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Droughns apologizes for arrest

BEREA, Ohio (June 16, 2006) -- Cleveland Browns running back Reuben Droughns apologized in his first public statement since being charged with assaulting his wife last month.

"I'm sorry for bringing this negative attention to the team once again," Droughns said at the team's minicamp. "I'm a good character guy."

Droughns is charged with one count of assault and two counts of harassment. An arrest report said Droughns threw his wife, Kellie, out the door of their suburban Denver home May 12 after she said she wanted a divorce.

Droughns called it a small incident and said nothing like it had happened before. He said he hopes the charges are dropped.

"If truly, it does get taken care of and he's exonerated like he feels like he will be and there are no other incidents, it won't be a problem," Browns coach Romeo Crennel said.

Droughns faces six to 18 months in jail if convicted of assault and up to six months in jail if convicted of harassment.

Just days before the incident, a jury acquitted Droughns of drunken driving charges, finding he was not impaired by alcohol when a State Highway Patrol trooper stopped him Nov. 1 in northeast Ohio.

"I feel like there's too many strikes against me," Droughns said. "The first strike was holding out. The second strike was obviously the DUI and the third strike was this latest incident. It's given me a lot more to prove on the field."

Droughns came to Cleveland in a 2005 trade with Denver. He held out briefly before last season then rushed for 1,232 yards and two touchdowns. He signed a three-year extension with the Browns this year.

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