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Draft Prospect Report: Safeties

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Pos. Rank. Player. School. Ht.. Wt.. 40.
FS 1 William Moore Missouri 6-0 221 4.53
Notes: [Andy Hart] Very good size and speed. Makes plays. [Erik Scalavino] Rodney Harrison-like. Reads the QBs eyes well. Good hands. Times blitzes well. Shows good technique on tackles. Deservedly the best of this group. [Paul Perillo] Not as dynamic as some safeties for the recent past but the best of this group; Physical, athletic playmaker with good hands.
FS 2 Rashad Johnson Alabama 5-11 203 4.52
Notes: [Andy Hart] Endless intangibles. Good measurables. Throws body around, blitzes and shows good range. Possible Patriot on lot of levels. [Erik Scalavino] Reminds me of Brandon Meriweather with better hands. [Paul Perillo] Good hands/ball skills; Played some offense; Good centerfielder.
FS 3 Louis Delmas Western Michigan 5-11 202 4.49
Notes: [Andy Hart] Puts head down at times in tackling. Not afraid to hit. Agile defender, aggressive. Concussions? [Erik Scalavino] A clone of James Sanders. Excellent tackler. [Paul Perillo] Small but physical; Gets to ball around line of scrimmage; Makes big hits but is sure tackler; Very aggressive.
FS 4 Darcel McBath Texas Tech 6-0 198 4.48
Notes: [Andy Hart] Tenacious defender. Quick. Makes Plays. Decent hands. Hits well for size and finishes plays. [Erik Scalavino] Seems like the defensive version of Cris Carter … all he did, catch interceptions! Seems to be rising in many draftniks' eyes. [Paul Perillo] Good hands/speed; Made some nice hits with shoulder; Good coverage.
FS 5 David Bruton Notre Dame 6-2 219 4.42
Notes: Very little footage available.


Pos. Rank. Player. School. Ht.. Wt.. 40.
FS Derek Pegues Mississippi State 5-10 199 4.62
Notes: [Andy Hart] Former CB and tackles like a CB. Faster than 40 time. Return option. [Erik Scalavino] Has great football speed. Solid as a punt returner as well. [Paul Perillo] Good speed, athleticism; Dynamic with ball in his hands; Good PR/KR; Great range.
FS Brandon Underwood Cincinnatti 6-1 192 4.54
Notes: No footage available.
FS Troy Nolan Arizona State 6-0 206 4.62
Notes: [Andy Hart] Big-play guy. Good tip ball skills. Ball hawk. [Erik Scalavino] Right-place-right-time type of player. Has that knack for making plays. Very athletic. Could be a steal. [Paul Perillo] Good size, ball skills; Physical playmaker; Looked faster than his time.
FS C.J. Spillman Marshall 6-0 190 4.49
Notes: Very little footage available.
FS Chris Clemons Clemson 6-0 208 4.4
Notes: [Andy Hart] Not as fast as 40 time. Nothing special. [Erik Scalavino] Instinctual player. Good size for the position. [Paul Perillo] Good size but lacked speed; Aggressive.
FS Curtis Taylor LSU 6-2 209 4.59
Notes: [Andy Hart] Impressive size/speed combo as potential SS. Makes decent plays on ball. [Erik Scalavino] Another big safety with speed to match. Seems to make plays everywhere on the field. Could be another mid-to-late-round gem. [Paul Perillo] Good speed for size; Moves well in space; Can play in coverage; Good fundamentals.
FS Marcus McClinton Kentucky 6-0 208 4.5
Notes: No footage available
FS Lendy Holmes Oklahoma 6-0 206 4.71
Notes: [Andy Hart] Slow. Fights for ball. Hits a little bit and plays tough. [Erik Scalavino] Plays with a lot of passion. Yet another player who always manages to be in the right place at the right time. [Paul Perillo] Good speed/athleticism; Good range; Tends to grab ankles too often while tackling.

Pos. Rank. Player. School. Ht.. Wt.. 40.
SS 1 Patrick Chung Oregon 5-11 212 4.47
Notes: [Andy Hart] Hits well and plays down hill. Comfortable in the box. Makes plays on ball. Decent hands. 51 career starts. [Erik Scalavino] Exhibits good form-tackling technique. Versatile as a punt return specialist. [Paul Perillo] Small but quick and aggressive; Returns punts; Around the ball a lot.
SS 2 Michael Hamlin Clemson 6-2 214 4.6
Notes: [Andy Hart] Not a big hitter but decent wrap-up tackler. Average in coverage. [Erik Scalavino] Kind of a lazy tackler, looks more for the "big-play" hit than the effective take-down. [Paul Perillo] Tall and strong; Good quickness; Elusive with ball; Textbook form; Flows to ball well but not a big hitter.
SS 3 Chip Vaughn Wake Forest 6-1 221 4.4
Notes: Very little footage available.
SS 4 Emanuel Cook South Carolina 5-10 197 4.6
Notes: [Andy Hart] Physical beyond his size. Good LOS. Good FB speed. Gets through wash and finishes. [Erik Scalavino] Very good tackler. Hard-hitting, especially for his size. A flat-out playmaker. The best all-around player in this category. [Paul Perillo] Real small and not great speed; Good tackler; Fundamentally sound; Plays better near line of scrimmage.
SS 5 Kevin Ellison USC 6-1 227 4.82
Notes: [Andy Hart] OLB? Knee injury? Speed? Strong. [Erik Scalavino] His hits remind me of a younger Rodney Harrison. And they're nearly identical in size. I still like Cook a bit better, but Ellison is a very close second. [Paul Perillo*] I, too, was reminded of Rodney but I liked Ellison more than Cook; Lays the lumber with shoulder; Gets to line of scrimmage.


Pos. Rank. Player. School. Ht.. Wt.. 40.
SS Otis Wiley Michigan State 6-1 213 4.56
Notes: [Andy Hart] Versatile. Decent size/speed combo. In consistent. Arm tackles. Decent vs. run but questions in coverage. [Erik Scalavino] Good football quickness and size. Could use some work with fundamentals. [Paul Perillo] Moves well for size; Good hands; Plays near line of scrimmage; Got trucked by Knowshon Moreno on one play.
SS Courtney Greene Rutgers 6-0 212 4.47
Notes: [Andy Hart] 51 starts. Average athlete. Arm tackles. [Erik Scalavino] Very little footage available. [Paul Perillo] Great hands; Good size; Bit of an ankle tackler; Short tape.
SS Keith Fitzhugh Mississippi State 5-10 210 4.56
Notes: No footage available.
SS Kevin Akins Boston College 6-2 224 4.58
Notes: No footage available.
SS Trimane Goddard North Carolina 5-9 198 4.57
Notes: [Andy Hart] Lot injuries. Reckless style. Too small for his style of play. Heady, good instincts. Makes plays. [Erik Scalavino] Natural instincts on the field. Has a nose for the football. [Paul Perillo] Good hands but lacks speed; Showed good coverage.
SS Terence Moore Troy 6-2 218 4.65
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments. [Paul Perillo] No Comments.
SS Al Afalava Oregon State 5-11 213 4.58
Notes: No footage available.
SS Stephen Hodge TCU 6-0 236 4.63
Notes: No footage available.
SS Reshard Langford Vanderbilt 6-1 213 4.58
Notes: No footage available.
SS Jamarca Sanford Mississippi 5-10 209 4.52
Notes: No footage available.
SS Merrill Johnson Auburn 6-0 205 4.59
Notes: No footage available.
SS C.J. Byrd Georgia 6-2 195 4.57
Notes: No footage available.
SS Dahna Deleston Connecticut 6-0 212 4.52
Notes: No footage available.
SS Nic Harris Oklahoma 6-2 234 4.78
[Andy Hart] OLB? Big and slow. OK tackler. Not explosive in anything. Good college player. [Erik Scalavino] Did everything for the Sooners at multiple positions. Harris will most likely be a safety in the NFL. He's a very hard hitter and seems to disrupt opposing backfields often. [Paul Perillo] Not sure he has a position; Good size but looked slow; Better around line.

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