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Draft Prospect Notes: Inside Linebackers

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience.


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ILB1Rolando McClainAlabama6-42494.68
Notes: [Andy Hart] Right place, right time. Didn't have to take on lot of blockers. Not a huge hitter. Overuns plays at times. Very good, not great. [Erik Scalavino] Good instincts; always around the ball; tackles a bit high at first, but usually brings down the opponent.
ILB2Brandon SpikesFlorida6-32495.05
Notes: [Andy Hart] Solid player. FB fast enough. Leader. Can defeat blockers. Good burst at LOS. Likes contact. Ideal fit to put next to guy like Mayo. [Erik Scalavino] Solid tackler who attacks low; not speedy, but puts himself in position to make plays; knack for INTs.
ILB3Daryl WashingtonTCU6-22304.58
Notes: [Andy Hart] Lot potential. Small frame. Fast. More tackler than hitter. Run around guy. Gets knocked around in traffic. [Erik Scalavino] Very quick laterally; gets good backfield penetration; size might make him more suited as a safety.
ILB4Donald ButlerWashington6-12454.62
Notes: [Andy Hart] Riser after breakout SR year. 35 reps. Doesn't play to numbers. Tweener size and style of play. Blah. [Erik Scalavino] Solid but unspectacular.
ILB5Jamar ChaneyMississippi State6-12424.54
Notes: [Andy Hart] Speedy and athletic. 39 starts. Not NEP. SPT. [Erik Scalavino] Right-place-right-time kind of player who makes plays as a result.
ILBSean LeePenn State6-22364.74
Notes: [Andy Hart] Comments Coming Soon. [Erik Scalavino] Comments Coming Soon.
ILBPhillip DillardNebraska6-02454.65
Notes: [Andy Hart] OK pop. Protected by good DL. Not afraid to mix it up. Late-round guy. [Erik Scalavino] Average at everything, great at nothing.
ILBPat AngererIowa6-02354.71
Notes: [Andy Hart] Motor and awareness guy. Not really strong or powerful. Not a big play or big hit guy. [Erik Scalavino] Hustler who never gives up on a play.
ILBDarryl SharptonMiami6-02364.6-4.8
Notes: [Andy Hart] Smart, was Brown recruit. Good bubble. Ascending talent. Energetic. [Erik Scalavino] Insufficient footage to evaluate.
ILBReggie CarterUCLA6-02384.73
Notes: [Andy Hart] 44 starts. Explodes into the ball carrier. Special teams prospect. [Erik Scalavino] Can pressure up the middle; HARD HITTER!
ILBJosh HullPenn State6-32404.73
Notes: [Andy Hart] Comments Coming Soon. [Erik Scalavino] Comments Coming Soon.
ILBKion WilsonSouth Florida6-02324.87
Notes: [Andy Hart] Tough. Mean streak. Finishes plays. Hitter. Football player, plays better than numbers. [Erik Scalavino] Another hard hitter; knack for knifing into the backfield.
ILBMicah JohnsonKentucky6-22584.9
Notes: [Andy Hart] Good instincts. Hits a bit. Solid interior player. Doesn't always use his weight, roll hips. [Erik Scalavino] Hefty run-stuffer; solid tackler.
ILBReed WilliamsWest Virginia6-12324.78
Notes: [Andy Hart] Bad shoulders. Plays with edge. Decent pass drops and reads. College player. [Erik Scalavino] Decent in pass coverage; OK tackler.
ILBJoe PawelekBaylor6-22374.75
Notes: [Andy Hart] Not FB fast. Scrappy. Can't cover. [Erik Scalavino] Puts himself in position to make plays.
ILBBoris LeeTroy6-02454.74
Notes: [Andy Hart] Comments Coming Soon. [Erik Scalavino] Comments Coming Soon.
ILBTravis GoethelArizona State6-32374.83
Notes: [Andy Hart] Comments Coming Soon . [Erik Scalavino] Comments Coming Soon.
ILBMike McLaughlinBoston College6-02364.82
Notes: [Andy Hart] Comments Coming Soon. [Erik Scalavino] Comments Coming Soon.
ILBPrince HallCentral Washington5-112564.76
Notes: [Andy Hart] Comments Coming Soon. [Erik Scalavino] Comments Coming Soon.
ILBVincent ReyDuke6-02454.76
Notes: [Andy Hart] Comments Coming Soon. [Erik Scalavino] Comments Coming Soon.
ILBClinton SnyderStanford6-42404.82
Notes: [Andy Hart] Comments Coming Soon. [Erik Scalavino] Comments Coming Soon.
ILBBear WoodsTroy6-02454.85*
Notes: [Andy Hart] Comments Coming Soon. [Erik Scalavino*] Comments Coming Soon.

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