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Do Your Bracket, Final 4: Vote for the Best Game in Patriots History


Most of the games are now complete and we're down to the Final Four of our Do Your Bracket challenge. Unlike most of the previous matchups, there were a couple of "upsets" in the regional finals.

The first came in the Bledsoe Region where the top seed – the Patriots first-ever home playoff victory in 1996 over Pittsburgh – went down to defeat against the 1996 AFC title game win over Jacksonville that took place the following week. That battle was the closest of the round with the winner earning 54 percent of the vote.

The other three games weren't quite as competitive. The Dynasty II Region saw the other "upset" with the Super Bowl comeback win over Atlanta topping the Super Bowl win over Seattle by taking 75 percent of the vote. That pair of No. 2 seeds will battle for a spot in the final.

The winner will meet the victor of the other two regions, Pre-Kraft and Dynasty I. Both saw the top seeds advance as the 1985 AFC title game win in Miami took 85 percent of the vote over the 1985 divisional round win over the Los Angeles Raiders to take the Pre-Kraft title.

The Dynasty II final saw the 2001 Super Bowl XXXVI win over the Rams take down the 2001 divisional round win over Oakland in the Snow Bowl by getting 64 percent of the vote.

So, that sets up our Final Four matchups, which are as follows:

1 SEED: 1985 AFC Championship win at Miami vs.
1 SEED: 2001 SB 36 over St. Louis

2 SEED: 1996 AFC Championship over Jacksonville vs.
2 SEED: 2016 SB 51 over Atlanta

Have fun and be sure to vote!

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