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Drew Bledsoe Press Conf.

Soldier Field, Chicago, ILDrew Bledsoe speaks to the press.



            **Q: Tough loss?**  

D: Yes it is tough, it's embarrassing. I don't even know what to tell you. We made mistakes offensively. I had my opportunities there were some throws I could have made. There were periods where we played well. I thought our defense played some inspired football in the fourth quarter. Offensively we put together a few drives when we didn't have penalties, dropped balls, poor throws then we put together some drives. We apparently just don't have it figured out yet, I don't know. Too many mistakes, too many dumb mistakes at this point in the season by too many players.

Q: That touchdown call to (Jermaine) Wiggins in the first half seemed to take something out of you guys, the game changed then?

D: I should have made a better throw on the play I just thought he was so wide open I threw it right at him rather than leading him. Then we I don't know if it was second down or third down I really don't recall, I know we had one more play after that where I was sacked. I think I had Terry Glenn coming across underneath and may have been able to get in for me, but yeah it hurt, I mean the touchdown hurt.

Q: The last play do you think he (Curtis Jackson) was set over there?

D: Well on the last play I knew I was going front side and I probably should have given him more time I was hoping that he would just get over there and get set I really didn't look out there and that's my fault. It's my responsibility to make sure everybody is set so that penalty is on me. I just got into a rush with the clock running we needed to get the first down, but that penalty is on me it is always my responsibility to make sure everybody is set.

Q: You said it was embarrassing, is that because of what you guys did or didn't do or because you got beat by a 3-10 team?

D: No it is embarrassing because we made so many mistakes and because we played some dumb football a lot of the time. The Bears are a good team. They have played an extremely difficult schedule this year and they have managed to win some games and they beat us. We made a lot of mistakes, but the Bears record doesn't factor into the fact that it was embarrassing, it was just embarrassing the way that we played and the way that we performed.

Q: Bill (Belichick) said at this point in the season that he talked this week about how you guys have to play tough on the road, he thought that would happen today?

D: I talked about it earlier in the week the motivation for us in the last three or four games of the season is to try to build something going into next year, build some momentum into next year and one of those things is proving we can win on the road which if you are ultimately going to be successful you have got to be able to win some games on the road. We haven't quite figured that out apparently so that is one of the things that we were trying to accomplish through these last four weeks and we haven't done that yet.

Q: Is it possible to get it now with two games left, is it something you can pick up and learn from?

D: Yes, listen every time you go out on the field it is a test and it's an opportunity and we have another extremely tough test going into Buffalo this next week. They have got playoff implications and we are going into their place and it is traditionally a tough place to play. We have some weather problems we will have to deal with there so there are a lot of things we will be dealing with this next week. It will be a test for us and each time you take the field you either pass the test or you fail it and we have another test this week and we will see how we do.

Q: Does a performance like that make you wonder whether guys can or want to do it out there?

D: I think there are a lot of guys on this team that want to. There maybe a few of those guys that want to that maybe can't, but I think there are a lot of guys on this team that want to go out and want to perform well, a lot of guys that take pride in their work and then there are maybe there are some other guys that don't quite get it yet.

Q: Do you think all of the penalties were a result of lack of focus or guys just trying to do too much?

D: No we are not trying to do too much. I mean it is fairly simple stuff. It is the snap count, what were the other penalties I don't know, holding I mean those are not things that are a result of trying to do too many things they are just mistakes that don't happen you stay onsides, basic, basic football. It is like the exchange from center it is basic football you know the snap count offensively that is one of your advantages and right now the situation we are in a lot of times I won't even use the snap count because we get called for it as many times as they do. It is very basic football and we haven't gotten it yet.

Q: Is it tough with the two young offensive linemen out there for the continuity?

D: Obviously, ideally the two young guys aren't in there yet if we are living in a perfect world, but with the injury to Joe (Andruzzi) it moves (Adrian) Klemm in there to guard and put (Greg Robinson) Randall out at tackle. Playing offensive lineman in this league as a young guy is a difficult task, but they have got to answer the bell, it is as simple that.

Q: Did you feel the whole time that you were going to pull this one out?

D: I did, I did. When they missed the field goal there all we needed to do was make a couple of plays and get down there and if I get Curtis (Jackson) out there and get him set then we have another shot there inside the twenty or wherever we were to put the ball in the end zone. Yeah, I really felt like we would get it going and we started to change the tempo of the game a little bit there in the fourth quarter. By changing the tempo of our hurry-up offense and going a little quicker we were able to start getting some stuff done.

Q: To have it end that way does that change your emotion in any way than if you had thrown one into the end zone and had it batted down?

D: Yes you always like to be able to take a shot at the end zone at the end of the game, but when you have that short amount of time to go that far down the field with no timeouts all you are trying to do is work yourself into position where you can take one or two shots at the end zone. With ten seconds left we probably would have had time to take two shots at the end zone there at the end so yes it is very disheartening to have it end that way in a penalty where we didn't get a chance to take a shot at the end zone.

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