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Draft Blog's draft blog will be going all day long so check in and see what we think about the selections and how they could influence what the Patriots do when they're on the clock.

Hoyte in a holding patternAndy Hart, 5:32 pm

It has been brought to our attention by approximately 32 NFL teams that PFW favorite prospect and N.C. State linebacker Oliver Hoyte is not worthy of a draft pick. Hey, you win some and you lose some. We hit on plenty of our projections. Everyone makes mistakes here and there. But, some team is going to get one heck of a rookie free agent steal when they sign Hoyte. I'm not totally jumping ship just yet.

What are the Bills doing?Tom Casale, 3:10 pm

What in God's name are the Bills doing? Their strength on defense is in the defensive backfield and the Bills selected three players at that position with their first four picks. Do they expect to play the Colts every week? I love Donte Whitner but to take him at eight is inexcusable. Then they select AshtonYouboty who will never be anything more than a nickel back in the third round. They have not addressed the receiver position and only took one offensive lineman - Brad Butler - later in the draft. The Bills have a lot of holes to fill but instead they decided to stock up on the one position they are actually pretty solid at. This is a franchise heading south and they're taking a Concord jet all the way to the bottom.

I don't get this onePaul Perillo, 11:39 am

Believe it or not, I've actually seen Garrett Mills play. He was extremely productive at Tulsa and one of those players who always seemed to get open and make the big catch. But I just don't get the value of taking him at the top of the fourth round. He played tight end/H-back in college but is slated to switch to fullback in the pros. Do we really need a fullback early in the fourth round? Plus, the draft books say he struggles in pass protection. I guess this could mean the end of Patrick Pass' days in New England because he seems to do a lot of the same things ... but they got Pass in the seventh round. I find it hard to believe there wasn't a defensive player (linebackers in particular) who would have made more sense.

I see Mr. Davis woke upTom Casale, 11:25 am

After sleeping through the first day of the draft, I see Al Davis woke up in time to select Darnell Bing. I would like to say I'm surprised but we all know that I would be lying. Do your team a favor, go back to sleep Al.

Belichick will never take a RB or WR earlyPaul Perillo, 11:10 am

Once and for all, can we finally put these kinds of definitive statements regarding Bill Belichick to rest? Belichick has proven over and over again that he's not afraid to do anything he feels will help the team. He would never rule out any possibilities. Running back in the first, wide receiver in the second. Some of the talking heads will no doubt start telling us how Belichick surprised us all again, but really, how surprising was it? Running backs were a major focus for almost everyone's pre-draft speculations. So they took Maroney and now we're supposed to be surprised? I don't think so. Bill never says never to anything.

Steal a great pickAndy Hart, 10:50 am

I've slept on it. I've digested it. And I still think the Chad Jackson pick early in the second round is an absolute steal. I think Jackson is the best wideout in the draft. To get him in the second round is the same as having two first round picks. I think he'll come in and compete for a starting job this summer and within a couple years will be Tom Brady's go-to guy. He has the hands, size, speed and desire to finally be the Gator wideout who actually produces in the NFL. Brady has to love this pick almost as much as I do.

It's Day 2 of the draft, do you know where Darnell Bing is?Tom Casale, 10:40 am

I was ridiculed by many of you when I called Darnell Bing a fourth-round draft pick so my question is: after the first three rounds of the draft, which team selected Bing? Of course, we all know the answer to that question is no one. If the Patriots select Bing in the fourth or fifth round, I won't mind because that's where I thought he should have gone all along. However, some of you e-mailed in and said Bing should be the 2lst selection in the draft and took a few good shots at me, so I'm just returning the favor. Enjoy Day 2 of the draft and if the Patriots select linebacker Oliver Hoyte from NC State, this will be a perfect draft.

Thomas could be a future Pro BowlerTom Casale, 10:30 am

While I didn't care for the Cowboys selection of a tight end, I think the Patriots selection of Thomas was a great pick. I view this guy as a future Pro Bowler and he now gives Tom Brady that pure pass catching tight end who can work the middle of the field. Ben Watson is more physically gifted and can stretch defenses but Thomas is one of those guys who has soft hands and knows how to get open against any defense. Basically, you're looking at Tom Brady's new best friend. I know Watson is a physical freak but I think Thomas is going to be another Jay Novacek and a 60-70 catch tight end in the future. A master first day of drafting by Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli.

Mark Bavaro isn't walking through that door TunaTom Casale, 7:05 pm

Boy, not only is Bill Parcells signing every player who used to play for him, now he's drafting guys that look like players he used to have. I love Anthony Fasano but was that really a pressing need for the Cowboys in the second round? Maybe in the third round Tuna can select someone who looks like Lawrence Taylor. What a terrible pick with tackle Eric Winston still on the board.

Great draft for the JetsTom Casale, 7:00 pm

I really like what the Jets have done today. I think they and the Patriots have had really strong drafts. New York helped solidify a terrible offensive line by adding The Brick and center Nick Mangold. I love the Kellen Clemens pick. I think he has the physical tools to become the best quarterback to come out of this draft. The Jets probably won't be in the playoffs next season but they are laying a good foundation for the future. Good job by Eric Mangini in his first draft.

White got what he deservedTom Casale, 6:45 pm

I didn't shed one tear watching LenDale White sitting there not getting drafted. Sure, he's a talented player but if you don't have enough heart and desire to be prepared for the biggest day of your life (his pro day) then I have no sympathy for you. His big celebration after getting selected 45th in the draft didn't endear him to me either. Hey fatso, you just cost yourself millions of dollars so why are you celebrating? Not a bad pick for the Titans because of where they selected him but he should save the chest bumping for when he gets on the field because his lack of drive cost him a ton of money.

Good news for PatsPaul Perillo, 5:00 pm

Seattle taking Kelly Jennings is a good thing for the Patriots. The Seahawks were interested in Ty Law (even though they've publicly stated they were backing off). My moles in Seattle told me about a week before the draft that if they got a corner in the first round it might take them out of the Law running. This could mean the Patriots would have a much better chance to get Law if they so choose.

Addai's a guyPaul Perillo, 4:50 pm

Nice job Bill Polian. I've seen Edgerrin James. I know Edgerrin James. Joseph Addai, you're no Edgerrin James. This is the classic example of making a mistake through need. Just because the Colts needed someone to replace The Edge doesn't mean they should take a second-round running back (at best) to do so. Addai may prove me wrong, and I actually think he'll be productive in the Colts offense that will surely be pass happy and have opposing defenses ignoring him, but Addai is a jack-of-all-trades, master of none in my opinion.

Baby you can drive my carPaul Perillo, 4:45 pm

Can't say enough bad things about Jacksonville's pick of Marcedes Lewis. If tight end was that big of a need for the Jags, then why not Leonard Pope? I don't like this pick at all. Hell, they might have been able to get him in the second round.

Maroney is the manTom Casale, 3:45 pm

The Patriots made Minnestota's Laurence Maroney the 21st pick in the draft. I think this is a great selection. Maroney gives the Patriots a game-breaker at running back with great speed and the kind of runner they haven't had in New England in almost a decade. Maroney has great vision in the hole and he gives the Patriots insurance behind Corey Dillon. Dillon is getting older and has battled injury problems in the past couple of seasons. Now, the Patriots don't only have a viable replacement for Dillon but a player who can be the feature back once Dillon is gone. The addition of Maroney also helps Dillon this season. Now the veteran doesn't have to carry the ball over 300 times. Expect Maroney to get roughly 10 carries a game to help keep Dillon fresh. Maroney is a great pick for the Patriots. He's a talented player at a position the Patriots needed to upgrade. Love the pick.

A Chad too highAndy Hart, 2:52

Chad Greenway was a very productive player at Iowa, that can't be taken away from him. But the PFW team just thinks he's not that good. Mike Mayock said on the NFL Network that Greenway's best football is ahead of him. We couldn't disagree more. Greenway is a good coverage guy but I think he's a role player in the league and not an impact defender. He's a lot closer to Matt Chatham than Mike Vrabel. And no one was taking Chatham in the first round. And for what it's worth, join us on PFW In Progress at 3 PM live from Gillette Stadium. It's unscripted. It's entertaining. It also might limit the blogging we do for the next three hours. So tune, listen and enjoy.

Jason Allen??Paul Perillo, 2:48 pm

Michael Irvin likes the pick ... that's all I need to know that it's a bad pick for Nick Saban and the Miami Dolphins. It's not like the kid had a pulled hamstring ... he dislocated his hip! That's a serious injury. Maybe he makes it back, but will he be back at 100 percent? That's a big risk with the 16th pick of the draft. And I just don't think he's one of the best 16 players in this draft. But I guess this is a good thing for the Patriots because that makes two AFC East rivals who have now made questionable picks. I like the Jets choice of The Brick, but Whitner and Allen are safeties that don't deserve their lofty draft status.

Rams Tye up HillTom Casale, 2:40 pm

A player the Patriots were believed to have interest in was Tye Hill but the Rams snatched him up with the 15th selection in the draft. St. Louis did a great job by trading down with Denver and still getting the player they wanted while acquiring an extra draft pick as well. Hill has the ability to be a shutdown corner and would have been a great fit for the Pats. If New England decides to go DB at 21, it will probably be Fresno State's Richard Marshall but with all the running backs and linebackers still available, the Patriots could decide to go to go in that direction instead.

One down for the PatsTom Casale, 2:15 pm

The Browns took the first OLB/DE tweener when they selected Kamerion Wimbley with the 13 selection. Wimbley is a player the Patriots could have possibly been targeting at 21. However, I feel this is good for New England because in my opinion Wimbley is one of the more overrated prospects in this draft. He looks better than he plays and wasn't consistent in college. A good player but I thought there were more talented guys on the board for the Browns at 13. I certainly don't think Wimbley is one of the top 15 prospects in this draft and Manny Lawson and Bobby Carpenter are still on the board if the Patriots want them.

Green sweeps upPaul Perillo, 1:58 pm

Arizona gets Matt Leinart at 10? If you gave that scenario to Dennis Green two weeks ago, he'd have jumped at that. Green is a quarterback maker and now he has a guy that would have been the No. 1 pick last year had he left school early. And Leinart now has top-flight receivers in Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin to throw to. I like this ... I like it a lot for Arizona.

Broncos need at QB?Andy Hart, 1:48 pm

The Broncos made a strange move here, trading up to get Jay Cutler. When did Jake Plummer's career come to and end? I am not a Plummer fan by any means, I think he's pretty over rated. I think the same thing about Cutler. He has a good arm. That's about all I like about him. I just think the Broncos could have gone in a lot of other directions that could have helped the team a heck of a lot more in 2006. I just don't really get this one. Not a need pick. Not a value pick. Just a bad pick.

Bills the first to reachPaul Perillo, 1:25 pm

OK, I like Donte Whitner ... I like him a lot. But that's a reach at No. 8. (I always wanted to say a pick was a reach for someone just to make it look like I know what I'm talking about). Whitner is a nice player who played on a tremendous college defense at Ohio State, but is he really worth the eighth pick of the draft? Plus, I would have liked to see him around later when the Patriots were getting ready to pick.

Raiders finally get it rightTom Casale, 1:17 pm

Well, someone must have given Al Davis some warm milk and cookies and put him in the corner (please don't sue me Al) because they made the right pick. Michael Huff is one of the best defensive players in the draft and will come in and help the pathetic Raiders offense right away. Great pick for the person who made it and good work to whomever is occupying Al and telling him the draft is actually next weekend.

There's no crying at the DraftAndy Hart, 1:08

I know it's an emotional day, but I'm not sure I like my top pick crying. What is this, Oprah? Cedric Benson cried and he stunk last year. Vernon Davis may look like Tarzan, but right now he's closer to Jane.

A.J. not A-OK with meTom Casale, 1:05 pm

I'm a big fan of Hawk but I think Green Bay should have traded down here. Hawk isn't going to come in and change the Packers entire defense overnight. He's a good player but the Packers have as many holes to fill as any team in the NFL. Hawk is going to be a good player but he'll be one on a bad team for the next few years. The Packers should have been much more active this offseason and on draft day because they have one of the least talented teams in the league and just adding a linebacker won't change that. Brett Favre must have taken one too many hits to the head to come back and play for this team.

Vin-sanity!!!!Andy Hart, 12:45 pm

Vince Young is a dynamic player and will be a star in the league within three years. He went right where he should have -- the top quarterback in the draft. From a Patriots perspective, Young to David Givens could be a productive duo on the horizon.

Houston, we have a problemTom Casale, 11:58 am

The Texans had one of the most dynamic college football players of the last 20 years sitting there for them to draft. So, what do they do? They do what any 2-14 team would do. They passed on him. Houston, not known as the best place in the world to reside in, became an even bigger mess Friday night when their fans were told the Texans chose Mario Williams over the explosive Reggie Bush.

Not only did the Texans pass on one of the best college players ever for a defensive end, they gave Williams – who has never played a down in the NFL – a Richard Seymour-type contract that will guarantee him over $26 million. Williams may end up being a good player but to pass on a player of Bush's ability will haunt this franchise forever.

In my opinion, the NFL should take the franchise out of Houston for being so inept. Even if Bush doesn't carry the ball 20 times a game – which I think he can seeing that Tiki Barber is one of the NFL's premier backs and is smaller than Bush – you are passing on a special talent that can impact your football team in so many different ways. There are a lot of years to trade down in the draft from the top spot but this wasn't one of those years.

Now where does Bush land? The Saints have him as the top rated player on their board but they just gave Deuce McAllister a big contract last year. Still, you can never have enough players with the physical skills of a Reggie Bush, so if the Saints stay at two, I think they will select him.

The thing Patriots fans have to worry about is that the Texans stupidity may now affect the Pats. The Jets – in my opinion – should trade up to No. 2 and take Bush. Not only would he be a marketing machine in the Big Apple, Bush would instantly make the Jets offense and special teams better. It's not like Bill Belichick has enough to worry about, now he may have to face the dangerous Bush twice a year.

The fact that the Texans passed on Bush to draft Williams is the reason why they're picking in the top ten every year. Who in the heck is Charlie Casserly anyway? He doesn't have any more credentials to draft players than my neighbor does and my neighbor is a postman. Actually, my neighbor would have selected Bush so perhaps; Houston should hire him to be their new general manager. Either that or a monkey because even a chimp can be taught to write "Reggie Bush" on a card and walk it up to the commissioner. Good luck in Houston Mario, you're going to need it. I have a hunch the Dallas Cowboys fan base got even larger today.

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