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Devin McCourty Media Availability Transcript 8/9

New England Patriots Defensive Back, Devin McCourty, addresses the media following Training Camp practice at Gillette Stadium on Tuesday, August 9th, 2016.

Q: How was it seeing another team out there today?

DM: It's fun. We go at each other hard for the first week and half to two weeks of being out here. Practice ran the same way, we do the same drills, but just to see another offense, see something different that we don't get to see from our offense, and just being able to hit other guys is always fun. 

Q: Are the Saints bigger or smaller and does body type change the way you play against an offense?

DM: It's a little different. They've got some big receivers, some small receivers.  [Coby] Fleener we've seen a lot of from when he was in Indy, so different guys, different positions, but it's football, so it's just good to unite as a team. I think training camp is big offense [versus] defense, but today it's just united, one team, cheering each other on, and [against] a different opponent. They range differently I think throughout different positions, but the offense is a little different so that was good. 

Q: What's it like going up against Drew Brees?

DM: One of the best. That's what I really like about this. In preseason, sometimes you get in the game and you don't know how much you'll get to see him, but for myself, going against Tom [Brady] every day and seeing that insight, how he goes into drills and does different things, then you come out here and see Drew Brees, another guy that you know knows exactly where he wants to go with the ball, knows how to move defenders. It's really just an elite level, so getting to practice against that, not just in a game tempo, but just getting to see 7-on-7, 1-on-1, seeing how he sees the field, I think it's a big advantage and can do nothing but get you better as a defensive back. 

Q: How much pride do you take in your physicality as a defense and having been able to disrupt the Saints offense as well as you did?

DM: That's a big part of what we do. I think if you watch us, you know that's something that we coach a lot here. Every guy that comes in, whether it's a starter or a guy that comes in off the bench, every guy is playing the same way and with the same mentality. I think that's something that, no matter who we play against, our offense or a different offense, this week, New Orleans, we've got to kind of get that going. I think we did a good job of coming out and being aggressive. Obviously, it wasn't perfect, but I think we came out with the right mentality that will get us better as a group and that we can work on. 

Q: Did you take notice of the battles between Malcolm Butler and Brandin Cooks?

DM: No, not really. I was on the field. We'll watch the film, but two very good players going at it, so I think that's just good work for both of them. 

Q: Is there time in these joint practices to pick the brains of some of these other guys, for example, Roman Harper who's been around the league for a long time?

DM: Sometimes. I know last year I talked to Jairus Byrd and [Kenny] Vaccaro a little bit, but we're doing so much after practice; guys are signing, guys are talking to their families. Every once in a while, especially if you know someone on the other side, you get to talk. [I was] even talking to Hooman [Michael Hoomanawanaui] just now about how they do things and the differences, so it's always good catching up.  

Q: How fast was the pace today in comparison to playing against your own team?

DM: It was a little faster. I think it's different for us because we've practiced against them. For me, this was my fourth time practicing against them, so we know they move a little faster. It felt normal just from the repetition of going against that offense that you just get back in stride in that. They just get in and out of the huddle very quickly so I think that's something knew coming in and we were ready for. We knew that was one part of it. Drew Brees does a good job getting them to the line and he's like all the rest of the quarterbacks, they like getting in line and having some time because they know every defense so they can decide different things at the line of scrimmage. 

Q: Did you see Julian Edelman go down today and what does he bring to the team when he's here?

DM: No, I didn't see that at all. He's probably one of our most competitive guys. He's tough. He does everything on the field for us; a returner, special teams, punt returner, he even played defense for us a couple of years ago. He's really a part of the heart and soul of our team, so I don't know what happened, but he's a big part of what we do here. 

Q: Why do you think the Saints and Patriots work so well together as this is the fourth time you've held joint practices with each other?

DM: Probably because of the two head coaches. You don't see fighting or anything because the two head coaches make it known that's not why we're out here. We all understand we're out here trying to get better. They're a good football team, a very good organization, and same thing here. We're all just trying to get better.  

Q: Some people think you get more out of these joint practices than you do out of preseason games as the veterans play a lot more in the practices.

DM: Yeah, I think the coaches can probably answer that better, but I know as players we really enjoy it. For once, I'm hoping [Tom] Brady throws completions, not out here like training camp hoping for incompletes and interceptions against our guys. I think that's a big part of it, the comaraderie, the building of a team, uniting together. On special teams when we're out there, offense and defense, everyone has a common goal to win that drill, win that rep. I love it just from a team standpoint.

Q: Do you expect to see two joint practices when you get your itinerary each offseason?

DM: Yeah, usually. Bill [Belichick] has been coaching for a long time, so I kind of figure he knows everyone, or knows someone he can get these joint practices together with. Since I've been here we always usually have one or two every training camp. 

Q: Does it make a difference if the joint practices are home or away?

DM: Away is kind of fun, not that we don't love our families, but when we're away, we spend every minute together. We get off the practice field and we're usually in someone's hotel room whether it's video games, grabbing lunch, grabbing dinner. It's a lot of hanging out with the guys, and all guys like guy time. 

Q: Was it great to see the coaches' Patriotism out there today in Nate Ebner t - shirts?

DM: Oh yeah, I'm mad we missed the first game, but we'll go in there and a lot of us will watch that game at 5:00 and get to cheer our guy on. 

Q: Is it cool to see the unity around Nate Ebner?

DM: Yeah, Nate [Ebner] is a very popular guy on the team. Everybody loves Nate, his work ethic and what he brings to the team. A lot of us can't wait to get in there and watch him do something that he's very passionate about. I think in the secondary, we know he talked to us about trying out for the Olympics before it even came up, so to now see it come full circle and get a chance to watch him in the Olympics is going to be a cool experience. 

Q: Will anything be different in day two of the joint practices or just more of the same?

DM: We'll find out. The coaches will let us know. I think as players, we just have to come ready to practice. 

Q: Where will you guys watch the U.S. Rugby game tonight?

DM: Probably here. I mean, you know training camp. We're here all day, all night. We don't go home much. We've got a lot of work to get done. 

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