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Do Your Bracket: Vote for the Best Game in Patriots History


There hasn't been a whole lot of normal across the world in recent weeks, and that's certainly been true in the world of sports as well. While March represents the start of the NFL's new league year, it also is a time generally reserved for college basketball and its wildly popular March Madness tournament.

Obviously the scary and swiftly spreading coronavirus has put an end to all of our spectator sports for the foreseeable future, and that included the cancellation of the tournament and the brackets that went with it.

But while we all continue to figure out our new versions of normal, unveils our own version of brackets as we present the 64 greatest games in Patriots history. Just like the college world, we've broken up our tournament into four regions: The Pre-Kraft Region, The Bledsoe Region and we split the last two in half with Dynasty I and Dynasty II Regions, which consist of games from 2000-09 and 2010-19, respectively. We've seeded all the games within each region and created matchups for you to vote on.

We easily could have come up with 64 games just from the Brady-Belichick era but we wanted to do our best represent all eras of the franchise's 60 years of existence. So, take a look at the brackets and be sure to cast your votes and have your voice heard as to which games should emerge as the very best in Patriots history.

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