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Dolphins Postgame Quotes

Miami Dolphins players comment on their game against the New England Patriots at Sun Life Stadium on Monday, October 4, 2010.

Head Coach Tony Sparano

(On 21 points not being what he expected against him on special team) - "It's not what I expected, no."

(On where he goes from here with his special teams) - "We work in practice and we get better. That's what we do. We go to work in practice and figure out a way to get better."

(On whether the problems on special teams were due to coaching or execution) - "Next question."

(On the common denominator on the blocked punts) - "I would say that, well the common denominator is in both punts (last week against the New York Jets and tonight) that were blocked there was some kind of a game inside which we put on film with the last blocked punt in the other game. We put it on film; they did it again, different spot."

(On how frustrating tonight's game is) - "No, you can't overcome the two turnovers, never mind anything like that (21 points allowed on special teams). The two turnovers in the first half; those things are hard to overcome, but we come into halftime and it's 7-6. I mean between what we put out there on film today, our special teams with the way that the ball, the big plays that they had and then the turnovers and penalties; it was a mess. It's embarrassing, and these fans deserve better than that."

(On the offense moving the ball effectively) - "Yeah I mean we grinded to get back in the game, had a score. They came right down the field and scored on us quickly there and then had another one of the special teams, I think special teams blocked punt or whatever it was there. I think they fought hard to get back in it offensively, put themselves in position, but then you got into a pass every down situation and I think at that point you're kind of feeding their ego."

(On whether momentum was lost in the first half) - "I don't think so. I think the guys felt really good coming into the half; it was 7-6 coming in here and we know that we turned the ball over down there in the red area. I think the guys felt like if we stopped, stopped the penalties and the turnovers in that situation and executed a little bit better, we would have had a chance down there to maybe score. I think we were in field goal range at the time. I think we just felt like we needed to clean up our end and we went out there and the opening kickoff, they end up taking it back for a touchdown and I think that kind of deflated them a little bit, but offensively we got the ball back and started to get some things going a little bit. It's still close to within a score and just too many big ... and negative plays; you can't overcome it."

(On how Chad Henne responded to the two first half interceptions) - "I mean I thought he came out, he put us in position to get us back in the football game. I think that those things were all positives. I think he responded positively. When you're put in the game in that situation and you get a couple scores away and you got to throw it every down and you're out there and then (that) puts a lot of stress on that position. I felt like he handled those things pretty well; made some good decisions with the football and overcame one of those third and or first and thirties or whatever it was out there and got his team going again. I thought he did some good things that way. The turnovers in the first half we can't do; you can't turn the ball over like that against a good team."

(On whether this is just one bad day or is the team farther away than maybe he thought) - "No I don't think you can dismiss the first three games because of what just happened here tonight. I mean we had a tidal wave hit us here tonight with all the negative plays that we had. Going into this game we were giving up somewhere around two points a game, maybe a little bit more than that, in the special team area when you looked at the hidden yardage and you looked at some of the things that we had left out there, the blocked punt before and those type of things. Now we're in a situation here where we have three more major plays. I would say you can not dismiss what you did in the first three games predicated on this game, but there's some things we got to fix that have been consistent. Obviously this punt thing has been something that's consistent; we got to fix it. We've been working hard at it and we got to continue to work at it, the rushing defense, those kind of things. I mean we got to get better at these things. There's a bunch of areas on this football team where we need to get better."

(On whether he ever considered making a change at quarterback after the two first half interceptions) - "No, no I didn't consider making a change at all. I felt like the second interception particularly, the first interception I don't think was a very good throw. I don't think he seen it great, but the second interception I thought he seen the whole progression; that was the third part of the progression that he came back to and he under threw it. Instead of getting it out in front, he got it on the inside shoulder and the kid made a play. No I didn't consider that at all."

(On whether it's coincidental there was a punt and field goal blocked or if there was a schematic problem) - "Field goal block and a punt block? No it was two totally different things."

(On New England taking Brandon Marshall away in the first half) - "Yeah they were doubling him, which is what gave us the opportunity to get the ball to (Davone) Bess. They were doing some double with him and playing a lot of really cover two trying to jam him, do those kind of things. We moved him around a little more in the second half; we were able to get him in some positions, maybe a couple of adjustments there, and I think the guys did a good job of being able to get him the ball that way. At the beginning of the game that's what they were doing and it kind of opened up Bess a little bit for us."

(On whether there was a conscious effort to keep the Wildcat out of tonight's game) - "Well the way the game was going, I don't think it was a Wildcat game."

(On Davone Bess tonight) - "Yeah I thought he played really good. I thought Davone made some big plays in this game; he ran with the ball after the catch, made some hard catches in this game. He's a guy that for us has been a real consistent guy. You know exactly what you're going to get out of him at the game, and that's comforting."

(On going into the bye week off this type of loss) - "Yeah it's a bad taste in your mouth but we put ourselves in this position, so we're going to, we're going to have to deal with it. We're going to have to taste it now for the next couple weeks. That's the way it goes. We'll be out there, we'll practice. We shouldn't forget it; it happened to us. We need to figure out how to get better with it and that's it."

CB Jason Allen

(On tonight's game) - "You can't expect to win in this league when you play the way we did. We shot ourselves in the foot. You can't expect to win when you're playing a team like...actually no team, I don't care who you're playing, when we do the things we did."

(On kickoff return to start the second half) -"That was just one situation. We could have bounced back from that, but it was a snowball effect and the momentum shifted. We had to make a big play after the momentum shifted."

(On if they players should take responsibility for tonight's game) - "No question. The coaches are not in between the lines. There are eleven guys on that field and we are responsible. Once you step in between the lines, there are no coaches telling you what to do. The coaches do not play. They coach."

WR Davone Bess

(On the second half collapse) -"It's sad to say but we just failed to execute in all phases, offense, special teams, and defense, it's something we have to get fixed quick, fast, and in a hurry."

(On leaving points on the board in the first half) - "I felt like we definitely did, we left a lot of plays and points out there. We had opportunities to go up and we didn't finish, we didn't execute and poor decisions from everybody. We can't point the finger at one person."

(On special teams) - "That's the nature of this game, special teams will get you beat and that's something we work hard at, being fundamentally sound and we didn't do our job."

(On the difficulty of a loss going into a bye week) - "It's real hard because the taste is just lingering around in your mouth for a week and it was a division game, a big time game and we didn't do the right things necessary."

(On the opponent doing anything differently) - "Offensively we pretty much had a good feel for what they were doing, we just didn't execute. We practice all week and we came out on the wrong end of the stick "

Dolphins RB Ronnie Brown

(On tonight's performance) - "It wasn't a performance, all the mistakes that you're not supposed to make, we made them and against a team like that, they're going to capitalize. On offense, defense, and special teams we weren't playing the potential football that we are capable of playing and that is the outcome you get we came in 7-6 at halftime and had an opportunity coming out and gave them a few points, making some mistakes and just shooting ourselves in the foot and those type of teams are going to capitalize."

(On going into the bye week) - "Going into the bye week we obviously have a few days we can take advantage of and rest but, for the most part we just need to go in and look at the things we need to do as a team and look at ourselves, look in the mirror. Individuals we all need to a look in the mirror and make sure we do everything we possibly do to make this team be good and if you could answer yes then you know you're good but a performance like this, there's always things we can improve on and we got some work ahead of us."

CB Vontae Davis

(On tonight's game) - "We got a lot to correct. We got to go to work, go in the film room, see what we have to correct. It's the little stuff. You can't turn the ball over, we know that. We got to work on that."

(On the defense's play as a whole) - "We came out and we planned to win the game. It's just some mistakes that you can't control. You can't get those mistakes back."

WR Brandon Marshall

(On if a guy playing over the top in coverage took away opportunities to get you the ball) - "They did a good job of doubling me or rolling coverage to me all night, that's what we got (Anthony) Fasano, (Davone) Bess for and (Brian) Hartline, those guys did a great job of making plays when the ball came to them. I think Bess had nine catches, so that is what the game is about, you take one of us away another guy steps up."

(On if they left points on the field in the first half) - "We should have went into halftime 21-3 and we shot our selves in the foot, made some errors in the red zone."

(On if he has seen a collapse like that before) - "Absolutely. When you play a lot of football, you are going to see a lot of things like that. You don't want to be a part of it, but unfortunately we were on that side of the ball tonight."

(On how hard it is to bounce back after a game like tonight) - "It is not hard at all. I think it is fairly easy when you have a group of guys like we do. When you get hit in the mouth like we did tonight, it makes it that much easier to go back to practice [and] work hard, correct the mistakes."

(On making sure this is a rare performance by the team) -"We know what we have to do to correct it. We still have to watch film to see where we went wrong in this game. Some of them are obvious, but we just have to do a better job of being consistent and doing our jobs individually and everything will come together."

(On Coach Sparano calling the game 'embarrassing') "Embarrassing, he is right. I think it is on everybody. It goes from coaches to players, to everybody. Everybody has to make corrections and do our job better and get this thing turned around."

Dolphins QB Chad Henne

(On what a loss on Monday Night Football means to him) - "We talked about a standard of play all week. We talked about that all week, and me personally, taking care of the ball. We still had a chance to come out in the second half when we're up, but we just didn't execute and I take that on as a quarterback. I'll put that one on my shoulders and just watch the film and try to improve on it."

(On what he saw on the interceptions) - "On the first one, the deep spread, I kind of forced it and the linebacker was underneath Brandon [Marshall]. That was definitely forced. The second one, I needed to put the ball more outside. The guy made a good play. When it came down to the last one it was just miscommunication."

(On if he felt the offense was able to move the ball prior to the interceptions) - "Yeah, we were moving the ball right down the field just like we planned. The thing was my turnovers, we had some penalties in the red zone, it was just a bad performance."

(On if the interceptions cost momentum, not just points) - "Definitely. We were right down there in the red zone a couple times. Just poor decisions on my part and it definitely turned momentum on [the Patriots] side of the football."

(On when he felt the momentum of the game shift) - "It's tough to say. We have to do better on special teams and on an offensive standpoint we have to come out, not worry about what everybody else is doing and worry about what we're doing one play at a time."

(On Brandon Marshall taking responsibility for one of his interceptions) - "It shows ownership and that's the accountability Coach Sporano always talks about. That's one of our [team rules] out there, taking accountability and owning to your mistakes out there.

(On how to bounce back after a tough loss ahead of a bye week) - "It's tough. Obviously, we'll watch the film. We have off this week. We'll really just study our mistakes and try to improve each and every day this week. Good thing, we do have an extra week to get better. We'll take [the loss] to heart and it'll show true character in a lot of players—especially myself—so we'll see how we bounce back.

(On losing two consecutive divisional games) - "It's touch, but we've been in this position before. We put ourselves in this position. Looking forward, we can't say, "We have to give up now." There's still a lot more football to play.

(On having a bye week following a loss)-It leaves a sour taste in your mouth, having that extra week, but it's good that we can keep improving in practice and study the tape.

(On synching with Davone Bess)-Davone's doing a really good job in the slot even though they tried to double-cover him a couple times, he has a knack of finding a way to get open. He's becoming quarterback friendly. If he keeps getting open, we're going to keep giving him the ball.

(On not overreacting to two losses) - :You take it as it is. It's tough to swallow, but we can't just say, "It's only two games," because that's two games we lost opportunities on. We really have to come out and anticipate playing our best each game and give ourselves a chance to win. 2-2 is not where we wanted to be. We wanted to be at 3-1, have good momentum going into next week. We just have to take this loss and keep improving."

LB Cameron Wake

(On the defense's play tonight) - "We lost. It doesn't matter."

(On the second half and how it all fell apart so fast) - "You look at half time and everything is right where we want it, go end the game, close it out. One thing after another, we just had to finish, and we didn't."

(On if he felt embarrassed after tonight's game) - "It's a man's league. Everyone has to own up, be a big boy. We all messed up and it needs to get fixed. My head is still spinning. I got to get back and watch the film, but it's unexceptable."

Dolphins LB Tim Dobbins

(On the breakdowns on special teams) -"Obviously I haven't watched the film yet, but it looked like we lost containment on the kickoff and they probably did a one or two cross on the punt and I don't know. I don't know. It's tough, we got to go back and watch the film."

(On if he's ever been part of a game with two blocked kicks) - "No. This is the first and I hope it's the last. Those plays definitely impacted the game. It seemed like they drained us, but we tried to fight back and they just kept making plays and making plays."

(On if he's embarrassed by the team's play tonight) -"Yes, we all should be, especially on special teams. Regardless of who it was, we still one unit, and we let the whole team down."

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