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Draft Prospect Report: Cornerbacks

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft: they've interviewed the players, read their scouting reports, and watched their game film.


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CB1Malcolm JenkinsOhio State6-02044.53
Notes:[Andy Hart] Physical playmaker. 45 starts. Impressive size.[Erik Scalavino] Looks the part and appears to play it as well. Might be athletic enough to play safety, too, but with his size, teams might prefer to match him up with taller receivers. [Paul Perillo] Great size and ball skills; Speed has been a concern but looked fast enough on tape. Real playmaker.
CB2Vontae DavisIllinois5-112034.43
Notes:[Andy Hart] Good size and speed. Very energetic style of play.Physical style. I think he's the best CB in the class. [Erik Scalavino] Not much footage to go on. Certainly is fast and a good athlete, but his raw talent may need to be developed further at the next level.[Paul Perillo] Excellent athlete, real aggressive; Always in good position.
CB3D.J. MooreVanderbilt5-91924.54
Notes:[Andy Hart] Goes after ball well, good breaks. Reads plays well. [Erik Scalavino] Excellent versatility, with experience on offense, defense, and special teams (as a return man). Maybe the most athletic player at this position. [Paul Perillo] Dynamic with the ball, played some offense; Great speed and cover man. The best of the bunch.
CB4Alphonso SmithWake Forest5-91934.5
Notes:[Andy Hart] Physical confident playmaker. Ridiculous production. Sits well in zone and reacts to the QB. Gets challenged and makes plays. [Erik Scalavino] IA little guy who plays big. Explosive playmaker. [Paul Perillo] Very aggressive; Willing tackler despite size; Good instincts, makes plays.
CB5Darius ButlerConnecticut5-101834.45
Notes: [Andy Hart] Great athlete. Not challenged as a Senior. 4-year starter. Pretty phsyical. Good ball skills and reactions. [Erik Scalavino] Very similar to D.J. Moore. Has a nose for the football. Potential drawback is his questionable tackling. [Paul Perillo] Tough, physical with athleticism to play offense; Excellent athlete; Plays bigger than size; Love him in Rd. 2.


CBSean SmithUtah6-32144.47
Notes: [Andy Hart] Not quick. Not as physical as size would indicate. Chases too much. Long arms. [Erik Scalavino] A flat-out playmaker. Always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Amazing size gives him the versatility to play either corner or safety. [Paul Perillo] Might be too big for corner; athleticism bailed him out at times; Not fast enough for corner.
CBJairus ByrdOregon5-102074.58
Notes: [Andy Hart] Gives up too much space. Slow. Gets beat too much. Physical. [Erik Scalavino] Quick in contained space. Has a knack for making big plays. [Paul Perillo] Good ball skills; Very aggressive in coverage; Makes plays.
CBMike MickensCincinnati5-111844.49
Notes: [Andy Hart] Good blitzer. Goes up and gets the ball. Decent hands. [Erik Scalavino] Ivery little footage to go on.[Paul Perillo] Good ball skills; Active around line of scrimmage; Aggressive in coverage.
CBVictor "Macho" HarrisVirginia Tech5-111984.57
Notes: [Andy Hart] Versatile S/CB option. Makes plays and then celebrates them too much. Decent reads on QBs and ball. [Erik Scalavino] Has "football speed." Seems to be a natural kick/punt returner. Needs some work, but has great potential. [Paul Perillo] Playmaker with return ability; A tad slow but real good instincts; Lots of intangibles.
CBCoye FranciesSan Jose State6-01854.56
Notes: [Andy Hart] Thin build. Hits a little. Gives up too many catches in front of him. [Erik Scalavino] Raw talent. Very athletic.[Paul Perillo] Good hands, tackler; Real aggressive in coverage; Played at Oregon State as well.
CBCaptain MunnerlynSouth Carolina5-81824.4
Notes: [Andy Hart] True cover guy. Pretty physical, especially for his size. Blitzes. Breaks well on the ball. [Erik Scalavino] Another little guy who plays bigger than he is. Not afraid to mix it up with much larger foes. Plays aggressively. [Paul Perillo] Great speed; tough, aggressive player; Good mid-round prospect.
CBAsher AllenGeorgia5-91944.47
Notes: [Andy Hart] Aggressive, physical, decent in the open field. Lot of zone work. Ran 4.3 at Pro Day, but deosn't always play fast. Little raw.[Erik Scalavino] Very aggressive. Show good instincts as a return man. A bit raw still. [Paul Perillo] Did a nice job of sitting in zones and baiting QB; Tends to tackle too low at times but made plays.
CBDomonique JohnsonJackson State6-11974.5
Notes: [Andy Hart] Decent breaks on the ball. Struggled a bit at Senior Bowl..[Erik Scalavino] Versatile. Excellent size. Always seems to be around the ball. [Paul Perillo] Great speed, athleticism; Strong hands; Always around the ball.
CBMorgan TrentMichigan6-11904.50
Notes: No footage available.
CBCary HarrisUSC5-111874.58
Notes: [Andy Hart] Not quick or fast. Blah. [Erik Scalavino] A virtual unknown with very little footage available. [Paul Perillo] Not much on tape but looked like a zone coverage guy.
CBKeenan LewisOregon State6-12084.49
Notes: [Andy Hart] 45 game starter. Man coverage guy. Drifts off man to make plays. Gets his hands on lot of balls. Really like his size/speed combo.[Erik Scalavino] Questionable tackling stood out in his tape. Otherwise unspectacular. [Paul Perillo] Looks like more of a safety; Ran well for size; Made plays in space; Interesting prospect.
CBSherrod MartinTroy6-11974.46
Notes: No footage available.
CBDeAngelo SmithCincinnati5-111944.56
Notes: [Andy Hart] Zone coverage guy. Struggled at Senior Bowl. Good intstincts, reads and breaks on the ball. [Erik Scalavino] Unimpressive in the little tape available. [Paul Perillo] Aggressive; Good hands; Lacks top end speed; Played some special teams.
CBKevin BarnesMaryland6-01874.46
Notes: [Andy Hart] Not FB fast. Lot of injuries. [Erik Scalavino] Only a one-year starter at Maryland. Decent size, but a gamble in later rounds.[Paul Perillo] Short tape but showed a good break on ball and good, strong hands.
CBChristopher OwensSan Jose State5-101824.48
Notes: No footage available.
CBBruce JohnsonMiami5-101824.43
Notes: [Andy Hart] Comments coming soon. [Erik Scalavino] Very little footage available, but could be worth the risk in later rounds.[Paul Perillo] Good tackler, although not much to watch on tape.
CBJoe BurnettCentral Florida5-101884.54
Notes: [Andy Hart] Comments coming soon. [Erik Scalavino] Insert comments. [Paul Perillo*] Aggressive; Good hands/ball skills; Cuts under routes well; Looked faster than time; Real playmaker (Asante??).
CBBradley FletcherIowa6-11964.48
Notes: No footage available.
CBRyan PalmerTexas5-91904.46
Notes: No footage available.

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