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Draft Prospect Report: Safeties

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience.

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FS1William MooreMissouri6-02214.53
Notes: [Andy Hart] Very good size and speed. Makes plays. [Erik Scalavino] Rodney Harrison-like. Reads the QBs eyes well. Good hands. Times blitzes well. Shows good technique on tackles. Deservedly the best of this group. [Paul Perillo] Not as dynamic as some safeties for the recent past but the best of this group; Physical, athletic playmaker with good hands.
FS2Rashad JohnsonAlabama5-112034.52
Notes: [Andy Hart] Endless intangibles. Good measurables. Throws body around, blitzes and shows good range. Possible Patriot on lot of levels. [Erik Scalavino] Reminds me of Brandon Meriweather with better hands. [Paul Perillo] Good hands/ball skills; Played some offense; Good centerfielder.
FS3Louis DelmasWestern Michigan5-112024.49
Notes: [Andy Hart] Puts head down at times in tackling. Not afraid to hit. Agile defender, aggressive. Concussions? [Erik Scalavino] A clone of James Sanders. Excellent tackler. [Paul Perillo] Small but physical; Gets to ball around line of scrimmage; Makes big hits but is sure tackler; Very aggressive.
FS4Darcel McBathTexas Tech6-01984.48
Notes: [Andy Hart] Tenacious defender. Quick. Makes Plays. Decent hands. Hits well for size and finishes plays. [Erik Scalavino] Seems like the defensive version of Cris Carter … all he did, catch interceptions! Seems to be rising in many draftniks' eyes. [Paul Perillo] Good hands/speed; Made some nice hits with shoulder; Good coverage.
FS5David BrutonNotre Dame6-22194.42
Notes: Very little footage available.


FSDerek PeguesMississippi State5-101994.62
Notes: [Andy Hart] Former CB and tackles like a CB. Faster than 40 time. Return option. [Erik Scalavino] Has great football speed. Solid as a punt returner as well. [Paul Perillo] Good speed, athleticism; Dynamic with ball in his hands; Good PR/KR; Great range.
FSBrandon UnderwoodCincinnatti6-11924.54
Notes: No footage available.
FSTroy NolanArizona State6-02064.62
Notes: [Andy Hart] Big-play guy. Good tip ball skills. Ball hawk. [Erik Scalavino] Right-place-right-time type of player. Has that knack for making plays. Very athletic. Could be a steal. [Paul Perillo] Good size, ball skills; Physical playmaker; Looked faster than his time.
FSC.J. SpillmanMarshall6-01904.49
Notes: Very little footage available.
FSChris ClemonsClemson6-02084.4
Notes: [Andy Hart] Not as fast as 40 time. Nothing special. [Erik Scalavino] Instinctual player. Good size for the position. [Paul Perillo] Good size but lacked speed; Aggressive.
FSCurtis TaylorLSU6-22094.59
Notes: [Andy Hart] Impressive size/speed combo as potential SS. Makes decent plays on ball. [Erik Scalavino] Another big safety with speed to match. Seems to make plays everywhere on the field. Could be another mid-to-late-round gem. [Paul Perillo] Good speed for size; Moves well in space; Can play in coverage; Good fundamentals.
FSMarcus McClintonKentucky6-02084.5
Notes: No footage available
FSLendy HolmesOklahoma6-02064.71
Notes: [Andy Hart] Slow. Fights for ball. Hits a little bit and plays tough. [Erik Scalavino] Plays with a lot of passion. Yet another player who always manages to be in the right place at the right time. [Paul Perillo] Good speed/athleticism; Good range; Tends to grab ankles too often while tackling.

SS1Patrick ChungOregon5-112124.47
Notes: [Andy Hart] Hits well and plays down hill. Comfortable in the box. Makes plays on ball. Decent hands. 51 career starts. [Erik Scalavino] Exhibits good form-tackling technique. Versatile as a punt return specialist. [Paul Perillo] Small but quick and aggressive; Returns punts; Around the ball a lot.
SS2Michael HamlinClemson6-22144.6
Notes: [Andy Hart] Not a big hitter but decent wrap-up tackler. Average in coverage. [Erik Scalavino] Kind of a lazy tackler, looks more for the "big-play" hit than the effective take-down. [Paul Perillo] Tall and strong; Good quickness; Elusive with ball; Textbook form; Flows to ball well but not a big hitter.
SS3Chip VaughnWake Forest6-12214.4
Notes: Very little footage available.
SS4Emanuel CookSouth Carolina5-101974.6
Notes: [Andy Hart] Physical beyond his size. Good LOS. Good FB speed. Gets through wash and finishes. [Erik Scalavino] Very good tackler. Hard-hitting, especially for his size. A flat-out playmaker. The best all-around player in this category. [Paul Perillo] Real small and not great speed; Good tackler; Fundamentally sound; Plays better near line of scrimmage.
SS5Kevin EllisonUSC6-12274.82
Notes: [Andy Hart] OLB? Knee injury? Speed? Strong. [Erik Scalavino] His hits remind me of a younger Rodney Harrison. And they're nearly identical in size. I still like Cook a bit better, but Ellison is a very close second. [Paul Perillo*] I, too, was reminded of Rodney but I liked Ellison more than Cook; Lays the lumber with shoulder; Gets to line of scrimmage.


SSOtis WileyMichigan State6-12134.56
Notes: [Andy Hart] Versatile. Decent size/speed combo. In consistent. Arm tackles. Decent vs. run but questions in coverage. [Erik Scalavino] Good football quickness and size. Could use some work with fundamentals. [Paul Perillo] Moves well for size; Good hands; Plays near line of scrimmage; Got trucked by Knowshon Moreno on one play.
SSCourtney GreeneRutgers6-02124.47
Notes: [Andy Hart] 51 starts. Average athlete. Arm tackles. [Erik Scalavino] Very little footage available. [Paul Perillo] Great hands; Good size; Bit of an ankle tackler; Short tape.
SSKeith FitzhughMississippi State5-102104.56
Notes: No footage available.
SSKevin AkinsBoston College6-22244.58
Notes: No footage available.
SSTrimane GoddardNorth Carolina5-91984.57
Notes: [Andy Hart] Lot injuries. Reckless style. Too small for his style of play. Heady, good instincts. Makes plays. [Erik Scalavino] Natural instincts on the field. Has a nose for the football. [Paul Perillo] Good hands but lacks speed; Showed good coverage.
SSTerence MooreTroy6-22184.65
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments. [Paul Perillo] No Comments.
SSAl AfalavaOregon State5-112134.58
Notes: No footage available.
SSStephen HodgeTCU6-02364.63
Notes: No footage available.
SSReshard LangfordVanderbilt6-12134.58
Notes: No footage available.
SSJamarca SanfordMississippi5-102094.52
Notes: No footage available.
SSMerrill JohnsonAuburn6-02054.59
Notes: No footage available.
SSC.J. ByrdGeorgia6-21954.57
Notes: No footage available.
SSDahna DelestonConnecticut6-02124.52
Notes: No footage available.
SSNic HarrisOklahoma6-22344.78
[Andy Hart] OLB? Big and slow. OK tackler. Not explosive in anything. Good college player. [Erik Scalavino] Did everything for the Sooners at multiple positions. Harris will most likely be a safety in the NFL. He's a very hard hitter and seems to disrupt opposing backfields often. [Paul Perillo] Not sure he has a position; Good size but looked slow; Better around line.

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