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Drew Bledsoe Press Conf.

Foxboro Stadium, Foxborough, MADrew Bledsoe speaks to the press.



            **Q:  Have you ever been involved in anything like that?**  

D: No, nothing close to that. That was really strange. I thought initially it was an incomplete pass, and said so. They called the game then they came and got us.

Q: Were you surprised when the officials came and got you?
D: Oh yeah, I thought that once they came in we were going to go play, then they sent us back in. I don't think anybody knew what to do with the situation, obviously, that was really a strange deal.

Q: Did you guys want to come back out?
D: Yeah, we wanted to win the game. No doubt about that. I thought we were going to have another shot there immediately.

Q: Can you talk about the drive to end the first half?
D: It was a good drive for us to go down and score going in at halftime. We had numerous plays where we – it is kind of typical of our season. We had lots of opportunities and we also had a few plays where we screwed up and ended up giving the game away. It felt like both offensively and defensively we did a really nice job against the Dolphins in the first half. Then the interception on the screen play, then the blocked kick, we give them 14 points and make a ballgame out of it. Then late in the game, I thought we were going to drive down there in field goal range then the ball ended up getting tipped then intercepted on that play. It is kind of typical of our season, we're very, very close, in a lot of these games, but just can't come up with the plays when we needed them.

Q: How frustrating has this season been for you?
D: Most definitely the most frustrating season. Coming in with high hopes, and then to be so close in so many games, and just not being able to get over the top is very, very frustrating. Very emotionally taxing this year.

Q: Are you happy to get away?
D: I need to get away for a little while to be honest with you. I'm worn out right now. Mentally, physically, and emotionally this was a long one. It is going to take a little while to heal up from this one. I need to get away. When I get back, I'll be ready to go.

Q: How would rank this season?
D: It is always disappointing when you don't win it all. This one was particularly taxing.

Q: How much of a gap is there between these teams?
D: To answer that, we just played the division champs and took them right down to the wire. Throughout the year, there were a number of different things that hurt us. Penalties at inopportune times, turnovers at the wrong time, red zone production, there were a number of things that hurt us through the year. The bottom line is that we were very competitive in a lot of games. Everybody knows the state of the league right now, you can flip the situation pretty quickly. We'll see what things we address in the off-season and then come in and try to produce a winning result next year.

Q: With that in mind, are the building blocks in place for this team?
D: Yeah. We still got some good veteran players on this team. Offensively, Terry Glenn and Troy Brown have had very solid years, when you consider all of the circumstances. We have some young players that started to show some things. Next year, obviously there is going to be some turnover this off-season, and some of those young players are going to have to play a much larger role for us to make that next step.

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