to make to try to get this team on the right track. We stood behind him and we still stand behind him to this day. We win as a team and we lose as a team. It obviously hasn't gone the way we wanted it to or planned for it to, but that's the beauty about this game. You go out on Sundays with an opportunity to win games and sometimes you do and sometimes you don't."

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